January 3, 2018

Everything old shall be new again


There is an image of the New Year represented by an old man leaving and a baby replacing him.  Fortunately life doesn’t work that way or move that fast, at least not for people.  While life does go through cycles and history does repeat itself there are many cycles (daily, monthly and yearly being the most obvious) and what we can observe in a single lifetime limits our understanding of the ‘big picture’.  Apparently different cultures have different perceptions of the same events (e.g. Jewish, Christian and Moslem) and recorded history only gives us a limited view of what actually happened.  We hope that civilization is moving towards being more civilized and that life is moving toward healthier, but what we see around us suggests otherwise.


As we hear of ‘wars and rumors of war’ and we find our health as a society declining, with decreasing fertility rates and children having more ‘illnesses’ and shorter life spans then their parents, we must question what is going wrong.  It seems to me that people would prefer to live in peace and do not want to ‘go to war’, not even soldiers (particularly not soldiers, or at least most soldiers), but it is something necessitated by governments.  Similarly people want to be healthy and for the most part try to do what they think is right, but the information and products being provided to them by government does not serve that purpose.  It almost seems that the government is at war with it’s own citizens!


While International politics appear to be playing out on some ‘grand scheme’ that is beyond my understanding, what I understand about what is going on in the good old US of A makes it clear that there is much that needs to be ‘fixed’ here.  The most obvious, and what might be at the root of the rest, is the corruption of government by unethical big business interests.  The most recent of these is the apparent hijacking of the FCC with the appointment of a Verizon executive who is seeking to unilaterally give control of the airways to the industry that the FCC is intended to control allowing them to ‘restructure’ service and speed while limiting service availability and increase consumer costs and their profits for what can be considered the public airways.  The FCC unilaterally passed these laws with no oversight from congress or the people who use, and theoretically own, these airways. There are numerous legal challenges going through the courts; I can’t wait to see where that goes.  This reflects how the pharmaceutical industry took over the CDC using it not as a safety check for drugs but as a system to enforce mandates on drugs (vaccines) that are known by the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry to be neither safe or effective, although highly profitable to both.  Similarly the FDA, charged with verifying the safety of food and drugs, has redefined its purpose, choosing to redefine a food as a drug if it alleges to have health benefits  while allowing dangerous drugs to claim health benefits based on fraudulent ‘studies’ and only after they have been clearly shown to kill and injure thousands of people, and after they have earned millions/billions of dollars, are they required to be taken off the market with the only penalties being fines representing a small fraction of the profits.


Clearly the current structure of government agencies controlled by the industries they were intended to regulate is not what the founding fathers had in mind.  The constitution clearly spells out how laws are made and I found nothing in the constitution about the legislative branch delegating the authority to pass laws to government agencies.  Maybe I missed something but it seems to me that any laws made unilaterally by government agencies are essentially unconstitutional, but I continue to be surprised, for example while I knew alcohol prohibition and its repeal were established by amendments to the constitution, requiring ratification by the states, I always thought that ‘marijuana’ (cannabis) was similarly prohibited by an amendment to the constitution. I recently realized that the 1937 law prohibiting marijuana was simply a tax act passed by congress and signed by the president imposing an excise tax on certain dealers to safeguard the revenue, then they simply refused to allow the payment of the tax.  


Just as representatives of the colonies got together at the Continental Congress to draft the Articles of Confederation and just like a Constitutional Convention was called in Philadelphia in 1787 to draft the Constitution which was ratified by 9 states in 1788 to make it official, followed by George Washington being elect as the first president of the United States the following year, a similar restructuring is needed now to redefine the United States and it’s obligations to it’s citizens. It is time for the United States to transform once again.  The Constitution was established to allow the U.S. to expand westward.  It is time to stop expanding and learn to live as a mature citizen in the world.   This assembly would need to address the evolved geography.  As Washington DC was central to the original colonies someplace in Texas might better represent the center of mass of the US as it exists today, and since Texas is currently establishing a state gold suppository (similar to what Fort Knox once was for the US government) it clearly has a better grasp on reality than the federal government.  Would Texas continue as the lone star state or would it assume non-state status as Washington DC now has?   One of the primary issues on the agenda would of course need to be the abuses that government agencies have evolved to facilitate.  All laws established by government agencies would need to be categorically reviewed and evaluated and replaced by a set of appropriate laws/regulations established as appropriate to be in line with the ideals of the founding fathers and the needs of current society.


With the federal deficit growing out of control, and with no end in sight, the beginning of a solution would be to disassemble or downsize these agencies which have evolved to do more harm than good to the health and well being of the citizenry in addition to inflate the budget.  One large budget item that can be slashed is the billions being paid for a mandatory and ever expanding vaccination schedule.  As soon as it is exposed that vaccines are neither safe or effective and are clearly doing more harm than good the government should stop mandating vaccines and stop paying the pharmaceutical industry for them.  The vaccine industry, and the CDC which it controls, is currently trying to do away with informed consent because if people were fully informed they would never consent; a better approach would be to do away with mandated vaccines.  This will not only save money for the cost paid to the vaccine industry but also reduce the cost of treatments for vaccine injuries, and I don’t think many people realize what a large part of health care that constitutes, thereby reducing the cost of healthcare in general.  I expect current, or improved, standards of sanitation and nutrition will insure we do not have any new outbreaks of deadly diseases or plagues. (unless the vaccine/chemical industry unleashes them in retaliation;The greatest threat if we stop vaccinating is a spread of deadly germs by the vaccine makers to create an apparent need to start vaccinating again)  This will also reduce the incidence of all sorts of seemingly unrelated autoimmune diseases and allergies.  When real food such as vegetables, seeds and nuts are allowed to tell you what documented health benefits can be gained from eating them, and synthetic chemicals in food and medicine are required to be revealed for what they are  so that the documented dangers and side effects of these substances are acknowledged and revealed so that they can either be removed or used with due caution, we can begin to heal from the damage these chemicals are causing.


It seems the real threat is not from Islamic terrorists or crazy foreign governments, but from big business and the chemical industry in control of government which seeks to bully its way into our food supply and health care system not only to the detriment of the US population but to the entire world, even as it was in Nazi Germany culminating in World War II.   Can we stop the chemical industry from polluting our environment both internally and externally, not only mandating (toxic) vaccines (with the mandate of Hepatitis B vaccine and synthetic vitamin K injections on the first day of life the US now leads the world  in infant mortality on the first day of life) and selling dangerous prescription drugs (patent medicine) as ‘safe and effective’, while working to outlaw the healthiest of food (e.g. raw milk from grass fed cows and cannabis) and warning us against healthy foods such as eggs and coconut oil, while selling us toxic food, and adding toxic waste (fluoride and chlorine) into our drinking water (thereby instead of having to pay the cost of disposing of these toxic wastes they are having us pay them for it with the false/fabricated promise of health benefits), while poisoning our soil so that we will not even be able to grow healthy food that is not (‘genetically’?) engineered to withstand the toxicity.  With the pharmaceutical industry expanding the availability and use of prescription opioids so that more people are dying from prescription opioids in one year (64,000 in 2016 and increasing) than US soldiers died in the Vietnam and Iraqi wars combined during the entire conflict and equivalent to many times the death rate from September 11, 2001, while seeking to outlaw real food like raw milk from grass fed animals and simple plants that have been proven to assist in withdrawal from opioids as well as assisting in the pain that opioids are being prescribed for such as cannabis and kratom while promoting toxic chemicals being sprayed on our food that further degrade our health.  We need to acknowledge that food is the real medicine and that pharmaceutical drugs do not cure or heal, but only drain nutrients from the body and perpetuate and exacerbate illness and declining health.


With or without a constitutional convention many fallacies that are being ‘sold’ to the American people need to be corrected, from the recognition of food as medicine to the recognition of vaccines as a weapon of mass deception.  “If the food is right there is no need for medicine and if the food is not right the medicine is of no use”  Our government appears to be encouraging a toxic food supply while suppressing a healthy one; ‘pushing’ addicting prescription pain killers where not needed while suppressing plants that can better serve the purpose more effectively and more safely.  It encourages a diet based on high carbohydrate consumption with an emphasis on sugar and refined flour and void of living enzymes and nutrients to the detriment of the health of the people.   For decades it has let ‘big sugar’ (as the forerunner of big pharm?) put the blame for declining health on cholesterol, saturated fat and salt, refusing to acknowledge the connection between a high carb diet and elevated weight, blood insulin, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse rate and many other markers of distress in the body, resulting in a decline in health as ‘government standards’ driven by ‘big business’ strip our diets of necessary nutrients and replacing them with empty calories and toxic trans fats and oils, and it is now allowing ‘big pharm’ to build an industry out of perpetuating sickness (the ‘health care’? industry) while suppressing the real healing arts that reveal themselves through Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional American medicine.  ‘Patent medicine’ is another fraud that is being perpetuated against us that can only perpetuate itself by seeking to suppress the truth about how the body can heal itself and the natural ways to facilitate this healing.



December 4, 2017

Insulin Resistance; The Black Plague of the 21st Century

Insulin Resistance (an early sign of inflammation?) is recognized as a predecessor of diabetes and other ‘complications’ such as heart disease (starting with high blood pressure and/or erectile dysfunction), kidney disease, blindness, dementia (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) and cancer, to name a few ‘conditions’ that can be associated with insulin resistance with or without diabetes.  As the death rate from diabetes and  heart disease and other associated diseases continues to increase it is clearly reaching the proportion of the population dying from them at 50%, if it doesn’t already exceed that, which is the proportion of the population of Europe that dies from the black plague in the 14th century.    This is happening not only in our country, which would make it an epidemic, but worldwide, making it a pandemic, as a result of changing peoples diets from their natural diet to a diet of packaged food-like products (e.g. cookies, cakes and crackers to replace food and Coke and Pepsi to replace water) while poisoning the air, water and soil..


Insulin resistance, and subsequently diabetes as well as other associated diseases, develop slowly over time as a result, at least in large part, due to a continuous elevation of insulin which results from a continuous high carb diet without sufficient nutrients provided by real live food to help the body process it.  Of course there are other things that contribute such as ‘refined’ and toxic oils/fats (e.g. transfats) as well as antibiotics (defined as ‘against life’) and vaccines which are promoted as ‘healthy’ despite documentation to the contrary, which the vaccine industry and the government agencies they control would seek to deny while seeking to destroy or distort the documentation, while they push ahead to introduce an ever increasing number of unnecessary vaccines, even seeking to have the government mandate them while leaving the vaccine makers free of liability for the damage they are doing.   The attempt to mandate vaccines is something that could be considered by some as contrary to ‘the laws of nature and of natures God’ and therefore unconstitutional under U.S. law but in any case it would be against the terms of the Nuremberg Agreement which the U.S. signed after World War 2.   Sadly we seem to have forget the atrocities that occurred in Germany during World War 2 that necessitated the Nuremberg Trials and the Nuremberg Agreement prohibiting forced vaccinations, and sadly it seems that history is repeating itself.   


In a perfect world people would only be eating healthy food, but what would that be?  Everyone agrees that we should eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but allergy issues aside there are questions about the effects of GMO’s and the chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides) sprayed on our food to humans and animals.  When the government began to push margarine instead of butter and refined vegetable oils instead of pure chicken fat or bacon fat it did not even know what the transfats were that they were introducing or what they would do. Only after people began getting sick and dying was the connection made between their deaths and the new products our government was ‘selling’ us as ‘healthy’. They finally realized it and made an effort to reduce (not eliminate) transfats, but these dis-eases continue to escalate and people continue to get sick and die at earlier ages than their parents; what are we missing?  


The question of whether we should be eating meat and dairy products including eggs today is another matter.  The meat and milk that are available through our current food chain is from sick cows fed an unnatural and unhealthy diet, subjected to antibiotics to accelerate their growth as well as prevent and/or treat the diseases that result from unsanitary living conditions.  It is then homogenized, which breaks up/damages the fat cells, and pasteurized, which kills any ‘potential’ bad bacteria while also destroying any beneficial bacteria and enzymes.  We eat these products at our own risk and I would not be surprised to learn that these products are directly related to certain dis-eases, but what about fresh raw milk and meat from grass fed cattle?   I would venture to guess that these will prove to be superfoods that promote health, much like wild pacific salmon.  Vegetarians would point to the bible (Genesis 1:29) where God gave Adam every herb bearing seed and the fruit of trees bearing seed in the Garden of Eden as food/meat, (This would makes the ‘prohibition’ of cannabis indefensible, since it is one of those herbs bearing seed after its own kind that our Declaration of Independence and Constitution should not allow to be prohibited since this would be contrary to the ‘laws of nature and of natures god’; what God has given let no man take away)   but they fail to acknowledge (Genesis 9:3) where, after the flood, God gave Noah every moving thing that lives as meat in addition to the green herbs.    Apparently ‘something’ changed after the flood that made it at least possible if not necessary or advantageous for mankind to include animal products into their diet and mankind has successfully survived with animal products as part of their diet ‘since the flood’ in most if not all cultures and societies, but that does not equate to the toxic meat and milk we mostly have available today.  We must also be aware however that not only the meat and dairy we have available are toxic but even the fruits and vegetables we have available to us today are also being contaminated by herbicides and pesticides designed to destroy life so, while it is difficult to determine what would be a healthy diet, this would help explain why people are getting sicker and dying at earlier ages than their parents. 


It is my understanding that food allergies are a relatively new phenomena in  human history and did not exist prior to the last hundred years or so, beginning about the same time in human history as the introduction of vaccinations.  I wonder if it was ever investigated to see if those children who develop peanut allergies received vaccines with peanut oil in them.  I’m surprised more people aren’t allergic to eggs since many vaccines are grown in eggs, including the MMR vaccine.  This could be why our government started warning us that eggs were ‘unhealthy’, due to ‘cholesterol’, at about the same time that the rates of vaccinations began escalating with more vaccines at younger ages.



Most people recognize diabetes as an increase in blood sugar which causes damaging symptoms in the body, but what most people don’t realize is that long before blood sugar levels start climbing to dangerous levels insulin levels have already became elevated and remained elevated trying to reduce blood sugar levels, driving blood sugar into the cells until the cells are so saturated by glucose so that the level of sugar in the blood begins to rise ‘out of control’.  The reason for this confusion is that the ‘medical’ profession was able to measure blood sugar long before they were able to measure insulin and they assumed (incorrectly) that elevated blood sugar was due to not enough insulin.  It was not until they were able to measure insulin levels that they realized that high blood sugar was not due to too little insulin but rather to ‘insulin resistance’ when the cells were already at saturation levels of insulin and glucose.  The increase of insulin by injections forces glucose into an already saturated cell resulting in damage both from excess insulin as well as excess glucose.  Of course the simple solution is to reduce the input of glucose in the form of sugar and simple carbohydrates so our bodies will produce less insulin, but this is a solution the medical profession refuses to acknowledge insisting that the food we eat has nothing to do with our health.


In the mid-1980’s while I was in the Army Reserves my weigh was beginning to increase above 175-180 pounds, which was the upper limit that the Army determined I should weigh based on my height, and my blood pressure was about 140/90.   I was ‘advised’ to keep my weight down and I think this was also meant to address my blood pressure as well.  I am not aware that my blood sugar was an issue, at least I was never ‘warned’ about it, and at that time I am not aware that insulin levels were even being measured, but I expect that I has some form of ‘insulin resistance’ even at that time which might account for my weight and blood pressure tending to increase. After leaving the Army Reserves my weigh drifter up toward 220 pounds.  Today my weight is less than when I was in the Army Reserves and while my blood pressure is still considered high it does go down to below 120/80 at times and I would be surprised to learn that my insulin level is elevated.  In part I did this by reducing/eliminating wheat/grain from my diet, although my motivation was not being overweight, but rather relieving physical symptoms such as joint pain  (arthritis), numbness (neuropathy) in my toes and feet and generalized physical pain that was never ‘diagnosed’ but which I came to identify as fibromyalgia,  all of which were resolved on a wheat free diet, but that might be in part due to it being glyphosate free as well, since this herbicide is currently used commercially to kill the wheat before it is harvested to dry it out so that it doesn’t ‘clog up’ the thresher, rather than the wheat alone.


The first written record of wheat being used as food is the story of the Egyptians growing it as food for their slaves.  Today it is used to ‘feed the masses’ and if I understand correctly it is part of the ‘feed’ given to cattle, along with corn, because it is more ‘economical’ than feeding them their natural diet of grass.  This causes the animals to be less healthy and live a shorter life and also causing their meat and milk to be less healthy (at least as it relates to the resulting Omega-3 profile and the residual glyphosate and other chemicals in their feed which remains in the milk and meat).  It is still ‘sold’ to us by our government, which has been co-opted by ‘big business’, as a necessary part of a healthy diet for humans even though it is poisoned by glyphosate, so that the wheat, as well as the milk and dairy products we are being sold is not a ‘living product’, a crop harvested and prepared while it is still alive as it was historically, but a dead product with a residue of a toxic poison originally patented as an antibiotic (defined as ‘against life’) before it was found to be more profitable to sell it as an herbicide, having a similar structure to the Agent Orange used in Vietnam, and made by the same company that made Agent Orange.


Clearly our government does not have dietary guidelines that promote our health and wellness as its objective but rather the profits of ‘big business’, giving us unhealthy guidelines and products for the profits of corrupt industries such as the food industry that aims to sell us the cheapest packaged toxic food products for the greatest profit margin while suppressing healthy products (such as uncontaminated fruits and vegetables and meat and raw milk from grass fed cows), and the pharmaceutical/chemical industry that seeks to get us sick and keep us sick with pharmaceutical drugs that drain us physically and financially, as well as draining our government financially, rather than allowing us to eat healthy food such as organic vegetables and herbs such as cannabis or grass-fed milk and meat that would keep us healthy.  Our government should immediately stop ‘subsidizing’ grain for animal feed and high fructose corn syrup and should instead be subsidizing, or at least promoting, healthy food and encourage people to eat what’s actually good for them.


Apparently our government has been taken over by forces that do not have the health of its citizens as a top priority and the voting process has been usurped so that the people can no longer reign in the system.  Our government has evolved into a collection of corrupt government agencies enforcing laws for corrupt industries that have taken over by political manipulation the very agencies that were created to regulate and restrain them.  Our founding fathers clearly anticipated such an eventuality when the articles of confederation were enacted by the thirteen original colonies/states and the solution was demonstrated at the first constitutional convention when they composed the constitution and bill of rights.  It is not commonly recognized that the constitutional convention was not intended to be a one-time event, but the founding fathers left it open for additional constitutional conventions as the need arose.  I think the founding fathers would be surprised to learn that 200 years passed without another constitutional convention, particularly in light of the way thinks have changed in government, where ‘big business’ has taken over the government agencies created to control them and creates policies in their own interest and at the cost of the people and the government itself.   The United States of America was established to evolve.  If it does not solve its problems by evolution it leaves itself open to revolution or dissolution, if not divine intervention.  There might be other possibilities but none that occur to me as I write this.

November 2, 2017

The Devil That You Know


Rational thought may seem irrational if it goes ‘against the grain of the times’.  Christ was crucified and the most violent thing he ever did was protest against the moneylenders in the temple.  Galileo was excommunicated and sentenced to ‘house arrest’ as a heretic by the authority of the church for suggesting that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe but that the earth revolved around the sun.  Semmelweis was ‘restrained’ in a straight jacket at an insane asylum where he died two weeks later for ‘criticizing’ his contemporary doctors for refusing to wash their hands between autopsies and the delivery room to prevent the deaths of mothers from sepsis.


Rene Descartes is considered the father of modern western philosophy and the ‘Scientific Method’ for starting from the assumption that he could not trust his senses and did not know what he could believe.  A similar sentiment is expressed by Yul Brenner in ‘The King and I’ when he said:  “There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know.  Very often find confusion in conclusion I concluded long ago.”  Apparently ‘reality’ can change from generation to generation, or even within ones lifetime, and over time the unreal can be made to appear real, but underneath it all there is a ‘truth’ that overrides ‘reality’ as it appears.  There is an old saying:  The Devil that you know is better than the Devil that you don’t know, but if the Devil that you know is the Devil, then the Devil you don’t know can’t be the Devil.  There might not even be any other devils, just bogeymen created by the Devil.


What ‘evil incarnate’ is has evolved over time.  Until Darwin most perceptions of this was influenced by the biblical account of the Devil as Satan.  Since Darwin the definition has expanded.  Nazi Germany in its efforts to establish ‘a greater good’ became the face of evil, but the chemical companies that operated in Germany at the time under the banner of IG Farben that were conducting ‘experiments’ in the ‘concentration camps’ continue to operate today under the same leadership that was convicted of war crimes after World War II, still operating the same companies that they worked for at the time, such as Bayer, which is now contemplating a merger with Monsanto in an apparent attempt to diffuse liability for the clear damage that Monsanto is knowingly doing to the environment and the health of life on the planet when it is finally acknowledged, 


From my perspective it appears that Monsanto is the face of the evil that is the chemical conglomerate that operates on so may fronts, from synthetic foods that make us sick to synthetic medicine that makes us sicker, to vaccines, to GMOs and herbicides, to disposal of ‘toxic wastes’ such as chlorine and fluoride in the water supply by creating a ‘theoretical’ assumption that its good for peoples health,  and pushing it as fact, but which is clearly turning out to be an incorrect assumption, all while having people and governments pay them for the damage they are doing.  Even the sugar industry has been exposed for distorting the facts about the dangers of a high sugar diet and blaming saturated fats for the damage being done by sugar to the detriment of the health of a generation.


If all the facts were exposed I expect Monsanto, and the many faces of the chemical industry would be exposed as the Emperor that has no clothing and it/they would be given a cease and desist order and tried for crimes against humanity for knowingly selling chemicals that are killing people while not doing any good for anyone, except themselves.  Rather the Federal government, under the jurisdiction of the FDA, which like other government agencies is now run by those it was created to regulate, is persecuting/prosecuting, putting out of business and putting in jail an innocent Amish businessman who is selling natural products that hurt no one, are appreciated by repeat customers, and are a threat to no one, except that they compete with the pharmaceutical drugs that people find less effective.  Sadly the agencies of the federal government, such as the FDA and CDC, have been coopted by the industries they were intended to regulate.


This corruption is most outrageous in the medical profession which has been coopted by the pharmaceutical industry to the detriment of the individuals who are physically suffering from pharmaceutical medicine, as well as the governments that are being drained financially helping to pay for it.  ‘Medical’ doctors are not trained to heal but rather to ‘medicate’.  Rather than being directed to foods with the nutrients they need and practices that promote healing we are told by some ‘doctors’ that food choices have nothing to do with our health and they prescribe ‘pharmaceutical’ chemicals that further drain nutrients from our body.  ‘Conditions’ that can be completely prevented, or healed, through diet and lifestyle, such as diabetes and heart disease are ‘medicated’ soas to make them chronic and progressive filling up the drug companies pockets while draining society physically and financially.  Vaccines are pushed as safe and effective while the drug industry clearly know otherwise. 123


An excellent example of the governments failure to utilize what it knows to prevent disease is explained by Dr. Jonathan Wright in his October, 2017 newsletter Green Medicine where he points out the governments ‘failure to implement’ to prevent and treat Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia in pregnant women.  As far back as 1893 a French textbook pointed out that milk could totally prevent seizures in toxemia.  This knowledge has filtered down to Dr. Thomas Brewer who Dr. Wright interviewed.  After serving as a country doctor from 1955 to 1958 he began working in obstetric hospitals.  From 1963 to 1976 he demonstrated a model for prenatal care in Contra Costa County, California that showed that good nutrition (adequate protein and B vitamins, as from leafy greens) not only prevented toxemia but over those 13 years the rate of low birth-weight babies in Contra Costa County was 2.8%, compared to 13.7% for women in other counties of the state.  In 1966 he published ‘Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy: A Disease of Malnutrition’, followed by other books and scientific papers on the subject.  His results were so impressive that from 1971 to 1974 the NIH (National Institute of Health) sent a team to exhaustively study his records.  Using standard medical care of the time, plus nutritional education Dr. Brewer had eliminated Eclampsia and drastically reduced low birth weight babies.  He was told to conduct double blind studies where he only gave nutritional advise to half his patients but he considered it unethical to withhold this information from any of his patients, besides such an ‘experiment’ was already being conducted since this information was only being provided in his county. Today, more than 40 years later the NIH has never published its findings from that study, while as recently as this year an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (August 17, 2017) recommends aspirin to ‘manage’ pre-eclampsia.


There are too many examples to enumerate of examples where the government promotes harmful and dangerous ‘treatments’ that kill people and make them sicker, from pharmaceutical drugs, to radiation and chemotherapy for cancer, to insulin for diabetics, to synthetic hormones and steroids for a variety of conditions, while suppressing and/or marginalizing safer and more effective treatments that are available,   such as Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplastin treatment for a variety of cancers, particularly children’s brain cancer,  or Amish farmer Samuel Girod who was selling natural herbal products that never harmed anyone to a growing list of satisfied customers which apparently began to be perceived as a threat to the ‘sick care’ industry protected by the FDA.


Larry P Arnn points out in Lecture 10 of his American Heritage course that the Federal Registry, a compilation of all laws passed by the Federal government, totaled 23,000 pages from 1791 through 1960, but has climbed to 178,000 pages today with more than 81,000 pages being added in the last year of the Obama administration alone, more than twice as many pages as the first 170 years of the countries history.  He further points out that congress does not pass significantly more laws than it ever did.  The majority of these new laws are created by government agencies, such as the FDA, CDC, etc.  These laws are passed with little or no government oversight, they are then enforced by the same agencies that created them with no government oversight and more often than not the courts uphold these laws, even if they disagree with them, as being within the scope of what the agencies were created for’.  Unfortunately these laws do not uphold the intention of what the agencies were created to do since they have been infiltrated, through ‘political favors’, by the industries they were intended to regulate.  Industries that were so in need of regulation that these agencies needed to be created in the first place have been taken over by the industries they were created to regulate.  These agencies have ‘evolved’ to create a strangle hold on society by the industries that needed regulation in the first place.


As our world and our health become more polluted at an accelerated rate it becomes more urgent that we recognize what is going on and put a stop to it.  When Ronald Reagan promised to cut back on government regulations he did so to stop enforcement of health and safety regulations allowing the polluters to run amok.  When Donald Trump; promised to cut back on government regulation I expected he would only extend this practice of removing regulation of industry to allow polluters more ‘freedom’ to pollute and initially it appears he did just that, as political payback.  It now appears he may be open to recognize the problems for what they are as the exposé of Tom Marino after his nominated as Drug Czar would suggest,  but It still appears unlikely the president will do the right thing and disband the position of Drug Czar altogether.  As recently as this past August the Secretary of the Interior announced the prevention of exploitation for gold mining in Paradise Valley, the area around Yellowstone National Park, at least for the next 20 years, while an effort to make this ban permanent continues. Let’s also hope he continues to work with Robert F Kennedy investigating the mythology of safe and effective vaccines.  The big question is, even if he recognizes the problems for what they are what could he do about it.  I wonder if he would be open to the idea of another Constitutional Convention to restructure the government so as to diffuse the power of government agencies which have evolved to assume more power than the federal government itself, but acting in the interest of the industries they were created to protect us from and against the interests of the people that these agencies were initially created to protect.  Trump’s rise to the presidency appears to be as unique as the formation of the country itself.  He certainly would be in a unique position to initiate a constitutional convention, whether it was started during his administration or as a direct result of his initiative during his administration.

October 4, 2017

Putting ‘Chronic Disease Management’ Out of Business


Health care costs are rising out of control as the quality of health is deteriorating.  Our ‘Medical Profession’ can do nothing to resolve most of the conditions that are becoming epidemic, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s and simply ‘monitor’ them as they ‘progress’ often offering pharmaceutical treatments that usually provide ‘side effects’ that make things worse.  The causes of the health conditions that people suffer from are not addressed by the medical profession, but as they become recognized it becomes clear that a multifaceted approach to address the causes will result in a corresponding decrease in the medical conditions we find ourselves treating.  The medical industry may feel threatened, but rather it should be relieved that the conditions it has been unsuccessfully treating can be prevented, reducing the need for an expanded next generation of doctors to continue treating conditions that are ceasing to occur. 


Many doctors in many fields are discovering ways to cure or prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, mental illness, and more, but their work is considered ‘anecdotal’, possibly discussed in social media, but largely ignored by the ‘medical establishment’ which continues to practice its non-healing practices, and, if anything, seek to suppress safe, effective and inexpensive alternatives to what it practices if it becomes a threat to their financial interests; and with billions and trillions of dollars of profit at stake millions of dollars to suppress this ‘threat’ to their profits is simply an ‘operating expense’..


Oddly enough the simplest way to dismantle this bloated parasite to the economy (a medical ‘profession’ that does not promote heath but thrives on the pain, suffering and misery of its ‘customers’)  is to bring ‘health’ back to the population so that they no longer need the medical profession for the vast majority of ‘conditions’ it is now routinely ‘monitoring’.


The first consideration should be the food supply.  We need to replace packaged foods with healthy natural alternatives.  It Twinkies, Dingdongs and other ‘food-like substances’ can’t be made without artificial colors, hydrogenated oil and transfats they should not be made, or at least recognized as an unhealthy choice. We need to go back to organic farming practices that can in fact feed the world, proving an abundance of healthy fresh fruit, vegetables and animal products that promote health rather than illness.  We need to restructure our food supply to provide healthy grass fed beef to everyone instead of toxic CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) meat that is fed an unnatural diet of grain and antibiotics.  We need to go back to having fresh raw milk from grass-fed (casein A2) cows delivered to homes in glass bottles, rather than the toxic soup of milk that needs to be pasteurized and homogenized to kill the harmful bacteria in the milk, while also destroying any beneficial bacteria.  


At the same time we need to recognize and address toxins coming from sources other than our food.  This would include eliminating toxins/heavy metals/adjutants that we inject into our veins in the form of vaccines.  We need to recognize that most vaccines produce negative consequences, from lowering IQ by a few points to severe autism to sudden death, while offering questionable benefits/immunity.  Simply eliminating mandatory vaccine schedules would save the government millions or billions of dollars each year while elimination one of the biggest triggers of sudden infant death, autism and autoimmune diseases, which would also save additional millions/billions treating these conditions.  Other sources of toxicity also need to be addressed, from alcohol in mouthwash to fluoride in our toothpaste and drinking water, which only serve to promote dental problems rather than prevent them while providing the ‘chemical industry a way of disposing of its toxic wastes while getting paid for it rather than having to pay someone to ‘dispose’ of it, to toxins in other ‘health care’ products such as soaps and shampoos, to phthalates that migrate from plastic containers into our food, to chemicals released into the air we breathe and the water we drink.  The list is long but finite.  Right now we are apparently moving in the wrong direction and the consequences are becoming apparent.  The sooner we start moving toward healthier, the sooner we will see our health as a society, and as a world, improving and the cost of ‘chronic disease management’ fading away, for everything from diabetes to Alzheimer’s.


While what we put in our bodies as food, air and water are important, we must also avoid toxic thoughts, which can also ‘poison’ our body.  This can be anything from ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) discussed by Dr. Daniel Amen to the death sentence of the village witchdoctor, or conventional cancer doctor, who forecasts death which our belief/faith can turn into reality, or the pain and discomfort of the ‘treatment’ can make people wish for death as a relief from the pain of treatment.


Additionally we need to recognize our bodies natural rhythms, from the daily solar cycle, which should regulate our sleep and wake cycles, to the monthly lunar cycle which is most clearly recognizes in a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, to the annual cycle of the seasons which is discussed at great length in Ayurveda.  Though we may not be aware of these cycles or pay attention to them they still have great influence on us and recognizing this influence allows us to better operate in harmony with them.  If you are ‘healthy’ you probably are operating well within these cycles.  If you are having ‘problems’  and or ‘symptoms’, particularly if poor sleep is one them, taking action to improve your sleep may help improve other symptoms as well, since your body heals during deep restorative sleep. (sleeping pills and drugging yourself to sleep do not allow this restorative sleep to occur.)


If any or all of the above sounds overwhelming it only shows how far we have drifted from basic self care, but this is only the beginning.  We need to rethink what a healthy diet is, with respect to macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) as well as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).  We need to recognize that the human body can operate by burning carbs as well as by burning ketones (fatty acids) and that ketones are a cleaner more efficient fuel, but ketones cannot be used as fuel while insulin levels are elevated, and insulin levels remain constantly elevated as a result of a steady diet of carbs that most people have been led to believe is ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ but which inevitable leads to inflammation of one form or another in one system or another.  By learning how to get into ketosis, by reducing carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats, we can move into a state that allows our body to resolve inflammation and heal and perform better physically and mentally.


The primary tenet of the medical profession is ‘first, do no harm’.  A practice that is doing harm, be it vaccination or ‘managing’ a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease, where the condition continues to ‘progress’ and get worse despite treatment, while there are proven treatment methods to get the ‘condition’ to resolve itself, should not be allowed to practice as ‘health-care’.   Where it can be demonstrated that current practices are doing harm  while better treatment protocols exist we should demand that those practices that are doing harm stop being practiced and adopt the protocol with a better demonstrated outcome.  Instead of taking on individual practitioners, the entire profession should be made to cease and desist where the outcomes are systematically negative and better alternatives have been discovered, from Dr. Isabella Wentz’s treatment of thyroid conditions, to Dr. Terry Wahl’s treatment of Muscular Sclerosis, to Dr. Dale Bredeson’s reversal of Alzheimer’s.  Treatment of diabetes or prediabetes by reducing the carbohydrate load and increasing healthy fats should be the norm, and if this style of healthy eating becomes the norm in the first place the incidence of diabetes, and insulin resistance, would cease to exist in the epidemic proportions it is now occurring and people would become more healthy in general.   A ketogenic diet has also been shown to treat/reverse epilepsy and it certainly can help reverse our obesity epidemic.

September 6, 2017

Putting American History in Perspective


I recently saw a course video lecture from Hillside College’s American History on-line course entitled American Heritage which puts American history in perspective with respect to history in general.  It points out that the U.S Government was modelled after the British government structure with similar checks and balances. Winston Churchill said the Declaration of Independence grew up on the banks of the Thames since it was based on concepts worked out throughout British history.  The British House of Commons and House of Lords were intended to provide defined power to each and early in it’s history when the king and his soldiers entered the House of Commons without ‘permission’ it led to the English Revolution where the king was put on trial for ‘invading’ parliament, found guilty and executed.  The United States was the first and longest lasting (ever) continuous representative government in human recorded history and the first, in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson was elected, to have a peaceful transition of power based on ballots, not bullets.  It was not until nearly 100 years later that Britain had a similar peaceful transition of power.   Of course other countries have their own systems of government, in some cases established out of necessity in reaction to the ‘British invasion’ as the British Empire extended it’s reach and influence across the world when the British fleet/navy ‘ruled the waves’.  Of course, looking back from my perspective, its impossible to know exactly how this planet became populated as it has, who got where and when or how many ‘waves of history’ these populations made bumping up against each other.


The United States government continues  to claim to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but things have changed and the government has taken on a life of its own.  It has evolved into a collection of agencies (e.g. FDA, CDC, EPA) that have become governments unto themselves owned and operated by the industries they were intended to regulate, each creating laws, enforcing the laws and punishing those who break these laws (no separation of power involved) mostly designed to protect the industries they were originally created to regulate with no further control by the ‘central government’ or the people who these laws effect.


It has recently been revealed, confirmed and acknowledged that Government agencies have colluded with the industries they are supposed to regulate to hide the clearly acknowledged dangers and damage caused by the products of industries they were created to regulate.  The Monsanto papers recently released by the court clearly shows that Monsanto was well aware of the dangers of Roundup/Glyphosate and orchestrated the research findings by Henry Miller who clearly worked for Monsanto even during the 15 years he worked at the FDA making it unclear whether the FDA regulated Monsanto or Monsanto regulated the FDA.   Similarly the CDC which is supposed to protect us from dangerous vaccines not only hid but illegally destroyed documents showing that vaccines increased the rates of autism as documented by Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist working for the CDC who admits he was coerced to omit significant data damaging to vaccine’s safety from his research reports and was present at meetings where ‘evidence’ of the damage done by vaccines was  illegally destroyed.  These are only two instances that have recently been documented of the harm being done by out of control government agencies, but this practice pervades all government agencies as a result of the bureaucracy surrounding them.  Governments are groups of people that form to defend their mutual beliefs, but government agencies as they exist today have become the tools of the industries they were created to protect us from.


Throughout history governments have evolved into systems designed to control/regulate their citizens, deciding what’s good and bad for them and enforcing what it deems to be good.   As far back as 1914 the U.S. Navy banned alcohol on all navy vessels and installations, ironically replacing it with ice cream. (possibly leading to the epidemic of sugar related diseases we are now plagued with today?)  This apparently evolved into prohibition when alcohol was banned nationwide only to reveal the real damage alcohol can do when unregulated, and leading to the repeal of prohibition and reregulation of alcohol.  Next cannabis was attacked because of its threat to many up-and-coming industries (e.g. pharmaceutical, textile, paper) it was demonized unjustly and hysterically with no concept of reality;  In colonial times it was required by law in some states for every farmer to grow hemp to provide as taxes and it now is becoming clear that cannabis is one of our most valuable medicinal plants, and a tour through history reveals, despite the campaign against it in the 1930’s, and since, it has been a valuable medicinal plant in all geographical areas throughout history.  Getting back to sugar, documents have recently been revealed showing that when it started to become clear how much damage a high sugar diet is doing, 1, 2, 3 to our society the ‘sugar industry’, through governmental manipulation pulled a bait-and-switch blaming ‘fat’ for the damage sugar was doing and it took another 30 years for the damage of a high sugar/low fat diet to begin to manifest itself by what it is doing to the health of people eating it.  A perfect correlation has been established between the high sugar/low fat diet and inflammation, whether it manifests as diabetes or a heart attack or some other dis-ease. 


Its different every time but its always the same.  Never again we said after World War II when we found ‘nazi’ (pharmaceutical company) scientists performing experiments on people with forced experimental vaccines.  We put these scientists on trial and sent them to jail for these ‘crimes against humanity’.  Then we released them and they returned to the heads of their chemical companies where they continue to lobby the U.S government to continue these same experiments causing clear damage with questionable benefits while government agencies (the CDC) cover up for them by falsifying data and destroying evidence of the damage they are doing.  It has been clearly documented and yet it continues.  We are now being told that for the first time in history children are not expected to outlive their parents, with incidents of chronic disease such as asthma, childhood diabetes, digestive disorders, allergies, ADHD, autism, epilepsy, etc. all on the rise, as the mandatory vaccine schedule increased from 5 doses in 1960 to 24 doses in 1983 to 69 doses in 2016, while the vaccine industry and the government refuse to acknowledge a connection.  When are we going to wake up and make the connection?


It appears that vaccines are the ‘evil stepson’ of homeopathy.  It operates on the principle that a little of a bad thing can protect you from a lot of a bad thing, and while homeopathy has been  proven to work it now begins to emerge that vaccines do not.  Vaccinations seek to imitate the principle of ‘natural immunity’ where getting measles allows your body to develop an immune response to measles so you don’t get it again, but natural immunity results from inhaling a virus, not injecting it into the bloodstream with toxic adjutants.  Unfortunately vaccines are being given to infants before the body develops an immune response, while using toxic adjutants that are intended to stimulate an immune response which actually prevent the body from developing a natural, healthy immune response.  This has resulted in an explosion of Sudden Infant Deaths, and an ‘unexplained’ explosion in allergies, autism and autoimmune conditions, while data is being falsified to make it appear as if vaccines are doing some good.


The vaccine industry has a history of being ‘exposed’.  In episode one of The Truth About Vaccines Dr. Suzanne Humphries tells the story, from her book “Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines and The Forgotten History”:  When mandatory smallpox vaccinations were initiated in England in the mid-1850’s the rate of smallpox began to increase despite a nearly 100% vaccination rate.  In 1885 a rally was held in Leicester England with about 80,000 people and the city of Leicester decided to stop vaccinating their children.  Despite predictions of doom and gloom the smallpox rate went down from 95% of the population to 5% of the population simply by using a protocol of quarantine/isolation, while the incidence of smallpox in surrounding communities where vaccinations continued remained unchecked.  While I can’t find anything like her version on any search engines (e.g. Wikipedia) I have no reason to doubt her. 


Another telling and compelling story is told by Nico and Davi Lahood in The Truth About Vaccines.  Davi was pregnant with their third child when they realized their second child was on the autism spectrum which they clearly associated with vaccinations.  Thinking back they then associated their oldest child’s severe hives and allergies with vaccines also.  When they had asked their doctor about what could be causing this severe skin condition the best the doctor could offer was that the child might be allergic to the mothers breast milk.  Had the doctor acknowledged it as a vaccine reaction it might have spared their second child from becoming autistic.  Needless to say they refused to vaccinate their third and fourth child and both grew up healthy with no signs or symptoms of any allergies, autoimmune diseases, behavioral problems or autism.


It has again been clearly documented by data at the CDC that vaccines are not safe, with a perfect correlation between the increase in the vaccine schedule in 1991 and an increase in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, autism, anxiety disorders, allergies, autoimmune disease and other such conditions, but rather than act on the information they chose a policy of destroying the evidence and continuing with business as usual.  After all these same people at the CDC held the patents and made millions of dollars from vaccines, with no legal consequences.  Additionally recent incidents such as at Disneyworld in 2015 where 150 mostly immunized people got measles show that the vaccine is not effective at preventing the condition it is designed to protect against.  So at least in these cases the vaccines are neither safe or effective.


  This bastard son of homeopathy that didn’t work still managed to take over the family business by force and, with its cohorts, bullies in other areas of the ‘chemical industry’, continue unchecked to poison and reek havoc on our bodies and our environment.  Such vast sums of profit are involved from these chemical assaults that a fraction of these profits can be used to distort the facts regarding the devastation they are causing, to buy the influence of legislatures to create laws distorted in their favor, and calling in political favors to get their ‘people’ put in charge of the agencies created to regulate them while stonewalling the judiciary system so that when they are exposed engaging in and trying to cover up the damage they are doing the ‘penalties’ only amount to a fraction of the profits derived from committing the offenses, and the penalties for vaccine injuries don’t even come from the vaccine industry because they have coerced congress to grant them immunity from any liability for any damage that the vaccines are doing. If the truth were known these ‘chemical assaults’ would be stopped cold in their tracks and the ‘executives in charge’ would be told to ‘cease and desist’ or face criminal prosecution ‘to the fullest extent of the law’ for the damage they are doing to humanity and the planet, much as apartheid was stopped in Africa..


President Eisenhower, in his farewell address in 1961 warned of the danger of the Military-Industrial Complex that was evolving since the end of World War II because of the close relationship developing between the government and the ‘defense industry’ warning that such unchecked power would usurp the inherent freedom making up the very fabric of our nation.  This relationship reached a peak during the Vietnam war when the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ was controlling governments policies to expand it’s ‘sphere of influence’ around the world while fighting a ‘war for profit’.  When it was ‘called out’ rather than disappearing it simply changed it’s stripes as it continued to evolve.  Currently President Trump is being led to believe it is in the interest of the United States to rebuild this Military Industrial Complex. While it may be ‘good for business’, it certainly isn’t good for the people fighting to defend this deceptive practice that continues to spew its poisons or for the people living under its sphere of influence.   The chemical industry is clearly at the forefront of this military industrial complex, transforming chlorine and fluorine from toxic chemical weapons of war to components of our drinking water as a way of disposing of their excess supply of toxic waste, and developing other toxic chemicals, such as glyphosate, and other more toxic substances that it is making billions of dollars from while poisoning the environment, all with government’s blessings.  The vaccine industry is just another branch of this chemical assault on humanity through governmental control.


When Abraham Lincoln refused to defend slavery, holding fast to the intent of the founding fathers when they said ‘all men are created equal’, there was a civil war.  Slave owners saw their economy, based on slave labor, threatened.  They couldn’t imagine an economy where it wasn’t permitted to exploit others to perpetuate their profits and their way of life, but as seen during the Industrial Revolution a system of fair pay for fair wages stimulated a thriving economy.  What will it take to restructure our economy so that the fruits of our labor are distributed among all those that work to produce it, rather than being syphoned off by a chemical-military-industrial complex that pays us back by poisoning our environment and bodies while having us pay for the privilege of being poisoned?   Can sanity be restored without a ‘revolution’?  Can a constitutional amendment by the Federal Government, expanding on the Nurenberg agreement, be established to prevent mandatory vaccinations by the states? (Or would the chemical industry turn this around making vaccinations mandatory at the Federal level!!!)   Can a Constitutional Convention solve these problems?  I  am skeptical but hopeful.

August 2, 2017

Establishing ‘Best Practices’


It seems the automotive industry is unique in its application of ‘Best Practices’.  When an automotive company discovers a technology that makes automobiles safer other companies adopt similar practices and there is little backlash from the original company which is glad to acknowledge that the practice it discovered now serves to make all vehicles safer.  This appears to apply not only among U.S. auto makers but among automakers worldwide.


In an ideal world this concept would be extended to the medical profession as well, but it seems this is not the case.  Instead it seems the medical profession, guided by the pharmaceutical industry, is geared toward the most profitable practices with no consideration of quality of outcome, as the U.S. auto industry was in the 1970’s with ‘planned obsolescence’.  In case after case the medical profession creates a theory (hypothesis) based on incomplete and incorrect assumptions, establish a protocol based on these assumptions that fails to resolve the problem, and then formalizes a standard of care that creates an endless flow of income, and victims, requiring perpetual care at astronomical cost, although providing a compromised outcome.  This is the model practiced for every condition from diabetes to cancer.


When diabetes was first recognized as a condition of elevated blood sugar there was no recognition that it was first a condition of elevated insulin.  It has now become recognized that the bodies levels of insulin, the fat storage hormone, become elevated (in an effort to keep blood sugar levels down) long before the level of blood sugar begins to rise ‘out of control’.  The body itself raises insulin levels in an effort to control blood sugar (by turning it into fat).  By the time blood sugar levels get out of control the body has failed to deal with the overwhelming levels of sugar being introduced into the body, but by the time blood sugar is out of control there are already elevated levels of insulin trying to deal with it.  The obvious solution is to reduce the load of sugar/carbs being provided to the body so that the body is not overwhelmed by it, but rather than reduce the sugar load of the body our ‘medical profession’ encourages diabetics to continue overloading the body with sugar/(carbohydrates) and attempts to compensate for the sugar overload with insulin overload/injections, which inevitably results in a deteriorating quality of life.


Similarly tumors/(‘cancerous growths’) are attacked by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery rather than trying to determine what caused the ‘cancerous growth’ in the first place.  Isn’t it ironic that one of the ‘side effects’ of chemotherapy drugs is cancer, 1, 2  not only as inevitable reoccurrences in the patient, but also development of cancer in the nurses and technicians administering the chemotherapy.  While identifying the root cause of the cancer can be beneficial not only in treating the cancer but in preventing it from occurring in the first place, the chemotherapy industry is so profitable it has been able to invest vast sums of its profits to establish itself as the ‘standard of care’ despite its dismal success rate and the fact that it has become recognized as a cause of cancer, 1, 2 and the fact that safer and more effective methods of treatment have presented themselves, from medical cannabis to Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplaston therapy to ‘metabolic therapy’.


As I recall, when Obama proposed his healthcare plan he was faced with an overwhelming media campaign launched against him (personally) and his health care program by the pharmaceutical industry.  He then apparently made a ‘deal with the devil’ (the pharmaceutical industry), revising his healthcare plan to one they would approve of so as to put a stop to the campaign against him and his health care plan, and  his wife shifted her efforts from ‘healthy eating’ (as exemplified by the white house garden) to ‘lets move’ (suggesting that more exercise would overcome the obesity epidemic created by the junk food industry), however he then faced stiff opposition from the leadership of his own democratic party and while he was able to ‘convince’ them to support his plan, it resulted in a corrupted healthcare plan with ever escalating costs, and it was a plan that the democratic leadership (Nancy Pelosi) clearly was not happy about.  Obama was clearly overwhelmed by the desire to ‘compromise’ with the pharmaceutical industry in an effort to get a healthcare system in place.  While recent ‘fake news’ tries to blame the problems with health care as starting with Obama I see the chain of events leading up to Obama going back nearly 100 years.  The distortion of the medical profession goes back at least to the 1930’s with the criminalization of cannabis to the suppression of innovative treatments such as  offered by Royal Rife (1888-1971) who designed high power amplification equipment to identify pathogens in the body and using micro current ‘beam rays’ to disrupt the pathogens and restore homeostasis in the body.   His book ‘The Cancer Cure that Worked’ was published in 1931 and according to his supporters he cured a number of people infected with such things as typhoid, salmonella and influenza and in a 1938 article Rife stopped short of claiming to cure cancer but went so far as to say he could ‘devitalize disease organisms in living tissue’.  In 1939 he was invited to address the Royal Society of Medicine which approved his findings and  formed a corporation to build models of his equipment for hospitals and clinics, but his work was then suddenly discredited by the American Medical Association which turned against him alleging that his results were simply not possible to obtain and banned the use of his beam ray to treat patients.  He died penniless in 1971 and since then efforts have been made to recreate his technology.


In my own lifetime I first recognized the corruption between government and big business when President Ronald Reagan turned the FDA over to the chemical industry when Donald Rumsfeld (a drug company executive) as part of Reagans transition team called in a favor by having  Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr chosen. as the head of the FDA, thereby allowing the fast tracking of aspartame, the newest version of artificial sweetener, despite objections of FDA scientists who warned of the potential health consequences including brain tumors and cancer.  Since then the government has established a revolving door between drug company executives and the agencies (FDA, CDC, EPA, etc.) that were created to regulate them.


While its hard to imagine a greater criminal among our presidents than Lyndon Johnson, who apparently planned the assassination of JFK, coordinating the efforts of the CIA and the mafia to assassinate John F Kennedy and had it covered up by the Warren Commission, it would seem the most corrupt of our presidents was Richard Nixon. (‘tricky dick’) the only president forced to resign in disgrace for criminal behavior to avoid prosecution, leaving behind an appointed vice-president after his vice-president was forced to resign before him.  But before he resigned  he not only moved to increase criminality for cannabis use, but also abolished the gold standard for the U.S. economy.  Both of which, it would seem to me, went against what the founding fathers would have considered ‘The laws of nature and of natures god’, thereby exceeding what the founding fathers would have considered the jurisdiction of the president or the government in general.  Certainly other presidents have also stretched the limits of the office by extending their reach beyond the limits of what the Constitution would have allowed. and the legislature has passed laws contrary to ‘the laws of nature and of natures god’. (e.g. ‘criminalizing cannabis).  Just as the founding fathers called a constitutional convention to create the Declaration of Independence to define the separation of power between the three branches of government, another constitutional convention is apparently needed to define ‘The laws of nature and of natures god’ as referred to in the Constitution, which the founding fathers apparently considered ‘self evident’, but which has since clearly become distorted.  Unfortunately George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are not around to clarify this and any effort by todays politicians threaten to further distort this concept into something the founding fathers never intended, turning it around to further corrupt government and to further promote personal gain rather than defending the ‘common good’.   Such a discussion and clarification could not be done by todays politicians and the businessmen they work with/for, who have distorted the concept of ‘the laws of nature and of natures god’ in the first place.  Such a task would need to be done by philosophers and educators, such as Larry P Arnn, president of Hillsdale College who seeks to educate about the ‘evolution’ of the U.S. government, and the meaning of the constitution.   I can only imagine how such a constitutional convention would change any elements of the three branches of government but it would certainly redefine them by defining (not redefining) ‘the laws of nature and of natures god’.  It would also need to address the monopolistic power of government agencies.  While the constitution clearly separates the executive, the legislative and the judiciary branches of government a government agency (such as the CDC, FDA or EPA) once established assumes all three roles, establishing laws under its ‘jurisdiction’, enforcing those laws and prosecuting those who break its self imposed laws with little or no government oversight.  Even the Supreme Court has ruled that while it may disagree with certain laws established by government agencies it does not have the right to ‘interfere’ with these agencies performing the duties for which they were established.


Another group that would certainly have an educated opinion on the subject would be Native American’s whose heritage already had established a relationship with the laws of nature and of natures god before our country was founded, and with whom George Washington and the other founding fathers certainly would have established relationships.


Such an overhaul could require a restructuring of our countries/government’s efforts to use ‘unnatural’ methods to control the weather, laws that allow patenting of genetically modified seeds, poisoning of our environment and our food/water supply, corruption of our legal, medical, educational systems and the use of government agencies hijacked by the industries they were intended to regulate and used against the people they were intended to protect.  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, offers a novel solution for the corruption of the EPA. He offers to do the job of the EPA at his private, accredited, lab, although a better solution might be to put him in charge of the EPA, giving him access to more resouces to do the job, and I expect he could find ways to streamline and downsize the agency saving much taxpayer money while also doing the job the agency is currently not doing.  Similar solutions are needed to restructure or eliminate other agencies including the FDA, CDC and all the other agencies that have been corrupted so as to distort their original objectives.  Might a constitutional convention be a good place to start?

July 3, 2017

How the deck is stacked


Literature is filled with commentary about how irrational and corrupt society can becomes.  From classics like Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver’s Travels to newer classics like 1984 and Animal Farm.  Some would say fiction is a way to expose the absurdities of society without directly addressing them soas to avoid the retribution of the authorities imposing these absurdities, but these ‘reflections’ on reality don’t come close to the horrors of the realities documented in history, from Gallileo who was imprisoned for suggesting that the Sun is the center of the universe and not the Earth to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis who proposed handwashing to prevent infection of mothers in childbirth and was rewarded by being declared insane and committed to a mental hospital where he died two weeks later of sepsis, the same type of infection he had been seeking to protect people from.


Dr. Semmelweiss became a doctor in the mid 1840’s and was distressed by the 15% death rate of women after childbirth at the hospital at which he worked in Vienna.   This was a mystery to his colleagues who blamed it on ‘bad air’.  He theorized that the infections were carried by doctors from autopsy rooms to maternity wards where they delivered babies and instituted a policy of handwashing with chlorinated lime before going from autopsies to deliveries and in a little over a year bought the death rate down to zero.  In his ferver to encourage his colleagues to adopt this handwashing practice elsewhere he invoked their disfavor and was met by hostility, causing him to move back to Budapest where he repeated this success at St. Rochus Hospital.  Again he met resistance getting this policy adopted by his colleagues to which he responded with hostility, calling them ‘ignorant murderers’ in open letter.   Some references suggest he became depressed and absent-minded and even that some thought he might be suffering from dementia, but it seems to me he had a natural reaction to the opposition he met to a simple procedure that would inevitably save many lives.  He published his findings in 1861 but they were met with hostility by the ‘medical establishment’.  In 1865 he was tricked into visiting a mental hospital where he was forcibly restrained in a straight jacket and he died two weeks later of septicemia  Twenty years after his death his work formed the basis of the ‘germ theory’ of disease as developed by others including Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister.  In 1891 his body was transferred to Vienna and in 1898, nearly 30 years after his death, a statue of him was erected in his honor.


More recently, in the 1970’s, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a ‘protein fragment’, which he called antineoplastons, that existed in high concentrations in the urine of healthy people but were low in the urine of cancer patients.  He extracted these antineoplastons from urine and used them as a treatment that proved particularly successful in reversing brain tumors in children causing the tumors to simply dissolve as well as various other forms of cancer, even terminal patients that had been declared ‘incurable’ after all forms of chemotherapy and radiation had failed were healed by his treatment.   Initially there was the ‘yuk’ factor of using a urine extract to cure cancer, but later he was able to ‘manufacture the antineoplastons in a lab.  This did not stop the FDA (in collusion with the National Cancer Institute and the pharmaceutic industry, who’s profits were threatened by such a potentially simple ‘cure’) from persecuting him and trying to prevent him for continuing his work by preventing him from treating patients, not because his treatments were ineffective, but because he did not comply with their restrictions, preventing him from expanding his treatment elsewhere or treating over 2,000 patients at the Mayo Clinic and Sloan Kettering who he could have potentially cured, and limiting his treatment of children with brain cancers to those that had already been unsuccessfully treated by chemotherapy and radiation.  At least one child who died after his treatment was found at autopsy to be cancer free and the cause of death was determined to be the residual effect of radiation poisoning.                                


There are many examples of people ‘suffering for trying to do the right thing’.  The classic example of another ‘healer’ who was put to death for doing good is Jesus; the most violent act he committed was ‘chasing the money-changers out of the temple’ but apparently that was enough to evoke their wrath.


There are unfortunately many examples of bad medical advise being authoritatively passed down from the ‘powers that be’; From the dissemination of neurotoxins (fluoride in our water, aspertame in our ‘soft drinks’, antibiotics in our meat, glyphosate in our vegetables), to bad health advise like avoiding the sun like ‘the plague’, striving to ‘lower our cholesterol’, avoiding healthy fats while encouraging ‘gorging’ on unhealthy carbohydrates and toxic fats, and demonizing the most powerful medicinal plant on the planet to prevent it from competing with big industries like the textile and pharmaceutical industries.  It is hard to imagine that all of this bad advise could come about due to ignorance rather than malintent. What have been established throughout many societies over thousands of years as ‘healthy practices’ have been turned upside down over the last century despite the clear damage it is doing to the health and wellness of the population in order to protect the financial interests of the polluters.  


But what do we do when our government has been usurped, and the bureaucrats we send to Washington no longer have control?  We have reached a point where ‘big business’ (Monsanto?) now controls the government and runs the military using it to wage an illegal war against its citizens.   It now appears that the military is currently conducting ‘weather control’ experiments regularly releasing contrails of aluminum, barium, strontium, sulfuric acid and other toxic substances into the atmosphere worldwide to ‘influence’ the weather, thereby poisoning the soil, killing natural vegetation and opening up a market for Monsanto’s genetically engineered aluminum resistant seeds.  This became clear to Kristen Meghan while serving in the Air Force as a bioenvironmental engineer tracking the militaries impact on the environment, she was ‘driven out’ of the military in 2010 when she questioned this and she has been sounding the alarm ever since.  This is further exposed in the documentary movie “What in the World are They Spraying” 


Our government has been hijacked by those whose interest is financial rather than humanitarian.   Since the middle of the last century the chemical/pharmaceutical industry has not only succeeded in establishing itself as the authority, but has ruthlessly destroyed any alternative (and more beneficial) perspective, creating a monopoly in medical schools, driving competing systems of though, such as schools of chiropractic, out of business.  Declaring cannabis a dangerous drug, overriding the evidence of thousands of years, even the AMA at the time advised the government after ‘marijuana’ was made illegal that if they had known that ‘marijuana’ was ‘cannabis’ they would have objected because cannabis was such a valuable medicinal plant, but the law was snuck through based on hysterical ranting with no basis in reality other than the false reality it created.  Replacing the commonly recognized benefits of the sun with an irrational and unjustified fear of the sun by attributing the sun as a cause of cancer rather than recognizing the pollutants being increasingly introduced into the environment as a major factor.  Turning the dairy industry from a source of healthy nutrition into a toxic soup, while banning healthy raw dairy to the people as an alternative based on the theory that it can ‘potentially’ contain harmful bacteria while the same bacteria is often found to contaminate vegetable products but there is no effort made to ban the vegetables that can as easily be contaminated by these bacteria.  


It’s an unfortunate state of affairs that whenever an effort is made by men to create a saner society, other men come along to corrupt that society.  Our founding fathers understood this and did their best to prevent men from corrupting the government that they lived under, but it appears almost inevitable that corruption will creep in.  The founding fathers recognized this and made it clear that when government fails to serve the best interests of the ‘governed’ it is their right, and their obligation, to correct these errors.  This is what they did when they replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.  In order to justify mandatory taxation of the states by the federal government they adopted an expansionistic policy, similar to the countries of Europe who were seeking to establish colonies in their ‘backyard’, they designed a plan to increase their ‘sphere of influence’ by allowing nearby territories to join for mutual protection.  They devised a system of checks and balances to assure equal representation across geographical and economic strata.  Unfortunately most of the founding fathers also suffered physically or financially because of their ethical stand with some dying in poverty for their ‘political convictions’, and inevitably the ‘checks and balances’ they established were corrupted by those whose personal interests overruled the protection of the ‘common good’.


 Government needs to rethink the current structure that supports monopolies of self-interest and somehow attempt to replace it with a structure that supports the common good and the well-being of individuals, as well as ‘society’.  (Personally I like the StarTrek model)  The AMA has become a self perpetuating monopoly of those seeking to protect their monopoly rather than working to improve the outcome of its ‘customers’.    The medical establishment needs to be restructured or replaced with a system that promotes health by establishing a system of best practices based on outcome (much like the automotive industry does in an effort to create safer cars) rather than simply monitoring the progression of disease.  Government agencies that were created to protect the public have been hijacked by those that the agencies were intended to protect the public from.  The FDA has been taken over by industrial polluters that use the agency to suppress small businesses seeking to provide healthy alternatives; The CDC has been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry who seeks to protect its financial interests with no concern for the damage being done by promoting their products and practices, while suppressing knowledge of the inadequacy of its practices or the availability of healthier alternatives; The EPA has been taken over by the same polluters it was designed to protect against who use it as a tool to protect their rights to continue to pollute the environment. Our food and water supply need to be restructured to provide a continuing supply of healthy food, rather than an endless supply of toxic, although shelf-stable foodlike substances.  


It seems we are past due for another constitutional convention to restructure society soas to take power away from those working against the interests of the people, who have co-opted government for their own interests, and yet it is these same polluters/criminals in seats of power that stand in the way of such a restructuring!







June 3, 2017

Evolution of an anti-vaxxer


Growing up I was not aware of any problems with vaccines.  The problems with vaccines only started to manifest themselves to me after a law was passed in 1986 exempting the drug makers (the pharmaceutical industry) and doctors from any liability for ‘vaccine damages’.  Since then it’s become clear that there has always been a ‘problem’ with vaccines (which is apparently why the law was necessary) and its only gotten worse since the drug industry is free to inflict itself on us with no fear of legal consequences.  It appears the drug manufacturers have been flimflamming populations and governments, hiding the adverse reactions while bragging about the illusory and possibly nonexistent protection that vaccines are alleged to provide.  Two docu-series have recently been broadcast on the internet:  Vaccines Revealed and The Truth about Vaccines.  Between them they provide compelling evidence that vaccines are neither safe or effective and it appears that war has been declared and is being waged against us by the vaccine industry, in collusion with the sugar industry, food industry and the pharmaceutical industry all under the banner of a ‘chemical conglomerate’ that has infiltrated all aspects of government.  This war is being waged not only in the offices of ‘big business’ and government but also in the media, from television to google to Wikipedia .  Even after becoming aware of this information about vaccines I was amazed at my inability to find it on google or Wikipedia!



  An example of the audacity of the chemical industry was, after GMO crops were introduced, when the pollen of GMO corn drifted onto the crops of non-GMO corn growing nearby Monsanto had the nerve to sue the non-GMO farmers for growing their ‘patented corn’ ‘without a license’.  Similarly the vaccine industry is claiming that non-vaccinated people are a threat to the vaccinated, when in fact it is the vaccinated children who ‘shed’ the virus they get from the vaccine, thereby spreading the germs to the unvaccinated.  If vaccines were effective the vaccinated would have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated or the diseases they were vaccinated against.   Much damage is being done by vaccines, which the vaccine industry and the CDC (allegedly an agency of the US government intended to protect the people but in fact a shill for the vaccine industry) are well aware of, but they have been trying to destroy and/or distort the data to minimize the documented adverse effects of vaccines, ranging from ‘sudden death’, to autism, to allergies and other ‘autoimmune diseases’.   How many parents are in jail for shaking their child to death while trying to get them to stop screaming hysterically, better to blame the parent than associate the death with a vaccination.  The only way the unvaccinated are a ‘threat’ is if the parents of the vaccinated realize that the unvaccinated children are healthier than their children (less allergies and documented behavioral problems)  before the industry succeeds at having everyone vaccinated.   The simple fact is that those with the lowest mandated vaccination schedule have the lowest health problems and the unvaccinated are the healthiest of all.


The history of ‘mercury poisoning’ goes back even before vaccines when a product called Calomel containing mercurous chloride was sold by Parke, Davis & Co as a teething solution for infants.  It was found to cause ‘pink disease’, (with symptoms identical to autism) in children and was taken off the market.  (Subsequently the rate of autism among survivors of pink disease was 1 in 25 at the time the rate of autism among the general population was 1 in 160).   Mercury was first tested in vaccines sent to veterinarians for use in dogs, but the veterinarians reported back that they did not want this vaccine because of adverse reactions in dogs.  It was then ‘repurposed’ into vaccines for children.  Shortly after mercury was first introduced into vaccines the first ‘cluster’ of autism occurred with the birth of  Virginia S born September 13, 1931 being the first documented case.  As the level of mercury has been increasing in the vaccine schedule the rate of autism has been increasing as well.   It now appears that while the danger of thimerosal has been documented the data documenting this has been hidden and/or destroyed by the CDC, in collusion with the vaccine industry.  The CDC has been documented to be acting in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry to suppress the truth about vaccine dangers with no consideration of the health of the people that the CDC was intended to protect but it now appears the CDC (and other ‘government agencies) are more ‘invested’ in protecting the pharmaceutical industry and ‘big business’.   I expect that the only thing surprising those in charge of the vaccine program is that at the levels of mercury currently being used they haven’t yet reach ‘LD50’ (The Lethal Dose at which 50% of the ‘subjects’ die), although I expect it would not be hard to connect vaccines to the recent phenomena of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), or the number of cases of parents going to jail for shaking their child to death while trying to stop them from screaming uncontrollably.   I believe that the ‘vaccine courts’ have already paid out  about 3 billion dollars in cases where there was undeniable evidence of vaccine damage, but most (over 80%) cases that go before the ‘special masters’ are turned down alleging insufficient proof/documentation that the ‘damage’ to the child was caused by the vaccine. (‘association in time does not prove causation’)  Additionally it has been found that many/most cases of clearly documented vaccine damage are not even reported to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting service).  Then there is the question of subtle damage that isn’t even noticed by parents, or whose doctors are instructed to advise them that ‘it’s normal’. While the toxicity was clearly documented and many countries banned thimerosal in vaccines over 20 years ago the US not only continues its use but continues to expand and mandate its use despite documented adverse effects.


While adjutants such as aluminum (which is also toxic) is used in parts per million mercury was so toxic it was initially evaluated at parts per billion.  It was considered so toxic that in 1948 an AMA study determined that 2 parts per billion would be the upper limit of safety for mercury in drinking water, yet it was determined to be ‘safe’ to use 20 micrograms (bringing it to 50,000 parts per billion) in flu shots injected directly into the body bypassing the digestive system where it could be ‘filtered out’.  Instead the mercury has been found to ‘migrate’ through the body and into the brain.  The mercury is so toxic that if a doctor drops a vial and it breaks the room is supposed to be evacuated and a hazmat team called to clean it up because of the potential toxicity of the mercury vapors, but it is considered safe to inject directly into the bloodstream!  Somehow  that doesn’t seem to make any sense, and defies logic and reason.  (Making the danger worse is injecting mercury together with aluminum as is done with multiple vaccines given the same day which increases the toxicity and adverse reactions exponentially.)


Clearly mercury (and aluminum) are not safe!  Are they at least effective in giving us immunity to the diseases they are being used to protect us from?  Apparently not.  Vaccines provide at best short term immunity, if any immunity at all, while weakening our immune system, whereas exposure to measles or mumps provide lifetime immunity while strengthening our immune system.   It has been documented 20 years ago that the measles vaccine causes measles,  and more recently an outbreak at Disneyland and an ‘epidemic of over 1,000 people in New York and New Jersey that got measles, most of whom were vaccinated against it, clearly demonstrate that vaccination does not prevent measles. 


The vaccine industry would argue that disease like measles and whooping cough have been eliminated by vaccinations, however others would point out that while measles and whooping cough were deadly disease in the 1800’s with approximately half of the people getting these diseases dying, by the early 1900’s, largely due to improved sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, the incidence of these diseases and the death rate associated with them had begun to drop so that by the 1950’s when vaccines were introduced the death rate for both of these diseases had already fallen to essentially zero and the incidence was also already on the way to zero.  Despite this ‘inconvenient truth’ the vaccine industry was quick to take credit for eliminating diseases that had already become innocuous before the vaccines were even introduced.


Even more scandalous, it appears vaccines never even actually eliminated polio, which they take the credit for.  First, it was established by Sister Elizabeth Kenney in Australia that polio could be ‘cured’ (or prevented?) by simply changing the treatment method.  She subsequently relocated to Minnesota where she ran a clinic treating polio victims.    Also, as I mentioned last month, it was pointed out by Dr. Rashid Buttar in episode 2 of The Truth about Vaccines that the polio epidemic was caused not by a ‘polio virus’ but by DDT (and a high sugar diet?).  The polio epidemic rose and fell with the use of DDT with a six month lag time.  Advertising campaigns were ran advising that “DDT is good for me” and It was sprayed on children in school cafeterias while they ate lunch.  Apparently the connection was made on some level and DDT was ‘phased out’ and the rate of polio decreased so that by the time the polio vaccine was introduced the rate of new polio cases had already fallen essentially to zero, although it was never acknowledged that there was a connection between polio and DDT.  Meanwhile the chemical industry replaced DDT with the polio vaccine as a revenue stream while claiming to ‘cure’ the ‘polio epidemic’.  After the polio vaccine was introduced the only cases of ‘polio-like symptoms’ resulted from vaccination with the ‘live’ polio vaccine. 



  If you scrape yourself on a rusty nail will a tetanus shot actually prevent tetanus?   If you are bitten by a rabid animal will a rabies vaccine prevent you from getting rabies? If you are going to a country with malaria does the malaria vaccine actually protect you? If so (and I have come to question even these) it is possible that there is some potential  value to some vaccines. The tetanus and rabies vaccines only act short term and are only used in case of exposure to the infectious agent, but I’m still surprised the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t mandated these vaccines for infants (yet, it didn’t stop them from ‘mandating’ injecting hepatitis B vaccines to newborn infants at birth even if the mother is Hep B negative and there is no risk of the infant developing the disease).  The vaccine industry has recently initiated an effort for mandatory malaria vaccinations of all children in Africa.  Why now?  Apparently malaria is on the verge of being wiped out just with improved sanitation and nutrition and, like measles and whooping cough the vaccine industry seeks to step in and take credit for something that was about to be eliminated anyway.  Additionally it has recently been documented that the herb sweet wormwood (long known by the herbal community to rid he body of worms and parasites, in fact that is where it got is name) is 100% effective in curing malaria even in ‘terminal’ cases where conventional medicine had failed.  18 people who were terminally ill with malaria after all standard medication had failed (between the ages of 5 and 60, including an 8 year old in a coma) were all completely cured in 5 days with no parasites found in their blood.



 The concept of vaccinating all infants against a myriad of diseases that they will probably never be exposed to, and if at some point they are exposed the chances are that any immunity they received as infants will have worn off by the time it is needed anyway, is clearly ‘overkill’.  Their immune systems are compromised reducing their ‘natural’ immunities and they are subject to a myriad of conditions ranging from ‘sudden death’, to autism, to an increase in the incidence of allergies and autoimmune diseases. 


A perfect  example of ‘overkill’ is the hepatitis B vaccine, originally given to children of Hepatitis B positive mothers and then for some irrational reason designated as mandatory for all children at birth.  Not only is this useless for children of Hepatitis B negative mothers, but studies have shown that of children born of Hepatitis B positive mothers those who are vaccinated are just as likely to become infected (40% chance) as those who are not vaccinated!  So this vaccination offers no protection to anyone.  It would be better to try to evaluate/investigate the ‘natural immunity’ developed by the 60% of children of Hepatitis B positive mothers that don’t develop it.   Another example of an unnecessary and dangerous vaccine is the HPV vaccine offered to young girls, and even to young boys! which offers questionable immunity and much risk.  The list goes on.


In Leicester England after ‘mandatory’ vaccines were introduced there was an epidemic of outbreaks of ‘adverse reactions’.  The parents got together to protest the mandatory vaccines.  It was argued that if vaccinations were stopped there would be a worse outbreak, but when vaccinations were stopped the incidence of outbreaks went down. (Although this information has apparently been purged from internet searches by the bias of search engines)  Mandatory vaccination in the US largely goes back to the case of Davidson vs Massachusetts in 1905 when vaccination was mandated due to a smallpox outbreak, but even then  people had the option to ‘opt out’ and pay a $5 fine and the question remains, was the epidemic wiped out due to vaccination or proper hygiene and sanitation?  While some countries, such as Canada and Australia, take the same position as the US with government mandates requiring vaccinations, and other countries, such as Korea and Vietnam, are following suit by increasing vaccination rates to  levels comparable to the US,  only to find the rate of autism increasing accordingly, there are at least 10 countries in the European Union that have no mandatory vaccinations.  Sweden’s parliament has recently upheld that mandatory vaccination would violate the rights of its citizens under its constitution.  There is a growing awareness of the potential dangers of vaccines and a growing number of people in the US who are demanding their rights not to vaccinate under the US constitution (as well as the Nuremberg Agreement, of which the US is a signer) and a civil rights attorney, Patricia Finn, whose practice is in part around helping the Vaccine Injured had a case working its way through the courts questioning mandatory vaccinations by the State of New York.


It appears to be just a matter of time before the absurdity of mandatory vaccinations is realized and it is recognized that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children and the entire world will realize it has been duped by the pharmaceutical industry with respect to ‘modern medicine’ in general and vaccines in particular.  It is a sad state of affairs that the US government is so invested in perpetuating the myths fabricated by the pharmaceutical industry.  Can sanity be restored to the medical system in the US? Will it be necessary for the entire US government to be ‘disassembled’ in order to extricate the medical profession from the pharmaceutical industry as it was for the German government to be disassembled during World War II?  Only time will tell.

May 1, 2017

Blueprint to Utopia – After the Revolution


Anyone that’s paying attention is aware that there is much wrong with the healthcare system in our country, from the toxic chemicals that we are increasingly saturating our food and water supply and environment with, to a healthcare system that sees conditions like cancer become more common and which are treated with toxic chemotherapy and radiation, even as safer and more effective treatments have been developed; as we watch conditions like high blood sugar and high blood pressure ‘progress’ until they become ‘chronic diseases’ to ‘manage’, again, with toxic chemicals that do not help to heal the conditions but only ‘treats’ it as it continues to ‘progress’, while leaving the causes go unaddressed; to the toxic vaccines and vaccine schedules that we inflict on our children and elderly which cause more damage than they ‘theoretically’ prevent, even as the infant mortality rate increases and the life expectancy decreases; I could go on, but I think you get the idea.


While this situation appears to be getting worse, there are some shining lights such as Dr. Izabella Wentz, who has figured out how to heal Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for the ‘multitude’ after figuring out how to heal it for herself, a condition unfortunately becoming more common, but which has been, and continues to be, inappropriately treated by the ‘medical profession’, but except for those getting the information from her the ‘medical profession’ continues to unsuccessfully treat people with thyroid issues, if they recognize them at all, with ineffective drugs; to Dr. Terry Wahls who suffered from multiple sclerosis to the point where she was confined to a wheel chair while being treated conventionally until she began developing a nutritional protocol that totally reversed her multiple sclerosis, and while she labors to educate the public through books and programs the medical profession continues to insist on its ‘right’ to continue treating victims of multiple sclerosis with ineffective and counterproductive pharmaceutical drugs;  to Dr. Kelly Brogan who figured out how to help people heal from mental and emotional problems that the ‘medical profession’ would ‘treat’ with pharmaceuticals that only left them feeling worse while ‘addicted’ to the prescribed medications; to her mentor, the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzales who successfully treated the most hopeless cases of terminal cancer including many pancreatic cancer patients of 10-20 years who survived him; to Dr. Burzynski who figured out how to successfully treat children with ‘incurable’ brain cancer in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but his ‘practice’ was shut down on ‘technicalities’ so that children that could be easily ‘cured’ with antineostatins (protein segments found to be low in the blood/urine of children with brain cancer) continue to be scarred and maimed for the profit of the surgeons and radiologists rather than getting directed to Dr. Burzynski as a first stop for such conditions where his protocol would be appropriate, again I could go on to point out those who found a better way to treat conditions that our ‘medical profession’ continues to ‘treat’ with barbaric and counterproductive ‘standards of care’ which remain very profitable while doing little to resolve the suffering of it’s patients/victims.  These new methods of helping to heal need to not only be practiced but need to become the ‘standard of care’ replacing the barbaric, and what should be considered criminal, practices such as ‘routinely’ removing gall bladders and thyroid glands or watchful watching as diseases like diabetes and kidney failure ‘progress’ until they can be ‘treated’ as a ‘disease’ with inadequate pharmaceutical drugs and treatments, and mandating fraudulently marketed vaccines that do more harm than good.  Can this be done by ‘evolution’ or will it take a ‘revolution’


What will it take for ‘society’ to replace the  barbaric, inhumane, (but profitable for the pharmaceutical/chemical industry) ‘treatments’ and pharmaceutical drugs offered by our ‘medical profession’ with effective, natural solutions?  I don’t know.  Some say it will require a ‘revolution’ (peaceful or violent) to overthrow the existing power structure, much as slavery was abolished in the U.S. and apartheid was disassembled  in Africa. Others such as Jefferey Jaxen talks about Medical Civil Disobedience to oppose morally unjust laws and take back the medical profession from the pharmaceutical industry. (The forced vaccination being inflicted on US citizens is not only contrary to how some would interpret US law but is certainly illegal based on the Nuremberg Agreement (which the US is a signer of) which prohibits forced vaccinations)    Others await the return of Jesus Christ to make all things right, but if I understand bible prophesy correctly (which I’m not sure I do) even that will involve a chaotic upheaval of society.  Others continue to work to untangle individual strands of the web of evil that entangles our society in the hope that they can extract that thread or they can pull until the entire Gordian’s knot comes apart.


While I don’t know the ‘how’ of changing things and leave that others to resolve, (Maybe President Trump will be ‘enlightened’ by Robert F Kennedy Jr and led down the rabbit hole to a healthier society?  I can only hope!) I will make an effort to look ahead to the end result and try to envision what the society will look like after the revolution when we can appropriately address the sizeable obstacles that we face while moving toward healthier.


Since John and Ocean Robbins are the heads of the Food Revolution Network I expect it would only be appropriate to put them in charge of systematically cleaning up the food supply.  The FDA (and the CDC) will either be disbanded or redirected under leadership such as John Robbins.  This work will progress while medical treatments are reevaluated and ‘inappropriate’ and failed treatments will be replaced by evidence based cures.  Instead of waiting until someone develops diabetes and then ‘treating’ them as they become worse, people will be educated about the relationship between diet and health and at the earliest sign of diabetes (fasting blood sugar over 90 or 100?) they would be sent someplace like The Tree of Life Center in Arizona for a 2 or 3 week retreat/education on how to eat to feel better and get healthier at the same time.  For those initially found to have a more severely advanced medical condition somewhere like the Whittaker Wellness Center might be needed.   Committees will be formed with experts in both nutrition and medicine, including such superstars as Marjorie WildcraftBrigitte MarsDr Ritamarie Loscalzo and JJ Virgin  to help recreate a healthier food supply, and toxic ‘foodlike products’ found to be dangerous or unhealthy would be removed and replaced with healthier alternatives, made from ‘real food’ ingredients.  Raw milk, from grass fed cows, will return to being delivered fresh to your door as it was a century ago. 


We will also need to be moving in the direction of reducing what is currently a growing problem of polluting our environment.  From the toxic chemicals we are pouring into our environment to the toxic chemicals we are pouring into our bodies   When pharmaceutical drugs do not address the root cause of the diseases they are used to treat but only make things worse and a new way of approaching the condition is found to be more effective at preventing symptoms we should (after due diligence and appropriate verification) replace the failed methods with the clearly beneficial ones as the new ‘standards of care’.  When eating certain foods, or eliminating others, can help resolve diseases this should be widely proclaimed, instead of threatening the food producer for ‘making medical claims’.  (Of course false claims should still be prevented.)   When it is clear that thyroid conditions and gall bladder conditions can be resolved for people with these conditions instead of surgically removing the ‘dysfunctional’ organs they should be directed to people with programs that can heal (e.g. by Dr. Izabella Wentz, Dr. Ritamarie Lozcalzo, Dr. Eileen Kamhi (the Natural Nurse),  Dr. Peter Osborne, Dr. John Douillard and Dr Sachin Patel to name only a few) and where they can be appropriately treated it should be criminal for anyone claiming to be a ‘healer’ (e.g. doctors) to remove organs such as the thyroid or gall bladder when it is possible with appropriate treatment to return the dis-eased organ to proper function.  When people are found to have reduced kidney function the causes should be addressed so that the kidneys (as well as the rest of the body) can be returned to healthy function, and people who are on dialysis should be evaluated for the root cause of their kidney failure so that it can be addressed and hopefully they can regain kidney function and no longer need dialysis (something the multi-billion dollar dialysis industry refuses to acknowledge as a possibility), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is a misnomer suggesting there is no hope of regaining kidney function and in some/many cases that is not true.  Physical fitness and proper nutrition should be returned to the educational system, not based on the profits of industries that shape our food policy, but by the health outcome of the people eating the foods.  By this time it should be clear that the massive ‘experiment’ inflicted on our society over the last century with packaged ‘food-like substances’  (as explained so eloquently by Nina Teicholz in her book “The Big Fat Surprise”)  has been a failure.  Toxic meats from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) and toxic fruits and vegetables sprayed with toxins in the form of herbicides and pesticides has resulted in an increase in physical and mental dis-eases and should be removed from the food supply, and from all products impacting the health of people, animals and the planet.    Toxic plastics should be replaced by paper, glass or wood as appropriate so that the toxic chemicals involved in the creation, use and disposal of these plastics can be avoided despite the vast profits created by their use.


While there is no ‘Pharmaceutical Revolution Network’ (I checked Google) to take on the pharmaceutical industry it will also need to be called to task.  A glaring example of their misinformation is the polio vaccine.  As Dr. Rashid Buttar points out in episode 2 of The Truth About Vaccines, the polio epidemic was a direct result of DDT spraying (children were being sprayed with DDT in school cafeterias while eating their lunch).  The polio epidemic rose and fell with the use of DDT with a 6 month time lag.  By the time a vaccine for polio was developed DDT had already been ‘phased out’ and the incidence of polio has already essentially fallen to zero (although the chemical industry carefully avoided having any connection made) so the polio vaccine was essentially being given for a disease that no longer existed and the chemical industry went from selling DDT to selling vaccines.  After vaccines were developed the only cases of polio were in those given vaccines with ‘live’ polio in them.   If this vaccine, which is the cornerstone of our vaccine program, is clearly not necessary, what other vaccines are unnecessary?  Additional documentation shows that while measles and whooping cough had a 70% death rate in the mid 1800’s the death rate had began to fall by the end of the 1800’s due to improved sanitation and nutrition and continued to fall to essentially zero by the middle of the 1900’s so that by the time vaccines were introduced in the mid-1900’s the death rate had already essentially fell to zero before the vaccines were even introduced.  Would we actually be better off without any ‘toxic’ vaccines?  The scary part is that the only place you can be sure you can get the ‘bugs’ that the vaccines are designed to prevent is from the vaccine makers!  Certainly a healthy immune system will protect us from diseases as well as or better than vaccines that have been show to only offer ‘short term’ immunity while weaken our immune system.   Beyond vaccines, most pharmaceutical drugs are franken-copies of natural compounds found in plants, and the plant compounds are more healing and less harmful than the pharmaceutical industries patented molecules designed to have similar molecular structures, but twisted in some way so as not to resemble anything in nature.  The pharmaceutical industry must be made to see the error of its ways and either ‘voluntarily downsize’ or be held accountable for the damage it is doing and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, much as apartheid was reversed in Africa. 


Of course there is much more that needs to be done than can be explained in one blogpost, and I don’t claim to have all the answers, but hopefully someone wiser than me will be able to put it all together and I will be happy to know that I have offered them some inspiration as to what needs to be done.

April 3, 2017

The Verdict is In


A ‘landmark book’ called “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz, an ‘investigative science journalist’, and the story around it shows us that the war for truth in science has won a significant battle to bring sanity, and real science to the food industry.


In an interview with Dr Perlmutter on his YouTube series ‘The Empowering Neurologist’, and another interview with Dr. Mercola, she explains her journey; She was ‘accidently’ forced into a low carb/high fat diet she thought was unhealthy, only to discover that not only did she feel better in general, but her bloodworm improved as well, at the same time being asked by Gourmet magazine to write an article on transfats, she began to investigate, leading her down the rabbit hole, researching  fats in general, then into a search for who first recommended the standard American diet bringing her back to 1961 when the American Heart Association, influenced financially by the grain and vegetable oil industries, first issued ‘guidelines’ based on unsupported, and subsequently disproven, theories, which have been upheld as gospel since then.   This came to a head in 2015 when she published an article in the British Medical Journal questioning the validity of the latest Dietary Guidelines Report , pointing out where they ignored the science and jumped to conclusions.  A firestorm erupted and a ‘petition’ signed by 180 ‘scientists’ worldwide demanded the retraction of her article   The British Medical Journal not only didn’t retract the article but responded by writing a letter defending it.


As she points out, this is the first time in 30 years anyone has questioned the authority of those issuing the dietary guidelines.  From 1961 to the 1980’s the literature was full of those questioning the guidelines but by the mid-80’s it was accepted as dogma and any articles questioning it had died down, or were killed off.  Now the ‘powers that be’ have tried to remove her article from the British Medical Journal just for questioning a dietary guideline that continues to become more tenuous and less tenable as the epidemic of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and more are becoming directly associates with it.


Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Not only has our food supply become unhealthy, our land and water is being poisoned, and as we become sicker our medical profession ‘monitors’ our decline until it becomes severe enough to justify prescription drugs that usually make us worse, and we are injecting toxic poisons into our veins and the veins of our children with the blessings and mandate of government.   I can’t help seeing this as a repercussion of World Wars II.   We might have won on paper but the enemy never gave up.  Instead they infiltrated and took over our government between 1945 and 1960, apparently culminating with the assassination of president Kennedy, and resulting in the repurposing of the toxic wastes that they were using as chemical weapons during the war by pouring it into our drinking water to ‘purify’ it and pouring it onto our soil as pesticides and herbicides thereby poisoning the soil, while we pay them for their poisonThe same scientists working for IG Farber in Germany during World War ll came to ‘work for’ the US government.  They were later convicted of war crimes in the Nazi concentration camps, and were sent to prison for it, but were soon released from prison and went on to head the successors of IG Farber; Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst, and working their way through the AHA into the US government and gaining control of entire government agencies such as the FDA, and CDC, so that these agencies work for ‘them’ and against the interests of the people they are supposed to serve.   


They are making so much money off these poisons they can afford to write off millions (billions?) paying off lobbyists and  government officials to pass laws such as the DARK (Denying AmericansThe Right to Know) Act nullifying states rights to label potentially dangerous food.  In order to turn the tide part of what we need to do is shine a light on what’s going on in government and reverse the flow of cash paid for these poisons.  Government needs to stop paying the ‘drug cartels’ for mandated  over vaccination with toxic vaccines while holding them faultless and letting the government ‘settle’ with those who can ‘clearly prove’ they were injured.  We need to stop them from dumping toxic herbicides, pesticides or ‘fertilizers’ made from industrial waste onto our land, eliminating the flow of profits from this poison.  If anything hold them accountable and liable for destroying and/or damaging our health and the health of our soil.  We need to stop paying ‘big business’ farmers for poisoned grain and toxic meat that are destroying the health of our people and our environment.  If the government is going to supplement farmers let them supplement farmers growing healthy, organic, vegetables.  Of course it is a slippery slope deciding what is ‘healthy’ when things like butter and eggs and marijuana can be demonized while boxes of ‘food like substances’ can be labeled ‘heart healthy’ because they are ‘low fat’ while an avocado cannot make such a health claim because it is ‘high fat’.  If our politicians want to show their integrity give them the facts and let them change the farm subsidies from the big industry, lobby paying, unhealthy toxic grains and factory farm operations, and either eliminate this unfair advantage to these polluters, or transfer these subsidies to farmers producing healthy, sustainable produce.  If our society is to survive we need to go back to sustainable recycling as has been practiced throughout the world for centuries and in this country up to less than 100 years ago.  I am only 71 but I can vaguely remember when fresh raw milk was delivered to the doorstep each morning.  Civilizations as far back as the Roman empire fell when their populations started going mad (Nero fiddled while Rome burned), but it was not until centuries later that it was tied to the lead pipes they were using for drinking water.  We have similar crises today:  If our society is to survive we need to wake up and stop allowing ourselves to be poisoned by the insanity being created under government mandate.


The ‘toxic foodlike substances’ being poured into our food supply are directly connected to the failing health of our population and the emergence of a medical crisis and a ‘medical profession’ that has been ‘programmed’ to treat these conditions with toxic drugs amplifying the severity of the conditions and the costs of treatments while diminishing quality of outcome.  As those who have been following me know this has hit particularly hard in my life with regard to kidney health.  I have been pursued by the ‘dialysis industry’ since 2003 based on one number; a Creatinine of over 3 (mine was 7.9)  Even as I improved my kidney function I was encouraged to prepare for dialysis.  My wife, whose kidney function was never as bad as mine, was convinced to go onto dialysis ‘temporarily’, but it then became permanent and resulted in multiple heart attacks directly associated with chemicals associated with dialysis.  After years on dialysis and after damaging her heart and putting her in a wheelchair she finally decided she ‘had enough’ and didn’t need it and stopped going.  I was worried that not only had her heart been damaged by dialysis but her kidneys might have also been damaged so that she might need it, but after a week without dialysis (the ‘protocol’ demands it be given three times per week) she seemed to be regaining her health and strength, and when the police came with an ambulance demanding she go in for ‘evaluation’ I was relieved to know that the hospital determined that she was not in ‘urgent need of dialysis’.  I don’t know what kind of threats or intimidation were used but they forced her to agree to go back to dialysis two days later, which she was extremely unhappy about, but reluctantly agreed to.  If she didn’t need dialysis after a week without it why would she need it two days later?  Her next session of dialysis was her last.  While she had been gaining strength during the week she was off of dialysis she came out of that next ‘treatment’ severely weakened and ‘drained’.  Anyone that saw her going in and coming out of dialysis that day would clearly acknowledge that it had not ‘improved’ her health but damaged it.  I can’t help but think of how similar what was done to her was to the atrocities committed in the NAZI death camps.  I don’t know if they intentionally gave her a particularly ‘draining’ session to discourage her from going another week without dialysis, or whether they intentionally stressed her with the intention of killing her, but that clearly was the effect.  Two days later she was still weakened, and used the snowy weather as an excuse not to go to dialysis, and when she reluctantly made the effort to prepare for her following session she got up at 3:00 AM to take a shower after which she began having trouble breathing, and passed out.  It was determined that she had a heart attack, which she clearly would not have had if she had not returned to dialysis.  Her heart was damaged, but her kidneys appeared to be working ‘fine’.  I am still coming to terms with her treatment by the dialysis industry, first for talking her into starting dialysis that she clearly never needed, then severely damaging her heart with it and finally refusing to leave ‘well enough’ alone and forcing her back onto a treatment that clearly she didn’t need and that directly led to her death rather than conceding that she (or anyone else on dialysis) could actually get along without it.  While I wouldn’t recommend stopping dialysis without monitoring, apparently Amy knew something I didn’t, and I suspect that many if not most people on dialysis who are willing to change their diet appropriately (address the route cause that precipitated their going onto dialysis in the first place) could stop dialysis and become healthier without it if the ‘dialysis industry’ were forced to allow this possibility.


Many doctors who practice nutritional healing, (such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens, at the Tree of Life Center in Patagonia, AZ) recognize that people with diabetes can be healed rather than treated and acknowledges that people with weak kidneys can also strengthen their kidneys with proper nutrition. I look forward to the day that we stop watching ‘conditions’ progress to ‘diseases’ where they are ‘treated’ (unsuccessfully for the most part) with ineffective and dangerous ‘treatments’ and pharmaceutical  drugs. We need to educate people developing prediabetic symptoms, or elevated creatinine, or dangerous blood markers (such as high homocysteine or ‘antibodies’) as to what they are ‘doing wrong’ that is precipitating their ‘condition’ and what they can change to ‘feel better’.  We have the technology to recognize these conditions before they progress and treat them so that diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure never develop.  I look forward to the time when dialysis machines are as unnecessary as iron lungs.


When I wrote a research paper on marijuana for a college English class in 1969 it became clear to me that the laws concerning marijuana were totally out of perspective and when a similar article was published in Playboy magazine later that same year (I couldn’t help but wonder if it were somehow inspired by my research paper) it seemed clear that we were on the way to correcting those laws.  In the ensuing years I became dishearten and decided my hope for change was nothing more than ‘pipe dreams’.  It came as a surprise to me when marijuana started becoming legalized state by state, pretty much on the timeline I had predicted in my paper.  I have come to realize that history unfolds at its own pace.  I can only hope that sanity prevails and time corrects the errors of recent history and we reverse the damage we are doing to our world and our health while we can and end the ‘holocaust’ that has apparently migrated from NAZI Germany to the United States .  I would love to see the necessary changes take place in my lifetime, we should at the very least be able to stop putting people on dialysis altogether once we start addressing the subject properly and even allowing people to come off dialysis,, but it will be of some comfort to think that the ideas I set forth will set the stage for the right kind of changes even if it takes longer than I would hope.




March 5, 2017

The Future of Health Care


While the potential of modern medicine to deal with ‘acute’ care is reaching new heights, as attested to by JJ Virgins new movie/book/program The Miracle Mindset, where she tells the story of her sons remarkable recovery after a tragic hit and run accident,  there is so much wrong with the health care provided by ‘modern medicine’ for ‘chronic’ care I don’t know where to start.  It’s as if we are living in an Alice in Wonderland alternate reality where up is down and down is up.  While critical care has improved if you get hit by a truck, and JJ Virgin explains how to maximize the potential of what modern medicine has to offer, somehow ‘Big Business’ has co-opted chronic care putting a strangle hold on traditional medicine, such as Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Herbal , Chiropractic, Homeopathic medicine to name a few, essentially putting them ‘out of business’ in the last century, and replaced these ‘healing arts’ with a ‘culture of death’ in the name of ‘pharmaceuticals’, where instead of  seeking to heal and obtain/maintain optimal health they simply monitor declining health, sometime for many years or decades (usually due to poor diet and unhealthy habits, which go unaddressed) and then prescribe ‘treatments’ in the form of pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms as the underlying condition continues to deteriorate.  They do this with blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues, deteriorating hearts, brains, thyroids, kidneys and more, but Its time for reality to take over and for mankind to use the information available to take back health care and give health back to the people who are suffering.       


A pioneer in the development of this information is Dr. Tom O’Bryan (thedr.com) who first made me aware of the power of antibody testing, as originally offered by Cyrex Labs and now available from other labs as well,  to prevent heart disease, brain disorders, as well as diseases of other organs such as the thyroid, and much information is available from him in various YouTube interviews.  It seems that apparently healthy people with elevated levels of antibodies in their blood that ‘attack’ certain organs, causing (or reacting to?) inflammation, which inevitably lead to corresponding ‘diseases’.  The important part is that these antibodies occur years, sometimes decades, before the ‘disease/condition’ develops and there are tests that can be done to identify these antibodies, and simple things that people with elevated levels of these antibodies can do when the elevated antibodies are discovered to reduce the elevated antibodies and prevent the ‘disease/condition’ from occurring.  It is our obligation to make people aware of these antibody tests and ways to reduce elevated levels of antibodies as explained by Dr. O’Bryan in his new book “The Autoimmune Fix“.  This should be required reading in High School with courses built around its implications.  Then if they choose to ignore this advise and end up a victim of these preventable ‘diseases’, at least we know we tried.


Another ‘pioneer’ is Dr. Isabella Wentz, (thethyroidpharmacist.com) who is currently broadcasting The Thyroid Secret explaining how people with thyroid dysfunction are being abused by a system that operates out of ignorance and indifference to the causes and treatments of thyroid dysfunction while operating a profit based model of processing them into a system of perpetual ‘treatment’ and suffering.  She explains eloquently how elevated antibodies of the thyroid gland correlate with a vast array of ‘conditions’ (e.g. elevated thyroglobulin hormones is a strong predictor of thyroid cancer)  that conventional medicine is not geared to recognize or appropriately treat.  By identifying these antibodies and taking action to reduce them we can not only relieve ongoing ‘symptoms’ but prevent further ‘disease’ progression. 


A similar expose is needed to address the abuse of people ‘treated’ for ‘elevated Creatinine’  by being put on dialysis for life (or death) instead of addressing the root cause of their imbalance so they can be helped to  heal.  I would  be a perfect part of such an expose having brought my Creatine down from 7.9 to 3.0 over a period of 4 years and maintained it there for a decade while many ‘kidney doctors’ have repeatedly tried to convince me to ‘prepare for dialysis’, and the story of my wife whose sensitive digestive system was ignored and she was unnecessarily put on dialysis where she suffered heart damage and years of suffering and after successfully demonstrated that she could remain off of dialysis for a week and not be ‘in dire need’ of it, she was ‘bullied’ into restarting dialysis and she was dead a week later.


In addition to such new high-tech methods of identifying ‘diseases’ before they occur by identifying antibodies that are being produced there are also tried and true old school ways to lower blood sugar and blood pressure using techniques like changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction and sleep regulation, (changing the things that cause high blood sugar/pressure in the first place) instead of telling people to ‘keep doing what you’re doing and take these pills, which inevitably leads to more problems and more pills, and sickness and an early and painful death.


The future of medicine is here.  People like James Maskell, CEO of Evolution of Medicine and founder of the Functional Forum, are seeking to make inroads into our medical establishment, and doctors such as Dr. Kelly Brogan who is working to redefine mental health and the use of pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Mark Hyman at the Cleveland Clinic who is working to reevaluate some of our mistaken beliefs, such as the idea of a low fat-high carb diet being health, but there is a long way to go to define what healthy is and how to get there..  As Ty Bollinger of “The Truth About Cancer” said: “Diseases have causes; find the cause and you have the cure”.


While restructuring the medical establishment is both necessary and inevitable another necessary part of the solution beyond ‘lobbying’ politicians and retraining doctors is educating the public as to what healthy is about so that they don’t mindlessly grab that box off the shelf in the supermarket because they just saw the commercial, without considering the consequences of what is inside.  Better to shop in the fresh produce aisle and start eating real food that supports life.  Beyond that they need to be made aware that two pieces of meat that look the same can be completely different.  One being grass fed is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, similar to that found in wild-caught cold water fish, and low in toxins, while the one in the supermarket, which looks the same, is raised in a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), and will be high in less healthy Omega-6 fatty acids and devoid of Omega’3’s,  It will be fed GMO corn and other grains treated with toxic herbicides such as Glyphosate that are found in the meat as well as the milk, and treated with antibiotics to prevent disease in a disease infested environment, as well as to change to cows microbiome so they gain weight faster, and the stressful life these animals live increases stress hormones in the milk and meat that can adversely effect the health of the consumer.  Similarly the toxicity of genetically engineered foods ‘designed’ to withstand the toxic load of herbicides and pesticides deliver these herbicides and pesticides to us in toxic doses that we are not ‘designed’ to handle, and the toxic overload of mercury and aluminum in the vaccines given to children for conditions that they will never encounter, is serving to ‘dumb down’ an entire generation of children with an obvious connection to allergies, autism and ADHD behaviors (leading to murder and suicide, especially when treated with pharmaceuticals), that the vaccine industry has already been made aware of but is refusing to acknowledge and is seeking to suppress in an effort to keep their profits maximized, while lobbying congress to make them not responsible for  the consequences of the use of these toxic products they are producing; this behavior should be considered criminal just as the tobacco industry suppressing the connection to lung cancer.


While I was a DI (Drill Instructor) in the Army Reserves I received regular physicals during which I was told my blood pressure at 140/90 was slightly elevated and my weight should not be more than 175.  I guess they assumed there was nothing I could do for my blood pressure  except keep my weight down.  They urged me to keep my weight down, but they left it to me to figure out how to do that.  Similarly, I would test others in my unit, as well as basic trainees, for such things as ‘gas mask proficiency’ and while most were proficient at this task a few were unable to service or correctly use the gas mask and I graded them accordingly.  It never occurred to me until years later that what I should have done when I encountered someone that I was ‘testing’ that was unable to correctly service and use the gas mask was to stop and instruct them in the proper techniques so that by the end of ‘testing’ everyone was proficient.  Similarly with health and wellness, we should never tell someone they need to ‘do something’, like lose weight or lower their blood sugar or blood pressure, without telling them how.  The techniques are available, some as easy as eating healthier foods, can readily be tested and verified and should be made a part of either ‘general’ or ‘medical’ education.  Additionally foods and ingredients that have been clearly associated with ‘adverse health conditions’ should, at least, be labelled as such, or preferably removed from the market.  I cannot praise Vani Hari (thefoodbabe.com) highly enough for her efforts to this end.  Of course this is dangerous territory when healthy choices such as butter and eggs and marijuana can be vilified while toxic foodlike substances like margarine and boxes of ‘chemicals’ including herbicides and other toxic substances can be packaged and promoted as ‘the healthy choice’.  A first step would be to change the mindset from maximizing ‘profits’ to maximizing health, a difficult task when those in charge prefer maximizing profits. and find it to their financial advantage to promote the ‘unhealthy’ alternatives.  It would seem this could be done by shifting industries like the medical profession from ‘for profit’ ventures to ‘government run’ operations where the objective of reducing costs while improving outcome can be addressed.


  After years of demonstrating superior proficiency as a DI in the Army Reserve when it was ‘discovered’ that I smoked marijuana (in the mid-1980’s) it was determined that because I smoked marijuana I was no longer ‘fit to serve’ and my service was ‘cut short’.  After paying a lawyer thousands of dollars my discharge was changed from dishonorable to honorable and my lawyer advised me that for thousands of dollars more I could have remained in the Reserves, but it was under the condition that I acknowledge marijuana as a dangerous drug and agree not to use it and to take regular screening tests to verify that I was not using it.  Now that marijuana is recognized as a medicinal herb and is on the way to becoming legalized (hopefully) I wonder if there is any chance that the military can be made to admit the error of discharging me and reinstate me for the duration of the last 6 year tour I signed up for in the Reserves (provided I can get back into condition to pass the physical) in a higher training capacity. (No pun intended)   Now that I am ‘older and wiser’ and have been certified in Transformational Nutrition I would be better able to assist in training Basic Training soldiers than I was while originally in the Reserves, and my record in the Reserves clearly demonstrates that despite ‘smoking marijuana’ I was more than qualified as a DI while I was serving in the Reserves even while smoking marijuana.  I clearly demonstrated my proficiency as a DI while serving as one, I can only wonder if I could reestablish that proficiency.

February 1, 2017

The ‘Kidney Industry”, Dialysis is ‘Big Business’


In 2003 when my kidneys were ‘damaged’ I don’t recall seeing, or looking for, any books on kidney health.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I did a book search for the first time and found out that my story is not unique.  Terry Cooksey wrote a book in 2012 entitled “How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease” documenting his journey into and out of kidney failure starting in 2006 giving credit to “Coping with Kidney Disease; A 12 step program…”  by Mackenzie Walser, published in 2004.  Neither of these books was around in 2003 when I started my journey of regaining my kidney function.   I don’t think much else was available either, but I did discover Ayurvedic Medicine, which has been around a lot longer.


The causes were different; Terry Cooksey’s apparently was associated with high blood sugar and high blood pressure; Mine was associated with an enlarged prostate and the toxicity of Lamisil lotion (an ‘antifungal’) which triggered the ‘sudden’ rise in my Creatinine.  He felt awful and frightened for his life with all kinds of symptoms before he brought himself to a doctor for answers to his health issues and discovered his Creatinine was ‘hovering around 3’.  I felt fine, seeing doctors regularly for check-ups when I was advised that my Creatinine had risen to 3.  After 3 days of ‘treatment’ by one doctor my Creatinine came down to 1, but I was left suddenly anemic and warned I needed a TURP or would end up on dialysis   Some time later when I finally went to another doctor for another matter, still anemic, I discovered my Creatinine had risen again and it was 7.9 in April, 2003 when I finally had the TURP. The doctors were again telling me to get ready for dialysis, but I felt fine, except for the anemia which persisted, and didn’t think it was necessary.  While the doctor gave me Procrit injections to reverse the anemia I used Ayurveda tools to restore my kidneys to health.   At that time a sonogram of my kidneys showed that they were ‘shriveled’. A subsequent sonogram some years later showed the kidneys had puffed back up as my Creatinine dropped to 5.9 by July 2003, 4.8 by June 2004 and finally leveling off around 3.0 by September 2007.  Despite these differences we were treated pretty much the same when we asked ‘how do we heal this’.  We were assured it was not possible to strengthen weakened kidneys and that it was a downward progression and urged to prepare for dialysis.  Then when we succeeded in strengthening our kidney function we were cut loose, even though our kidneys were still ‘weak’ and in need of continuous monitoring/support.   It seems the kidney specialist is only interested in you is when your kidneys are failing and they believe you are on the way to dialysis or transplant, but when your kidney function improves they never ask you what you did to improve your kidney function, which might be useful to help others with weak kidneys to heal theirs, and there is still no acknowledgement by the ‘kidney/dialsis industry’ that it can even be done, despite the proof we provide to them.. 


Terry Cooksey has many of the same insights into the ‘kidney/dialysis industry’ that I do.  The kidney/dialysis industry refuses to acknowledge that weak kidneys can be strengthened/restored to health, choosing instead to ‘monitor’ their decline and shuffle people off to dialysis where they usually grow weak and die.  Anyone that ‘figures it out’ and actually improves their kidney function is shuffled aside before we can ‘infect’ others with weak kidneys with the idea that that can regain kidney function through diet and lifestyle changes, rather than being sought out for inspiration as to how we did it.   One think that Terry Cooksey seemed incredulous about was why he was given the ‘bums rush’ by Clopton Clinic, but this is perfectly clear to me: They didn’t want him to ‘contaminate’ the other patients on their way to dialysis by giving them ‘ideas’ about changing their diet and lifestyle (eg. exercise, reduce stress, sleep) to improve their health and avoid dialysis.  The ‘Kidney/Dialysis Industry’ is designed to maximize profits by shuttling people with ‘weak kidneys’ into the very profitable, and therefore expensive, ‘dialysis system’ as fast as possible with treatments three time per week for the rest of their, usually short, lives, coming in with canes, progressing to walkers and wheel chairs.  It is sad to think that many of these people could have been guided back to health rather than to dialysis and, usually their death, but where’s the big buck profit in that?  I even suspect that while all those already on dialysis can be helped to feel better with diet and lifestyle changes, some may even be able to restore kidney function sufficiently to no longer need dialysis, but this is something the kidney/dialysis industry still refuses to acknowledge is possible.


The medical profession, or at least the kidney industry portion of it, insists on perpetuating the myth that the kidneys, once damaged, will only progress to failure ending in death, dialysis or a transplant.  Ayurvedic Medicine, and I expect Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its recognition of the meridians and acupuncture points, recognize that Kidney function can be strengthened by proper diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.  Both I and Terry Cooksey are living proof of it.  Although we reach this conclusion by travelling different path, we can still learn from each other journeys. 


From his book I realized that reducing protein in the diet might have the effect of lowering BUN (blood urea nitrogen (?) levels).  (We shall see!)   With weak kidneys two of the ‘markers’ that are monitored to evaluate ‘progression’ of ‘kidney disease’ are Creatinine and BUN, both of which become elevated.  The last time I saw a doctor he was pleased to advise me that my Creatinine was continuing to decrease.  When I asked him what I could do to reduce my BUN, which was not coming down, he told me to ‘just keep doing what you’re doing’ to get the Creatinine coming down and, ‘hopefully, the BUN would follow’.


From me Terry Cooksey could learn how to get his blood pressure ‘under control’, if he hasn’t already figured it out since writing his book, by recognizing the importance of balancing his blood sugar and regulating/reducing his consumption of sugar/carbs in all forms, from orange juice to flour, particularly ‘refined’ versions, thereby reducing blood pressure and other markers of inflammation.  A good book to read would be “Protein Power” by Dr’s Michael & Mary Eades, or find out more about Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo’s Sweet Spot Solution.  That ‘not from concentrate’ orange juice that he so highly praises, and which I used to consume so faithfully (even the same brands) until I recognized it for what it is; is a Sugar Bomb!!!  It might be ‘natural’ sugar, but it is still sugar.  It is best consumed by eating the orange itself so the natural fiber would slow absorbtion of the natural sugars, and preferably later in the day.  For breakfast drink filtered water, with lemon or baking soda if you like.  But orange juice tastes better?  That’s the sugar lighting up your brain.  How about a cup of coffee or tea?  Sure, after a glass or two of water.   As I understand it the best way to consume carbs is little in the morning, more at noon, and the largest portion later in the day.  This pattern is good for the adrenals and helps you get a good nights sleep (among other reasons).  I would also recommend a cup of Dave Asprey’s Bullet[proof coffee consisting of (1) ‘quality’ coffee beans (to avoid mold and mycotoxins), (2) grass-fed butter or Ghee, and (3) coconut oil, preferably MCT oil such as Bulletproof Brain Octane, ‘blended’ for 20 seconds.  You will be amazed at how much better you will feel, physically and mentally, as you switch from a ‘sugar burner’ to a ‘fat burner’.  By cutting back drastically on carbs I lost 50 pounds while trying to lose 25 without being hungry and my blood pressure came down from a high of 220/120 to under 120/80 without blood pressure meds.  I expect you will have more energy and you will not feel hungry for many hours, and then what you feel will be hunger and not ‘cravings’.  I discovered the use of ketosis as a tool to reduce weight, inflammation, blood pressure, improve mental clarity, and more .


My wife, Amy, (see last months blogpost)  was urged onto dialysis while recovering from a MRSR infection after losing her foot from it.  Her Creatinine was ‘slightly elevated’ as a result of all that she had been through with the MRSR infection and related fevers and a series of powerful antibiotics she was subjected to.  She didn’t think she needed dialysis (neither did I) but she was pressured/tricked into agreeing to a  ‘short series of dialysis treatments’ for ‘a few months’, in theory ‘to help remove any residual antibiotics from her system’.  Of course after ‘a few months’ she was informed she would need to remain on dialysis permanently.  From the beginning she always felt worse and ‘drained’ after dialysis.  If the dialysis was correcting an accumulation of toxins that was accumulating because her kidneys weren’t functioning properly she should have felt better after a ‘treatment’ rather than worse but she always felt worse after a treatment.  The doctors assured her that she would ‘get used to it’, but she never did,  until she suffered a severe heart attack while on the way home from a dialysis session.  It was determined that she was being ‘poisoned’ by NaturaLyte, a solution being used during ‘the dialysis process’.  While she survived that heart attack she was severely weakened by it and never fully recovered.


When I retired in mid-2014 I suffered a series of ‘health problems’, many induced by medical treatments and ‘procedures’ (Surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma from my nose and a separate plastic surgery procedure the same day, the day before I retired) which seems to have triggered/inducing what felt like fibromyalgia, although I was never clinically diagnosed.   My blood pressure was high, my creatinine hovered between 3 and 4, and within weeks or months of retiring I started developing cramps and pain in my feet and calves.  I attributed this (among other things) to adjusting to the change from jogging a mile every morning to the bus stop to becoming less active.  Exercise helped, but ‘physical therapy’ made it worse.  Switching from NY doctors to PA doctors I was again urged to ‘prepare for dialysis’ suggesting that it would resolve all my problems.  I managed to resolve the pain , slowly over time, with changes in diet and exercise.  I am sure that if I agreed to start dialysis the pain wouldn’t have gone away and I would now feel worse instead of better


With the entire  health care system in ‘ financial crisis’  the clear solution is to change our focus from ‘disease management’, which is clearly more profitable and therefore more costly to society (in so many ways), to ‘disease prevention’ and ‘symptom resolution’ by addressing the root causes of various diseases, which the ‘medical profession’ currently chooses to define as incurable,  ‘managing the symptoms’ while the conditions ‘progress’.  In the case of kidney health the medical profession should recognize that weak kidneys can be strengthened and recover when the underlying cause(s) is/are addressed.   In the case of the heart or brain or any other organ or system we should be seeking root causes to resolve (in many cases it seems this work has already been done) rather than ‘treating’ the ‘problem’ by ‘monitoring its progression’.


While I am not in a position to create an expose on kidneys and dialysis, as Dr. Tom O’Brien did with regard to gluten in his series “The Gluten Summit“, or as Ty Bollinger did with “The Truth About Cancer“, and now with his new venture “The Truth About Vaccines”, such an expose is needed regarding the ability to help people with weak kidneys learn how to heal them rather than being shuffled into the ‘dialysis industry’ as a medical cash cow, draining a person, physically and financially, as well as draining the ‘system’ and driving up ‘health care’ costs.  This would go hand in hand with other ‘chronic’ diseases that the ‘medical industry’ monitors the progression of rather than seek to resolve/cure.   I invite anyone that can help to support this effort to join me, to expose the ‘dark side’ of our ‘medical profession’ and change it from a profit motivated ‘industry’ that has turned it’s back on the ‘healing art’ that it was intended to be.  A system of doctors working with ‘health coaches’ would end up causing less of a progression of ‘the masses’ being shuffled into a system of chronic disease, and therefore cost less.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (Benjamin Franklin). 


Unless the ‘system’ is actually working as designed as a method of ‘population control’ by ‘mass genocide’, draining the ‘reserved funds’ from its ‘customers’ (the people) for ‘fabricated health care’ costs along the way to an early death and an end to their Social Security check payments!  Sounds like science fiction?  Or possibly the war criminals working for Bayer, and other IG Farber companies in Nazi Germany, that moved to the US have ‘taken over’ our country/government and are continuing their program of mass genocide under a different guise by poisoning our food, water and land, 1, 2.  I hope, and pray, this isn’t the case.


January 4, 2017


Remembering Amy


I write this with a certain amount of anxiety since it represents my frustration at my failure to help my wife resolve her health issues, and stay alive.  I sought an ‘education/career’ in Transformational Nutrition primarily in an effort to improve my own and my wife’s health, as well as to help other people in their healing journey’s.  While I have been successfully working at improving my own health I failed to help my wife and she died shortly after I started studying Transformational Nutrition and before I became certified in it.  Since it is part of my ‘story’ I feel obligated/compelled to write about it and express my ‘feelings’ about it.


Amy had a good heart.  She loved animals and she loved people.  She did whatever she could to help wild animals and volunteered at animal shelters to help dogs and cats, many of which she adopted.  She was a member and officer in the American Legion Auxiliary and the Amaranth Society where she worked tirelessly on many projects 








Including collecting truckloads of stuff to ship to our soldiers overseas.




I was married to Amy for over 20 years when she died this past January.  In her last years her health was on a downward spiral due to digestive issues the cause of which was clear to me, but I couldn’t convince Amy (or the ‘medical establishment’)  to make the dietary changes that I was convinced could have reversed the damage done to her by dialysis, facilitated her healing and saved her life.


Shortly after we met Amy mentioned that she suffered from ‘digestive issues’  and I suggested she might be sensitive to gluten. (This was over 20 years ago before it was ‘fashionable’)  She stopped eating bread for about a week before decided that it didn’t make a difference and went back to her old ways.  If she became nauseous after eating a blueberry muffin, she would ‘joke'(?) that she must be allergic to blueberries.


I don’t know if Amy was diabetic before we met, but some time after we were married I became aware that she was being treated for diabetes, with typical blood sugar reading in the 300 range.  Strangely a number of years before she died, after coming out of a previous ‘coma’, she was suddenly no longer diabetic, but rather she often had very low blood sugar (despite a high carb diet?). On occasion when she had her blood sugar tested during a doctors visit her blood glucose would be in the 30’s, which she was comfortable with, but which caused much anxiety to the doctors who urged her to eat something or drink some orange juice to bring it up. Somehow she had figured out how to reverse her own diabetes.   Over time her blood sugar was gradually increasing and I warned her that with her high consumption of sugar and flour it was only a matter of time before she became diabetic again, but she died before we found out if that would happen.


 At some point she developed a MRSA infection in her foot after ‘toenail surgery’ for an ingrown toenail.  It was antibiotic resistant and progressively got worse.  She was losing bone after bone in her foot as it progressed until she finally decided to have her foot amputated.   It never occurred to her, or to me at the time, that her high sugar/carb diet was feeding the MRSA infection and that going on a low carb/ketogenic diet might have ‘starved’ the infection and might have allowed her to fight it better and may have saved her foot despite it’s ‘antibiotic resistance’, and reduced the need for a series of high doses of many different antibiotics that proved to be ineffective. After losing her foot she appeared to make a full recovery.  Here is Amy directing traffic at the 4th of July parade in 2010







Some time later the high use of antibiotics used to ‘treat’ the (MRSR) infection was blamed for weakening her kidneys and was an excuse for the doctors to argue she needed to be on dialysis.  In retrospect it was clear that her problems were due to digestive issues and food sensitivities that were never addressed and that she was never in need of dialysis.  


  While her Creatinine was ‘slightly elevated’ as a result of all that she had been through with the MRSR infection and related fevers and a series of powerful antibiotics she was subjected to she didn’t think she needed dialysis (neither did I) but she was pressured/tricked into agreeing to a  ‘short series of dialysis treatments’ for ‘a few months’, in theory ‘to help remove any residual antibiotics from her system’.  Of course after ‘a few months’ she was informed she would need to remain on dialysis permanently.  From the beginning she always felt worse and ‘drained’ after dialysis.  If the dialysis was correcting an accumulation of toxins that was accumulating because her kidneys weren’t functioning properly she should have felt better after a ‘treatment’ rather than worse but she always felt worse after a treatment.  The doctors assured her that she would ‘get used to it’, but she never did,  until she suffered a severe heart attack while on the way home from a dialysis session.  It was determined that she was being ‘poisoned’ by NaturaLyte, a solution being used during ‘the dialysis process’.  While she survived that heart attack she was severely weakened by it and never fully recovered. 


Although she was on dialysis for years before she died she was sure she didn’t need it.  In the early years she would often take a week or two off from dialysis when we went on vacation and insisted she was none the worse for it. 


 About a year and a half before she died, and at the time I ‘retired’, she was in the hospital going in and out of coma’s.  She would come out of a coma, be fine for a few days on a ‘liquid diet’, but as soon as she was put on ‘solid food’ (pancakes for breakfast) she would become deathly ill again and end up back in an induced coma.  I suggested to the doctor that she be tested for gluten sensitivity, but my requests fell on deaf ears.  Finally I discussed it with the dietician that took her meal orders, and the next time she came out of a coma Amy was put on a gluten free diet  (without testing) and immediately began to heal and was soon able to return home, although by this time severely weakened, she began to slowly regain her health.


Unfortunately she discovered gluten-free blueberry muffins and when she returned home she replaced a high gluten diet with a high gluten-free diet (full of gluten-free breads and pastries and rice pudding) and soon developed chronic diarrhea for which she started taking antidiarrheal pills.  She eventually got a prescription for them and when that wasn’t enough the doctor upped the prescription, but that still wasn’t enough and she was buying more in the drug store on top of her prescription.  She now knew for sure she was hypersensitive to gluten (alpha gliaden found in wheat, (rye and barley?)) since even the slightest accidental exposure to wheat would make her violently ill, but she refused to make the connection between her ‘gluten-free’ diet and her chronic diarrhea.  I occasionally wondered how I could convince her to give up all grain, and sugar, in her diet, but it seems the concept was foreign to her. While she regretted having to give up wheat products she now could not deny the sudden and intense pain that it caused her, but she refused to make the connection between her gluten-free diet and her diarrhea.  It seemed she would ‘rather die’ than give up her gluten-free diet, which is what finally did happen.


Part of this was what has been referred to as ‘Grain Brain’, as explained by Dr David Perlmutter in his book of the same name.  I tried to explain this to Amy, but she didn’t like the term and liked it less when I suggested she might be suffering from it, so I stopped talking to her about it, while thinking how well the definition applied to her.  It was clear to me that giving up grain would help her feel better physically and mentally (as explained by Dr Perlmutter in his book Grain Brain and by Dr Peter Osborne in his book No Grain, No Pain) and by facilitating the healing of her digestive system, might have ultimately saved her life.  While I hoped she would regain her health and that the diet she insisted on would work for her, I couldn’t help but connect her gluten-free diet with her worsening diarrhea but I couldn’t get her to make the connection.  It still came as a surprise (shock?) to me when she died.


From the time I retired in mid 2014 and Amy came home from the hospital until a few weeks before her death in January 2016 she resigned herself to going to dialysis regularly three times per week.  About two weeks before her death she suddenly decided to stop going to dialysis.  I didn’t know if she was ‘trying to end it all’ or if she was convinced she didn’t need dialysis.  During the week she was ‘off’ dialysis she had come shopping with me as she usually did.  During that week we also stopped to visit her father, for the last time, and for the first time in years she decided to walk into his house with a walker instead of a wheelchair.  She was clearly getting stronger and I had every reason to suspect her heart was getting stronger as well as the rest of her.  About a week after she stopped going to dialysis the dialysis center sent an ambulance and the police to take her to the hospital for evaluation.   In retrospect this was unnecessary.  She seemed as strong and healthy in mind and body after a week without dialysis as she was while on it.  If they wanted her to go to the hospital, or the doctors office, for evaluation or bloodwork, we would have willingly gone and  I could have easily driven her.  I suspect the ‘charges’ imposed for the ambulance is what inspired the use of the police to ‘initiate/enforce’ the ambulance transport.  When she was taken away by ambulance I was convinced they would keep her overnight to administer dialysis, but I got a phone call an hour later from her to come and pick her up. They decided she wasn’t ‘in urgent need’ of dialysis, and agreed to send her home if she promised to return to dialysis the following Thursday. (This happened on Tuesday).  This seemed strange to me; if she didn’t need the dialysis after a week without it, why would she need it two days later?  I was beginning to wonder whether she actually needed the dialysis at all, but she had been pressured to agree to return to dialysis on Thursday.  When I picked her up from the hospital she was extremely upset.  She raced out of the emergency room in her wheel chair going to the drivers door of my car and insisting she wanted to drive, but considering how upset she was I didn’t think it was a good idea.  She insisted she wanted to stop at the drug store for more anti-diarrhea medicine, and cigarettes (which she hadn’t smoked in years) and lamented that we didn’t have any marijuana at home for her to smoke.  Thursday she reluctantly went back for dialysis and when she came off the machine she was clearly ‘drained’ and exhausted.   Saturday it snowed and she used that as an excuse not to go, claiming the roads were too treacherous.  Considering how drained she was by her last session, and how well she had done the week without it I didn’t argue with her. The following Tuesday she was getting ready to go to dialysis; she got up at 3:00 AM and had just taken a shower when she began having trouble breathing.  Soon after calling for an ambulance she passed out, while still breathing, but she remained unconscious while being transported to Pocono Hospital where she was pronounced dead.  Her death was attributed to ‘heart failure’. (She already had two stents in her heart implanted during separate ‘incidents’ since her initial heart attack after starting dialysis.  On one occasion when she went to the hospital complaining of ‘chest pain’ the doctor came to me after the ‘procedure’ and told me:  ‘There were no blockages in her heart but we decided to put a stent in anyway’).  Some would say she died from going off dialysis, but it’s clear to me that she died from being ‘forced’ back onto it.  I can only wonder on a psychological level if she ‘lost heart’ when forced back onto dialysis.  On a physical level I suspect her digestive system was so compromised that she was not absorbing the nutrients she needed to heal her heart (beriberi? A vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency that can cause heart failure, aggravated by diarrhea and dialysis)


It was clear to me that she would not have died when and how she did if she hadn’t been ‘forced’ back onto dialysis.  She was extremely agitated by her forced trip to the emergency room for ‘evaluation’.  After what appeared to be a ‘harrowing’ ambulance ride, her diarrhea seemed to worsen after she arrived at the hospital.  It was not necessary for an ambulance to be sent with the police.  It seems the stress imposed by the police enforced trip to the emergency room was intended to create enough stress to either kill her or force her back onto dialysis (in fact it did both) to prevent her or others from believing that ‘anyone’ on dialysis for years could just stop it     The thought occurred to me that when she was released from the hospital without being dialyzed after a week without it, I should have supported her decision that she did not need it two days later, but she had already agreed to go back to dialysis and I didn’t press the issue, although I was considering how to address the issue with her (and her doctors) that if her blood work remained within relatively normal parameters without dialysis she might be able to stop dialysis, or be ‘weaned off’ of it, but she died before I was able to figure out how to address the issue.  At the time I was afraid that if I supported her decision not to go to dialysis I might have been ‘arrested’ for ‘interfering’ with her medical treatment, or ‘blamed’ for ‘instigating’ a decision not to be dialyzed.  Besides, I thought that after being on dialysis for so many years another few weeks, or months, wouldn’t hurt her.  I was wrong.


With or without dialysis it is clear to me that her diarrhea and stomach issues were responsible for her inability to absorb the necessary nutrients she needed to heal her weakened heart and stay alive.  She was strong willed and I couldn’t convince her to give up grain and switch to what I considered a healthy diet.  I made homemade sauerkraut but rather than eat it she bought sauerkraut at the supermarket for New Year and then boiled it before eating it (to ‘reduce the sodium’).  I found one grocery store in the area that sold raw milk which I though might be beneficial for her, but the ‘warning’ that state law required to be put on raw milk in the state of Pennsylvania scared her from drinking it:

“Raw milk advisory, raw milk is known to contain harmful bacteria and may cause food borne illness.  These bacteria can seriously affect the health of anyone who drinks raw milk, however they are particularly dangerous to pregnant women, children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.”

i think this warning is ill advised and only serves to ‘scare’ those people from using it that could most benefit from it, but that’s only ‘my opinion’.

The milk industry is now fighting to prevent soy milk or almond milk from being called milk (because they are cutting into it’s market share) but they fail to recognize that the ‘product’ they are selling as milk is not a healthy alternative due to the unnatural diet of corn/grain fed to cows (including genetically modified grains soaked in toxic herbicides, the residue of which has been found in the milk and meat of these cows) instead of their ‘natural’ diet of grass, (and the antibiotics and hormones given to the cows?).  It is also so thoroughly processed that the enzymes and bacteria that make the milk healthy are destroyed in the process of homogenization and pasteurization so that it is no longer the healthy food the ‘milk industry’ is trying to present it to be. This is the reason milk has ‘evolved’ into what is becoming recognized as a ‘common allergen’. (Probably the real reason more people are switching from milk to milk alternatives)   The simple solution that should satisfy everyone (except the milk industry) would be to relabel almond and soy milk as ‘almond and soy milk alternatives’. Another alternative is going back to healthy, fresh, unprocessed raw milk as it was delivered direct to peoples doors less than a century ago.


Halloween was one of Amy’s favorite holidays.  Here is a picture of her celebrating her last Halloween giving out candy to trick or treater’s.  She proudly advised the parents that the dum-dum lollypops she was giving out were ‘hypoallergenic’. (She didn’t seem to think the sugar and food coloring was a problem)  While she was dressed as a witch she felt like a queen on a throne.  This was a good day for Amy.






It is often asked:  Why do we know what to do, but still don’t do it?  In Amy’s case it appears she didn’t know what to do and thought she was eating a ‘healthy’ diet.  Again I attribute this largely to ‘grain brain’, which made her irritable, stressed and irrational causing psychological pain as well as physical pain in various forms.  If only I could have convinced her to give up grain (and sugar) and move to a more ketogenic diet I felt that her health would improve and she would begin thinking more clearly and feeling better, but I could not ‘force her’ or ‘convince her’ to change her diet and, in my opinion, my inability to do so was partly  responsible for her death.


In the months before Amy’s death I occasionally thought that the only way I could improve her health was to ‘force’ or ‘trick’ her into changing her diet, either by having her admitted to a facility where her diet could be ‘controlled’ (as it was while she was in the hospital) or take her on a ‘vacation’ where an abundance of (only) ‘healthy’ food was available to her, but I didn’t have the ability to ‘control’ her diet, or to convince her to make the changes (to eliminate grain and introduce healthier choices) that I though were necessary.  I felt it was just a matter of time until I convinced her that her constant diarrhea was a result of the high sugar and gluten-free grains in her diet.  Unfortunately her time was cut short.  


Amy’s death was most personal to me but not unique. Over the years I have seen others, from relatives to neighbors to coworkers, who suffered similarly with digestive issues that eventually led to their death.  In some cases I felt that they ‘resented’ me (and other healthy people?) for being healthy while they ‘suffered’, thinking it ‘wasn’t fair’  (This could also be attributed to ‘grain brain’) but unfortunately I was not in a position to help them.  I recently suggested to my brothers ex-wife that her severe rheumatoid arthritis, for which she is on ‘strong medications’, might be resolved by going gluten/dairy free (as suggested by JJ Virgin), but she ‘assured’ me that her diet had nothing to do with her arthritis, and that going gluten free would be ‘too restrictive’, suggesting to me that the majority of her diet probably consisted of grain and dairy.


 If ‘they’ refuse to consider my advice I don’t know what else I can do to help them, other than work to ‘change/fix’ the food supply itself, or advocate for offering free testing for ‘allergens’  to all, as part of our ‘mandated health care’, a la Quest Diagnostics  (Increasing the volume should reduce the cost?) with ‘educational information’ provided regarding the long term consequences of having certain antibody ‘markers’ elevated.   While I became certified in Transformational Nutrition 3 months after Amy died I do not claim to be an expert and I certainly am not a ‘medical professional’, although it is clear to me that most medical professionals have been indoctrinated into practices that do not facilitate healing but rather prescribe expensive pharmaceuticals and ‘procedures’ that treat symptoms while the condition deteriorates, doing more harm than good.  There are some medical professionals (such as Dr Perlmutter, Dr Steven Masley, Dr Josh AxeDr Peter Osborne at Origins Health Care in Sugarland Texas, and Dr Mark Hyman at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio to name a few) as well as some nonmedical professionals (such as JJ Virgin, Jonny Bowden, and Vani Hari to name a few) that do practice the ‘healing arts’ and that I have learned from.  In many cases these are people who began using ‘traditional methods’, for themselves (and others) only to discover they didn’t work and were then obliged to discover for themselves and others what actually did work to improve health.  All I can do is share their advise/experience/wisdom and/or direct people to them for further guidance.


The first step in ‘healing’, whether from something ‘minor’ like allergies, asthma and arthritis, or something ‘major’ like diabetes, heart disease or kidney failure, is to recognize the possibility that the condition can be resolved and total health restored.  Then the journey begins to discover the root cause(s) of the ‘condition(s)’ and the action steps that can be taken to resolve the imbalance(s).  (This is best explained in Ayurvedic medicine).  If you are not in ‘perfect health’ and suffering from any ‘annoying’/painful condition which is only getting worse you owe it to yourself to explore the ‘possibility’ that there is something you can do (besides take pharmaceutical drugs to ‘mask the symptoms’) that can address the root cause of the symptoms and make them go away.  Those who are pioneering this area of knowledge all recognize that optimal nutrition is an integral part of maintaining or regaining optimal health.  This is eloquently explained by Michael Pollan in his book Food Rules, as well as his other books.

December 2, 2016

Global Warming, A Smokescreen for Pollution


Just because I say we don’t have a problem with global warming doesn’t mean that we don’t have problems.  It seems to me that the only problem with global warming is the rise in ocean level due to the melting ice caps.  This is a self limiting increase in sea level that can easily be addressed by making adjustments to our coastlines and/or transporting excess water to higher/drier areas creating lakes and vegetation in arid desert and mountain areas.  This could be done by creating pipelines to pump the water to these areas.  This would be easier (the pipelines could be above or below ground and powered by solar pumps) and safer than oil pipelines currently in use despite the threat they impose to the environment.  I don’t know if they used ‘pipelines’ but this is essentially what was done in Israel converting a desert into orchards and vineyards.  The ocean water could be filtered along the way removing salt and other minerals and chemicals, delivering ‘purified’ water to the deserts and mountains, or to anyone along the way who tapped into it.  Either way it would be ocean water diverted to offset glacial melting. (Do we need to look past that and worry about a future where we will be ‘draining’ our oceans by using it as a resource?)


The simple solution to global warming is to plant more trees, and other vegetation.  The reason it is hotter in cities than in the countryside around them is the cloud of CO2 surrounding the cities producing ‘the green house effect’ and keeping the heat from leaving the surface.  Besides the CO2 that we produce when we breathe there are industrial sources which produce quantities of CO2 that dwarfs what we produce by breathing, but what is lacking are green plants; the ‘factories’ that utilize CO2 and produce O2 for us to breathe, thereby reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere allowing heat to escape from the surface, while also filtering toxins out of the air.   Part of the reason the planet has gotten warmer is because it was initially covered by vegetation and we have replaced sections of it with concrete cities  spewing out CO2.  Hopefully this is a connection that has already been recognized and is being addressed by those who can do something about it.


It seems likely that the industrial giants who were responsible for transforming a ‘novelty’ automobile into a system of mass transportation were well aware of the impact of burning large quantities of fossil fuel on the environment as far as global warming is concerned.  It is even reasonable to suspect that at the turn of the century (1900) the reason the internal combustion engines were chosen as a design for mass transportation instead of electric cars was so that mass transportation could be used as a means of increasing the release of fossil fuel back into the atmosphere as CO2 and (through plants) to O2 as a vehicle to warm the planet in a gradual and regulated way.  How close we’ve come to a need to put on the brakes is currently up for debate.  Certainly there is still an abundance of fossil fuel available for conversion.  The problem is toxins that are locked into that fossil fuel which are detrimental to the environment and should be ‘filtered out’.  However these are nowhere near as toxic as the manmade chemicals (herbicides and insecticides) that are being released into the environment at an alarming rate. 


Most of the ‘problems’ attributed to global warming are real but, just as the sugar industry pulled the old bait and switch, blaming ‘fat’ for the problems that ‘sugar’ was causing, the polluters who are destroying our  environment and threatening the health and the very life of all living things on this planet are blaming ‘global warming’ for the problems caused by toxic chemicals and poisons being released into the environment, 1,  2, 3, with abandon, and even introduced into our food supply to replace food. 


What some (many, most?) people are eating is not real food.  It is packaged foodlike substances designed to resemble food with a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (and assorted chemicals) but ignoring the vitamin/mineral/phytonutrient needs of the human body inevitably resulting in ‘system failure’ in one form or another.  These people need to be made aware of, and given access to, healthy one ingredient foods and learn how to prepare them so that they not only taste good but keep them healthy by providing the nourishment (and lifeforce?) their bodies require.


It is not global warming that is the problem but rather global pollution. Tropical climates have historically been teeming with life while frigid tundras have sparse ecosystems.  As the planet warms we should see frozen wastelands turning into savannahs and grasslands and tropical reef systems moving into what have historically been colder waters.  Instead we find them dying.  This is not because of a few degrees of warmer temperatures (if it were the fish would just naturally migrate away from the equator to cooler waters), but is due to increasing levels of pollution that accompany the changes in temperature.


Growing up in Coney Island in the 1960’s there was always a question of whether the water was ‘clean enough’ to swim in.  It was acknowledged that that part of the ocean had been ‘polluted’ by the ‘fuel trails’ of all the big ships that passed by and they were in the process of ‘cleaning up’ the environment.  It was comforting to see the schools of baitfish swimming along the shore.  My brother and I would catch them with a drag net and fill up buckets to freeze for bait when we would go fishing.  There were also striped bass and other game fish that swam around the rock jetties along the beach.  While it was ‘unsettling’ for me the first time I saw a large stripped bass near me in the water while swimming and I moved away from it, I now realize that it was not a threat to me but only to those baitfish.  (Fortunately I never even heard of a shark attack in the area at that time)  There was also seaweed growing along the bases of the rock jetties with bunches of mussels (similar to clams) growing amongst the seaweed.  While I ate the fish we caught it never occurred to me that the seaweed and muscles might be an edible source of nutrition, or that they were responsible for ‘cleaning’ the water.


I have not been back to Coney Island in many years so I don’t know if Coney Island has continued to get cleaner or has been moving in the direction of more polluted.  Just last week I was encouraged to hear on the ‘news’ that humpback whales were seen traveling in the Hudson river, but it is my understanding that there are vast areas of our ocean that are still being used as a dumping ground for sewage and industrial waste, and there are other areas with massive amounts of floating debris that are vast enough to be a threat to boat traffic as well as wildlife.   While these floating debris fields may be in international waters and no nation takes responsibility for them we owe it to ourselves as a species inhabiting this planet to make an effort to ‘clean up’ this mess, and the sooner the better.


I remember going to camp in Pennsylvania as a teenager (1959-1960?).  There were salamanders running around in the woods everywhere.  I now live in the woods in Pennsylvania, but since I moved here (in 1989) I have yet to see a salamander.  I don’t think the ‘climate’ has changed that much in 30 years, but I do think there has been an increase in the amount and kind of chemicals being released into the environment, by farmers on crops and by communities to treat or prevent infestations of ‘pests’ such as gypsy moths (and salamanders?).  If we don’t restore the health of the land so that it can support a healthy population of animals and birds (the ‘canaries in the coal mine’) and bee’s we will create a vacuum that will make the planet less health for those that do manage to ‘survive’.


Our land is being treated as a toxic waste dump and our oceans have become a dumping ground for solid and chemical waste as if there was no limit to its ability to continue to absorb it, but it now appears we have reached the limit and the resulting accumulation of toxins in our environment is beginning to adversely effect our health on an exponential level as measured by the rise in health conditions that can be directly attributed to toxins in our environment and in our food supply.  Politicians can be in denial about ‘global warming’ but there can be no denying the increase in many ‘adverse health conditions’ (e.g. allergies and autoimmune diseases) nor can they be in denial forever about ‘chemical pollution’ being the cause, or a contributing factor, to this ‘health crisis’  If the ‘government’ wants to reduce the cost of health care it would do well to start recognizing the benefits of reducing the toxic chemicals in our environment and our food supply, 1, 2, 3, 4 and shift from supplementing the corn industry to make high fructose corn syrup (a cheap and unhealthy foodstuff) and instead supplement growing (and distributing?) healthy vegetables.


Wouldn’t it be great to see a next generation growing up with less allergies and  autoimmune conditions than their parents generation?  Wouldn’t it also be great to see their parents generation recover from (be cured of?) their allergies and autoimmune conditions, simply by changing their diet and cleaning up their environment?  Granted this would be a blow to the drug companies who are providing a plethora of products to suppress the symptoms of these conditions and to the medical facilities who rely on treatment of these chronic conditions for a steady stream of income, but I think it  would be worth the sacrifice.  People working in these industries/professions could be retrained in more useful and healthy professions, such as farming, or their professions could be ‘downsized’ as these professionals ‘retired’, or ‘transferred out’ of  them as the ‘need’ for them decreased.


Pollution began increasing exponentially under president Reagan when he cut back on ‘government regulations’ and married Monsanto to the FDA allowing aspartame to become legal despite FDA scientists finding that it was a probable carcinogen associated with brain tumors.  It intensified to a new level when vice president Chaney made fracking a household word (rather than the four letter word that it deserves to be) not only poisoning the soil and undermining the ground, but passing a law so that he doesn’t even need to tell you what kind of poisons and toxins they are injecting into the ground to extract ‘fuel’.  Lets hope our new republican president Trump proves to be a different kind of president who will make things better and not worse, although it does seem as if he’s moving in the direction of Reagan to ‘deregulate the polluters’, judging from the advisors he appears to be surrounding himself with.  I can’t help but remain skeptical and fear the worst even as I hope for the best.

November 1, 2016

Food as Medicine


The biggest issue that we should be facing today as a society is nutrition and yet the food industry does not consider health, and the health industry does not consider food.


Meanwhile society is getting fatter and sicker from the food supply while agribusiness is getting richer providing low quality food for ‘whatever the market will bear’ and in the process creating a new population to be exploited by the medical profession/pharmaceutic industry, which coincidentally increases business for the chemical industry which is controlling both.  The same chemical industry that, it would seem, is being run by the same NAZI’s who fled Germany after WWIl.


It was not only Bayer, who is now taking over Monsanto,  that had its senior personnel charged and convicted of war crimes for assisting the Nazi’s in building and operating the death camps in Germany, but the IG Farber Cartel consisting of Bayer, BASF and Hoechst as well as other German chemical companies executives that began to ‘migrate’ to the US after WWll as part of ‘Operation Paperclip’.  Several years later 24 IG Farber executives were convicted at the Nuremburg War Crime Tribunal of mass murder and slavery among other crimes.  In less than 7 years all were released and from 1950 to 1980 all three (Bayer, BASF and Hoechst Corp) had convicted mass murderers as Chairman of the Board.   Currently all are sending millions (billions?) to Washington to influence the FDA.


The only White House Conference on Nutrition ever held was in 1969.  At that time school lunch programs, child nutrition and nutrition education were improved, and WIC (Women, Infant and Children)  programs were established to provide greater access to food assistance, but since that time much has changed and these programs have been hijacked by big business which provides the cheapest mass produced food with no consideration of the nutritional content or toxic byproducts in the food.


Poor nutrition may be the leading cause of deaths and disabilities in this country yet it has not even been discussed in the current election along with immigration, health care,  education, foreign policy, etc.  Candidates at all levels of government should be made aware of the potential impact of this issue and encouraged to take stands on the issues on the side of the American people and not the industrial criminals (polluters) with ‘big pockets’.  Unfortunately it would seem that the majority of politicians are ‘in the pocket’ of the industrial polluters.   While genetic modification may be defended for some reasons, when the genetic modifications are specifically to make the plants tolerant of toxic herbicides that will reside in the structure of the plant and be absorbed along with the nutrients and clearly having a detrimental effect on the health of the population that consumes these plants, there is no defense.  Some countries have had the wisdom to ban these practices despite the pressure of ‘big business’.   Other countries see the folly of their ways as farmers commit suicide on a massive scale (often by eating these herbicides!) after falling victim to Monsanto’s practices.  In the good old USA Monsanto owns the CDC and FDA (1, 2) as well as the politicians that write the laws, to the detriment of the people.   If this policy is not banned outright, at the very least consumers have a right to know what is in their food and medicine and what it is doing to their health.


Not only is our food supply effecting our health, but also the health of the planet, causing 90% of tropical deforestation,  draining 70% of our water supply, straining our oceans and causing as much green  house emissions as all the worlds transportation (cars, trucks, buses, plains, trains and ships) combined.


All of of this contributing to the problem of pollution rather than working toward solving it.  If the problem of soil pollution is solved, and our oceans ‘cleaned up’, our oceans alone could create enough food to feed the planet without turning ‘good land’ into ‘toxic wastelands’, otherwise known as factory farms.  The planet itself is being turned into a dumping ground for toxic chemicals.  This needs to not only be stopped, but turned around so that we at least begin cleaning it up.


We spend $3 trillion dollars per year on ‘healthcare’, five times more than all our military spending’s  This could be drastically reduced by addressing nutrition in our health care system.  Changing ‘access’ to health care, drug development and personalized medicine will not reduce the billions of dollars spent on healthcare to treat preventable or curable diseases as much as establishing better lifestyles, particularly better sources of nutrition and dietary habits and reducing pollution.


Congress’ sequestration battle in 2013 threatening to shut down the government over $85 billion dollars.  Through diet and lifestyle we could reduce or eliminate the cost of preventable conditions including diabetes, heart disease,, cancer and dementia by in the neighborhood of $1 trillion dollars per year at least.  Considering the potential benefits nutrition should be a bipartisan priority.


While first lady Michelle Obama tried to establish nutritional awareness with her organic garden her message has been shifted to ‘let’s move’, stressing exercise instead of nutrition.  It now appears this shift resulted from pressure from the food industry.  (I’m sure the Coca-Cola company is proud of this shift).  The president’s policies don’t necessarily reflect a concern for nutrition, and where are the questions to the presidential candidates regarding nutrition and health?    A new emphasis on food and nutrition is needed to address such aspects as health, hunger, medical care,  jobs, the economy and sustainability.  We need to address the toxicity we are inflicting on our land and water which threatens our health.   Just cleaning up our oceans would allow ocean life to flourish potentially allowing the ocean alone to provide enough food to sustain the world’s population.

Once this problem is addressed, by learning from the past we could accomplish in 10 years what took 50 years to address in the tobacco industry, 70 years to address in car safety and 100 years to address in water and sanitation, but first we need to start the conversation and make this a major issue on the table.  We need to recognize the need for a shift in major industries that are currently acting to maximize profits while minimizing the nutritional quality of the food we eat, and find ways to develop new industries and jobs designed to provide maximum nutrition cost effectively.  *


*inspired by Tufts Health & Nutrition Newsletter (Sept 2016) editorial by Dariush Mozaffarian

October 2, 2016


Origin of the Specious

Why the theory of evolution never became the law of evolution.

Up to the time of Darwin the ‘creation story’ was settled history..  There was no other explanation for the existence of life on this planet.  As a result there was an acceptance of the existence of God and mankind lived in relative harmony based on this understanding for at least thousands of years. Darwin’s theory of evolution was intended to provide an alternative explanation for the origin of life.


Darwin offered an alternative explanation for the origin of life;  Life came into existence out of nothing, gradually became more complex and eventually evolved into life as we know it.  God had nothing to do with it.  Some say the idea of evolution conflicts with, or disallows, the existence of God.  I don’t agree. I have no problem reconciling  the theory of evolution with the existence of God and can easily reconcile  the creation through the process of evolution, and expect that many people who believe in God and have concluded that Darwinian evolution is ‘settled history’ have developed ways of reconciling the two.  My problem with the theory of evolution is that it is not supported by scientific facts.


As a scientist Darwin developed a hypothesis.  He made assumptions based on his hypothesis and proceeded to test them developing his hypothesis into a theory which he hoped to prove establishing his theory as a law.  Immediately scientists around him, tried to make a name for themselves by working to validate Darwin’s assumptions.


His first assumption, that life came into existence out of non-living material, seemed reasonable at the time; bugs came to life out of rainwater,  maggots developed out of raw meat.  That life could come into existence spontaneously seemed reasonable, except that we now know it doesn’t happen.  Life comes only from life.  The theory was adjusted  to say that at some time in the past the atmosphere was such that life did come into existence spontaneously.  An atmosphere of methane and ammonia gas and other volatile substances was hypothesized, was stimulated with an electrical current, simulating lightening, and something resembling protein molecules was formed.  This was said to validate the ‘possibility’ that ‘life’ could have occurred ‘spontaneously’.  First there is no indication that the atmosphere was ever sufficiently similar to these starting chemicals to allow the formation of even such crude ‘proteins’.   Second even if they take their experiment a step further and actually create life it would not prove that life came about spontaneously, but only that life can be created.


Further compromising the theory of evolution is the second law of thermodynamics, which states that all natural processes move toward entropy, or breaking down, or lower energy levels.  Evolution would require that natural processes move from simple to more complex. The second law of thermodynamics states that natural processes move in the other direction, from complex to breaking down.  Note that the laws of thermodynamics, as all laws of science, are proven.  Any theory, or hypothesis, that would conflict with these laws would face insurmountable obstacles being validated, although sometimes this happens; Einstein’s theory of relativity, when ‘proven’ replaced Newtonian physics.


The science of genetics had not been discovered at the time of Darwin.  He was not aware that the blueprint of life could be decoded showing the complexity, but rigid organization, of our genetic makeup.  This blueprint does not readily lend itself to random changes outside of strict narrow limits, and sudden large changes in variations typically represent breaking down, based on the second law of thermodynamics, rather than becoming more complex as the offspring ‘evolved’ into higher more complex forms within the genetic code, variations invariably represent a breakdown in the original genetic code and a less functional organism.  This can be differentiated as microevolution (changes within species, by genetic variations) and macroevolution (changes from one species to another or more particularly to more complex species).  Microevolution are the observable changes within species that allow different races of man or different breeds of dogs or cats to develop through ‘selective breeding’.  Macroevolution would be the change from fish to amphibians and then to mammals.  This is not only counter to the second law of thermodynamics but there is no reasonable way to explain it under the laws of genetics.  This was the ‘leap of faith’  Darwin took when he extended his observation of microevolution, particularly within bird species, to assume that,  given enough time,  these changes could have built up to man from nothing (lifeless matter)



His theory also required a time frame of millions or billions of years for life to evolve from nothing and used radioactive dating, particularly radiocarbon dating, to justify this timeframe.  But how does radiocarbon dating work?  As I understand it a radioactive carbon atom is formed when atmospheric nitrogen is bombarded by radiation causing it to lose an electron from its outer ring (from 5 to 4) and form a more stable carbon bond, leaving an extra proton in its nucleus  thereby giving this ‘radioactive carbon’ atom a positive charge.  Today all living things, plants and animals, have a certain (measurable) level of radioactive carbon atoms in their structure. That level deteriorates at a measurable rate as these radioactive carbon atoms tend to ‘throw off’ the extra protons. Upon death we stop accumulating radioactive carbon and it begins to decrease at a measurable level with a half life of 5,000 years.  When a ‘fossil’ is found the level of radioactive carbon is measured and if is half the level of what we find in now living matter it is assumed to be 5,000 years old.  If it is a quarter the amount the fossil is dated as 10,000 years and so on.  A very low level of radioactive carbon leads to an older age.  But this presupposes that the level of radioactive carbon in the atmosphere, and plants and trees and animals, was the same 5,000 years ago and 5,000,000 years ago as it is today?    (It is hard to reconcile this assumption of a stable radioactive carbon level over millions of years and that the atmosphere ‘evolved’ from the toxic one that would allow life to arise by spontaneous generation!)  What if the level of radioactive carbon was increasing (in a parabolic curve, high at first and more slowly in recent years ) so that at some point in the past there was little or no radioactive carbon in the atmosphere.  What if prior to some historic event, such as a flood, the atmosphere was radiation free, protected by a canopy of water vapor, which collapsed, flooding the earth, burying massive amounts of vegetation as fossil fuel, removing vast quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere which had kept the earth warm, triggering the ice age, starting the formation of radioactive carbon as a new kind of radiation which began accumulating in the atmosphere (Just as the accident at Fukushima Japan started the release of radiation into the atmosphere)  and shortening mankinds lifespan fron 1,000 years to 100 years.  In this case all life before the flood and fossil fuel resulting from this initial event would contain little or no radioactive carbon.  Over the next 1,000 years levels of radioactive carbon would rise rapidly and after that more gradually thereby skewing the readings taken from radioactive carbon dating.


Darwin further hypothesized that the fossil record would reveal all the ‘missing links’ between the life forms that survived.  ‘Scientists’ were quick to search out these ‘missing links’, one of which was determined to be a tooth from the link between man and monkeys, however that tooth proved to be from a pig.  On closer examination none of the missing links he predicted would be found were found.  The fossil record only produced more fossils similar to life forms already in  existence, or in the fossil record.   Not one ‘missing link’ between the distinct species known to exist has been found.


Anatomically he predicted that as we ‘evolved’ we formed new organs, such as fish developing organs that allowed them to breathe air and move onto land, and other organs, that we needed when we lived underwater, became ‘vestigial’ and no longer needed and we became a veritable museum of vestigial organs.  Autopsies were performed and many such vestigial organs were initially found such as the appendix, gall bladder, tonsils, etc. but gradually it was discovered that all our parts served a purpose (with the possible exception of the appendix, and just because we haven’t figured out what it does doesn’t ‘prove’ it doesn’t do anything). It now appears that we are masterpieces of design and not just an accidental accumulation of parts.


In all cases where scientists tried to prove Darwin’s hypothesis the facts did not support them.  In retrospect it seems that his hypothesis did not even justify being validated as a theory, so it certainly couldn’t be classified as a law.


When I hear a scientist explaining something by saying we ‘evolved’ to function or behave a certain way  I can’t help but question the conclusion they arrive at.  Certainly they can reach a valid conclusion even if some of their premises are wrong, but if the conclusion is dependent on an invalid premise there is reason to question the conclusion.


The problem is that a system of though can be no more valid than the assumptions it is based on.

I would argue that part of the problem of society today is that it is based on the invalid assumption of ‘survival of the fittest’, established in part by Darwin’s influence,  and our inability to learn from history.  There are certain patterns in human behavior that can be predictive.  Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat It.  The authors of the Bible, those who first began ‘recording’ history, had observed these patterns and were thereby able to predict (recognize) how these patterns (societal behaviors) repeat themselves throughout history.  They were the first social scientists.

September 2, 2016



Marijuana, from my Perspective


When you think of herbal medicine you can’t get more basic than thinking of herbs.  Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and marijuana.  Even its scientific name, Cannabis Sativa, classifies marijuana as a medicinal plant.  Marijuana has not only been revered as herbal medicine throughout history, but was valued for the quality of its oil, the nutrition of the protein in its seeds and the fiber that caused it to be a staple of the clothing and rope industries.  I can only imagine what in the world was going on in industry a decade before I was born that caused marijuana to be made illegal, but its clear that marijuana being  declared illegal at the same time that DuPont was patenting nylon was more than a coincidence, or that the prohibition of the use of marijuana (as an intoxicant) was established soon after the prohibition of alcohol was repealed.   What a great way to eliminate the competition.  Marijuana was (and still is) a durable natural fiber that would have competed with other financial interests of the time.  Not only was marijuana used for cloth, everything from shirts to hats to ties, I even have an old backpack that was made of ‘hemp’.  The word canvas was derived from the cannabis from which it was made.  Ships at sea were driven by cannabis sails and tied down with hemp rope.    The Declaration of Independence was drafted on paper made of hemp.  I’m sure that when our founding fathers sat around talking politics and smoking and drinking it wasn’t exclusively tobacco they were smoking.  It was ‘law’ in some colonies/states that every landowner was required by law to grow a quantity of hemp to be provided as taxes to the central government, among other reasons ‘for the war effort’.


It wasn’t only the fiber industry but the pharmaceutic industry as well that had interest in discrediting marijuana, in it’s effort to discredit the whole world of herbal medicine.  At a time when the pharmaceutical industry was taking over medical schools and discrediting  competing forms of medicine, closing down the profession of chiropractic by shutting down their schools.  What better way of ‘eliminating the competition’ than to declare illegal one of the safest most valuable herbs while trying to discredit the value of all herbs as medicine.  All while they created their Franken molecules to resemble the natural molecule’s  known to have beneficial properties, hoping, with no concept of reality, that the patentable molecules they could create would work at least as well as or better than the natural molecule from which they was copied.  The idea that there is no therapeutic use for marijuana is clearly unsupported. This idea is further discredited by the fact that the United States government filed for a patent for marijuana in 1999 which was granted in 2003 proposing using cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectors.  It has even been suggested that the healing properties of the anointing oil used by Jesus was in part due to the cannabis (calamus or kaneh-bosem) it contained (Exodus 30:23).


I never encountered marijuana before going into the military.  I recall talking to a childhood friend about it in Jr. high or High school.  His older brother was what would have been called a bohemian or hippy who played the drums in a jazz band and presumably ‘smoked pot’.  My friend also was interested in jazz and once asked me to go with him to the city (Manhattan) to see a famous old jazz drummer named Gene Krupa who was playing at an open bar on 42nd Street so anyone walking by could look in.  We were 17 at the time and the drinking age was 18, so his plan for us getting into the club was to walk in smoking cigars (to make us look older?) walk up to the bar and order beers.  Sure enough we were served with no questions asked about out age and no ‘documents’ required.  When he asked I told him that I would try marijuana if I had the opportunity, but I never had the opportunity at the time.  I saw him again twice after I left the military.  Once shortly after I returned from Vietnam and he was released from the Navy we went bowling together.  When I asked him if he ever encountered marijuana in the military his response was short and to the point: “How could you let yourself get addicted to that shit?”  I saw him once again after returning from Mississippi during the Nixon reelection, while I was being ‘processed’ through the Veterans Administration Hospital, as a condition of my release from Mississippi.   He walked into my room unexpectedly while I was at the VA Hospital, advising me that he was a psychologist and noticed my name on the roster so he decided to pay me a visit.  We didn’t discuss much beyond him telling me he was a psychologist and I never saw him again.


The first time I encountered marijuana was in Vietnam.   I was riding in the back of a 3/4 ton truck when the sergeant in charge of the convoy offered me a joint.  I gladly took it and inhales expecting to experience something at least on par with inhaling a cigarette but to my surprise nothing happened from that first puff, but I continued smoking occasionally, mostly in the evening, and began to become aware of the enjoyment both physically and mentally.  There was no physical addiction but it was what could be considered ‘psychological’ addiction, which meant that if you tried it you enjoyed it and wanted to smoke it again.  I bought ‘joints’ by the pack.  GI’s would sell, or barter,  cartons of cigarettes to the Vietnamese merchants for $10. (We paid $2-3 per carton in the PX )  Then they would strip the tobacco from the cigarettes for ‘papasan’ to smoke and they would fill the sleeves of the cigarettes with ‘herb’ and sell them back to the GI’s for $2-3 per pack.  When I was returning from Vietnam (Sept. 1967)  I purchased 2 kilo’s of ‘herb’ from a local merchant, for $100, and had it packaged in a pillow with the words “Souvenir of Vietnam” sewn on the outside.  I was aware that it might never show up when I returned to the states or that I might even be arrested for it, but it didn’t seem like that much of a crime at the time and the risk of being arrested seemed less likely than that it would just be ‘confiscated’ and ‘disappear’ passing through customs.   I was relieved when my ‘personal effects’ arrived back home safe and intact.  It seemed that the contents had not even been examined and I could have had ‘Marijuana’ sewn  on the pillow and it still would have gotten through.   The rest of my life would have been a lot less stressful and eventful if I found marijuana to be as inconsequential and unenjoyable as I found alcohol and tobacco to be.


Returning from Vietnam I returned to my previous job for a short while until I realized it was a dead-end job.  Even with the union raise I received while in the military I was only earning $58/week for a 35 hour week.  I quit at the beginning of the summer with the intension of spending the summer on the beach and looking for a job in the fall, but I was reviewing newspaper ads and checking some out.  Soon after quitting I saw an ad for Administrative Assistant for a small electronics manufacturing company in Manhattan offering $125/week, for a 40 hour week.  While I was not anxious to return to work that soon I was offered the job, which seemed too good to pass up, and that cut short my summer vacation.


Meanwhile I returned to school at night.  Before the army I had 2 years of night credits at Brooklyn College.  Returning from Vietnam my parents suggested I should go to Pace College, a private college, and they even offered to pay the tuition.  I had been a C student before the Army but when I  returned to school my grades began to improve.  After two years of night classes I ‘matriculated’ into day school and with the night credits from Bklyn College and Pace it took me another 2 years to graduate with a BA in Psychology.  My grades gradually improved so that by the time I graduated I was getting mostly A’s.  In my Senior year I was Vice-President of Psy Chi, the national honor society in Psychology.  I can’t ‘prove’ that marijuana was responsible for my academic improvement, although it can easily be argued, but it certainly didn’t negatively effect my academic performance.


While at Pace I wrote a research paper for an English class about marijuana for which i got an A-.  I applied to the U of Mississippi for graduate school because it was the only place in the US where they were growing marijuana for research purposes.  When I arrived at Ole Miss’ Psychology department   I was disappointed to discover that marijuana research was only being done in the Pharmacology Department and not in the Psychology Department.  While I was able to take some course in Pharmacology I was never able to get started in Marijuana research during my brief 2 year stay, up to the time Nixon was reelected and my academic career came to a sudden screeching halt.


I went into Oxford Mississippi, the nearest town to  the campus, to register to vote as a student  before the presidential  election, wearing a McGovern button.  There was a lady behind the counter and an Oxford police officer in the office at the time. When I asked the lady for a voter registration form the police officer started yelling at me hysterically and threw me out of the office.  When I went back the following day the same lady was there behind the counter but she was alone.  I asked for the voter registration form, she gave it to me and I registered to vote.  That night the same  officer came to my dorm room and took me away in handcuffs.  I asked him what I was being charged with but received no answer.  I was locked up in the local jail overnight without being ‘processed in’.  The next day I was ‘transferred’ to Whitfield (the State mental hospital) where I was ‘processed in’ and fingerprinted (despite the fact that the hospital was named Whitfield the fingerprint form used had it spelled Whitefield).  I had been held for several days before, to my surprise,  my mother and brother arrived to ‘arrange for my release’, or ‘transfer’ through the VA Hospital in Mississippi to the VA Hospital in NY.  They had been contacted by some friends of mine on campus when I suddenly ‘disappeared’ and somehow they located me.  I was in the process of being transferred back to New York at the time of the Nixon reelection and was unable to vote in that election but was surprised that Nixon won in a landslide.  It seemed surreal at the time.  (I felt a sense of satisfaction when Nixon was soon forced to resign in shame, even though I had nothing to do with it.)   I was not able to return to school until the following semester.  When I returned to class one girl came up to me and asked “How could you come back after what they did to you?”.  I asked her “What did they do to me?” and she turned and walked away without giving me an answer.  I still don’t know what she thought they did to me, or for that matter exactly what they did do.  I was marked ‘withdrawn’ for the prior semester and received no credit for it. That next semester  I was allowed to resume my courses but  was graded poorly and then told I would not be permitted to return to school the following semester.  That was the end of my academic career.


When I returned home I went to visit my former employer (Photobell Company) and to my surprise I was offered my old job back, with an increase in salary.  The job had changed; instead of being an Administrative Assistant in a 3-4 person sales department I was a one-man sales department.  The company was downsizing and shortly thereafter the owner (president) of the company for whom I worked directly sold the company to the general manager in manufacturing who became my new boss.  He subsequently sold the company to another manufacturing  company (Ampower Corporation)  and I was absorbed into their sales department. Shortly thereafter I was fired in part based on the allegations of one of the secretaries that I ‘smoked grass’.   There were never any formal changes and I was never given a reason for being ‘let go’ other than  that my services were no longer required.


While Photobell was being downsized I had taken a Federal Screening job placement test from which I had gone on about half a dozen job interviews, from Customs Agent to Treasury Department, while still working at Photobell/Ampower and whenever  I was interviewed they found out I was already working and the jobs went to people who were unemployed.  The next interview I went on after being fired from Ampower Corp was at the Social Security Administration and I was immediately hired as a Claims Authorizer Trainee (GS-7) to become a Claims Authorizer after 6 months with a career ladder (GS-9-11).  During breaks between classes we discussed our personal lives, both religion and politics.  I discussed my opinions on marijuana and Christianity as a ‘Hebrew Christian’ without considering that this might influence my job,  but the class manager as well as lead instructor were orthodox Jews.  It didn’t occur to me how this might effect them, but after 6 months, a week before graduation, i was informed that I was the only one in a class of 35 not to graduate even though I had been passing all the exams.  I have been treated with animosity from other ‘religious’ Jewish people in my life for acknowledging my recognition of Jesus as the Jewish messiah, as predicted in Jewish prophecy and so clearly alluded to in the annual Passover Seder, not the least of which was my own father who died hating and despising me, feeling I was a ‘disappointment’ to him.  While not widely acknowledged there is a clear undertone of hostility from many in the Jewish community for those they feel have ‘abandoned Judaism’ by accepting Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and with the excuse  of my ‘admitting’ to using marijuana and the undertones of my religious ‘heresy’ I was deemed ‘unfit’ to continue to work for SSA.   Not only was I not fit to be a Claims Authorizer, but I wasn’t ‘fit’ to work at Social Security in any capacity, but since I had ‘worked’ there over 6  months, albeit in class, they couldn’t just fire me but had to give me 2 weeks notice, so I was sent to the File Rooms to work out my 2 weeks as a file clerk, but I did so well as a file clerk, performing better than most of the clerks who had tenure and couldn’t be fired, that the lead file clerk and the mod’s assistant manager  (both of whom were black) went to bat for me asking that I be allowed to continue to work as a file clerk, being one of the better performing file clerks.  While working as a File Clerk (GS-4)  I applied several time for the position of Benefit Authorizer  (GS-7-9).  I was repeatedly turned down for it when I applied for it as an internal promotion, but when it opened up as an ‘outside’ position I took the test and passed and was promoted and spent the rest of my career at SSA as a Benefit Authorizer.


Marijuana also adversely effected my career in the Army Reserves.  Looking for a supplemental income when I got married and was expecting a child I applied to the Army Reserves.  When I went for a physical I was classified ‘unfit to serve’ based on my checking off that I smoked marijuana, but somehow that paperwork got misplaced or disregarded and when I applied to a reserve unit on Long Island I was enlisted as a clerk.  Soon thereafter when my family moved to New Jersey and I wanted to transfer to a New Jersey unit I was told there were no Clerk slots open, but there were positions as Drill Instructor so I began a short lived career as a DI performing well in training and getting on the fast track for promotion moving from Specialist E-4 to Sergeant First Class  E-7 in a few short years, advancing more rapidly than most of the other DI’s I served with, despite the fact that I openly, but not conspicuously, smoked marijuana regularly.  My performance evaluations rated me highly and put me on the fast track for advancement.  The beginning of the end was when the subject of marijuana came up during a training session and I expressed my opinion that it was not as bad as it was made out to be. That summer during my 2 weeks of Annual Training at Fort Dix my pants were grabbed out of the barracks one night (apparently by the same post security that was supposed to be protecting me?)  The money and car keys, and my car,  were ‘stolen’ but when the pants were ‘recovered’ and the contents inventoried by the MP’s (military police) a small quantity of marijuana was found in the pocket leading to my unceremonious exit from the reserves.  Before this incident I had clearly demonstrated my competence and ability as a DI, but after this ‘discovery’ none of that seemed to matter.  Paying a lawyer $3,000 had my separation changed from ‘dishonorable’ to ‘honorable’ and my lawyer advised me for another $3,000 (which I didn’t have) he could prevent my separation and allow me to continue in the reserves.  (Rumor had it that my unit’s Sergeant Major had previously in his military career had an incidence with crack cocaine.)


During these years I never thought my predictions in that College English research paper about marijuana becoming legal within a generation or so would come true.  I was surprised when marijuana started becoming legal state by state.  It does not surprise me that the various therapeutic uses of marijuana are becoming uncovered, nor does it surprise me that established industries including the pharmaceutical,  textile and the alcohol industry are feeling threated and fighting back against this threat to their bottom lines and exerting political pressure to prevent or slow down this groundswell.


We are living in an Orwellian world of twisted logic.  An Alice in Wonderland world where up is down and down is up.  Where safe and effective herbs given to mankind in the Bible (Genesis 1:29, 3:18, 9:3) and theoretically protected by our constitution are being vilified while toxic pollutants are being poured down our throats as medicine, sprayed on our crops and introduced into our environment with no consideration of the consequences, all apparently inspired by profit motives.  A Lilliputian world where politicians are distracted by such meaningless legal matters as whether you break your eggs open on the big end or the small end rather than dealing with more meaningful and consequential matters such as how much herbicide, pesticide and hormones fed to animals or poured on our crops ends up in our food.  Where president Obama feels indebted to the pharmaceutical industry for the backroom deals that let universal healthcare pass under his administration and obligated to protect their interests by preventing people from obtaining safe and effective information about nutrition and effective herbal medicine while perpetuating their monopoly on dangerous and  counterproductive pharmaceuticals that address symptoms rather than causes, only to result in worsening and additional symptoms, in an effort to protect  their profits while perpetuating the misery and suffering of those the government is supposed to protect. While he appointed vice-president Biden as cancer czar to symbolically look for the cure(s) for cancer they are ironically disregarding, and even suppressing, the natural remedies that are proving to do just that, but which would cripple the ‘cancer industry’ built on profiting from treating the various forms of cancer that continue to proliferate with high cost and often counterproductive treatments.


There is no sane reason to treat marijuana as anything other than the beneficial herb that it is, particularly considering the great health benefits it has demonstrated to provide, except to pander to the corrupt industrial interests (profits) that it threatens to compete with by providing a safer, healthier, more effective as well as cost effective alternative in so many industries.

August 2, 2016



Sight Without Glasses


I was 6 or 7 years old when my father took me to an optometrist for the first time, and for no obvious reason.  I did not have a problem with my vision that I was aware of but I was diagnosed as nearsighted and prescribed glasses.  I was brought back every year or so and was repeatedly prescribed stronger glasses.  By the time I was in high school my prescription was 20/300 in both eyes.  When I was about 17 years old I decided to get contact lenses.  I was told that my prescription was too strong for soft lenses, which were the new thing at the time, and I needed hard lenses.  I had a good optometrist who repeatedly adjusted the lenses until they were comfortable to wear all day long and I was quite happy with them until I was drafted into the Army at 19 years old (in 1965) and I was issued two pair of glasses and told that I needed to wear them in basic training.  I used both the glasses and contacts while in the Army.  Several years after getting out of the Army when I lost a lens I found that my original optometrist was no longer practicing and when I went to another optometrist he provided off the shelf hard lenses but made no adjustments to them and they were uncomfortable from the start and I was never able to get used to them and returned to wearing glasses for the next 10 years.  My prescription remained pretty much unchanged at 20/300 from High School until years after being in the Army.


In the early 1980’s I found a book in someone’s garage entitled “Sight Without Glasses” by Dr. Harrold M Peppard that was published in 1946 (The year I was born).  It was written by a student of Dr. William Horatio Bates (1860-1931) who had written a book entitled “Perfect Sight Without Glasses” in 1920 which I have never been able to get a copy of, but Dr Peppard was a student of Dr. Bates and his book explained the “Bates Method”, an alternative method of improving eyesight, which I had never heard about before.   According to this theory changes in focus (nearsightedness and farsightedness) were not a result of changes in the shape of the eyeball, but rather tension of 6 muscles that helped the eyes focus.  When the eyes were ‘out of focus’ and glasses are used the eye muscle relax, or tense up, even more and go further out of focus so that stronger glasses are then needed, leading to the eye going further out of focus in a vicious cycle.  Nearsightedness, usually occurring in the young, is due to constant focusing on close objects and not using the eyes to focus at objects far away.  Farsightedness, usually occurring in middle age, is due to eye strain where the eyes become unable to focus on close objects and the focal point moves further away.  In both cases corrective lenses make the problem worse and stronger lenses invariably become necessary.  The situation is worse for someone who is farsighted because as their vision shifts more they become unable to see clearly near or far, with or without glasses.  Fortunately farsightedness is easier to correct by removing the glasses and regaining normal focus using exercises to readjust the eye muscles.


I began doing the recommended exercises and stopped wearing glasses and sure enough my vision gradually began to improve so that when I moved to Pennsylvania and went for my drivers license test my vision had improved so that I no longer needed corrective lenses to drive.  When I first looked through the eye testing machine at the DMV I saw 4 letters but it was difficult to focus on them.  I was able to bring them into focus one at a time until I had read three of them, but then my eyes blurred out and I could not read the fourth letter.  I thought I had failed but was told that this was the 20/40 line and I only needed to read the 20/70 line to pass the exam.  When the 20/70 line was put up my eyes were strained from trying to focus on the 20/40 line and it took me a few seconds for me to relax my eyes but then the entire line of 4 letters came into focus and I easily read the entire line.  This put my vision somewhere between 20/40 and 20/70.  A large improvement from 20/300 which I previously though was my ‘normal’ vision.  While I expect my vision has improved somewhat since that eye exam so that my vision sometimes appears to be perfectly clear (20/20?) there is no doubt that my vision had been severely ‘crippled’ by the years I had let my eyes remain focused at 20/300.


If you try to find out more about the Bates Method you will probably learn that reports of success by the Bates Method are ‘anecdotal’ and not objectively shown to improve eyesight.  In 1952 optometry professor Elwin Marg wrote of Bates, “Most of his theories have been considered false by practically all visual scientists”.  Clearly this is the opinion of an optometrist who would not want people to improve their vision naturally so that they no longer needed to use glasses, similar to cancer doctors who want to preserve the profitability of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery and refuse to acknowledge that cancer can be prevented and/or cured by natural methods such as diet, detox and stress reduction.


Eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are due to physical damage to the lens and macula of the eye that can be attributed to poor diet resulting in oxidation of the lens or malnourishment of the macula due to lack of nutrients such as lutein and zeaxanthin, found in vegetables and egg yolks and which give the yellow color to the fat of grass fed beef,  as well as Omega 3 fatty acids also needed for healthy vision/eyes, although stress also contributes to these conditions.  Nearsightedness,farsightedness and astigmatism on the other hand are problems of refraction which are caused by failure of the image from the lens to focus on the retina.  This can be corrected by corrective lenses or simply adjusting the tension of the eye muscles with simple relaxation exercises.


When we are young our eyes naturally learn to come into focus.  If we give an infant objects to focus on at varying distances they will naturally learn to focus at the various distances.  This can include hanging objects over the crib, having patterned wallpaper, or even leaving the infant gaze at the moon and stars in the night sky (assuming there are still stars in the night sky where you live, but that’s another problem).  Children should be given the opportunity to focus not only at close objects such as computer screens, but also distant objects as when they are outdoors.


Three good habits recommended for good vision are 1) blinking (to keep the lens moist and exercise the eye muscles).  Blinking is something that is normally done by a healthy eye and a tendency to stare without blinking impairs normal vision.  2) Central Fixation (Where the eye and mind fix on a small area at one time rather than trying to take in an entire large area)  An example of this is while reading you don’t try to take in the whole page at one time, but focus on one word at a time. and 3) Shifting (Constantly moving your focus, as from one word to the next, or when looking at a picture moving your focus from one part of the picture to another)  This keeps the eye muscles moving and relaxed and prevents eye strain.


It is also important to have sufficient lighting since trying to read or just examine an object with insufficient light can cause eyestrain. When there is insufficient light the pupil increases in size and when there is bright light the pupil decreases in size closing out excess light (like the lens of a camera) so the eye is able to adapt to varying amounts of light.  In bright light when the pupil closes you have a sharper focus, just as the camera image is sharper with bright lights and a smaller aperture.  Sunning your eyes is also considered beneficial, both relaxing and stimulating the eye.  People who live indoors all the time and don’t expose their eyes to sunlight will find their eyes gradually grow weaker.  Gradually increasing your exposure to sunlight by spending more time in the sun and gradually looking at the sky near the sun as you build up your tolerance over time will strengthen your eyes and improve your vision causing pleasure not pain.  While staring at the sun can be damaging, just like getting a bad sunburn, gradually building up your time looking near the sun, for example at sunrise and sunset, is beneficial.  It is known that mules used in mines in Wales, living underground with only artificial light will go blind, while birds that wake with the sun and sleep when the sun goes down have remarkably keen vision.


Often headaches attributed to poor vision can be relieved by changes in diet or removal of impacted wisdom teeth, relieving the headache and allowing the eyes to regain normal focus, rather than resorting to prescription glasses to relieve the headache, which doesn’t necessarily work anyway.  When a headache is caused by the eyes, it can invariably be relieved by instructions in the principles of normal vision without resorting to glasses such as bringing the eyes to focus at an optimal distance of about 14 inches.  If you develop a headache don’t look to glasses as the cure, look for the root cause elsewhere.


There is much more in a book than can be explained in a blogpost, and over time I have purchased several additional ‘programs’ that offer additional insights and exercises to help improve and strengthen the eyes and I hope to provide more information in the future.  The basic message is that human beings are designed to have perfect vision without glasses.  If you are being taken down the rabbit hole of being prescribed glasses, or stronger and stronger glasses, consider taking action to cast away these crutches.  Either stop wearing glasses, or start wearing weaker glasses instead of stronger ones, and exercise your eye muscles as you would any other muscles to regain the normal healthy vision you were designed to have.


July 3, 2016



The Benefits of Sunlight


When I was 11 years old (in 1957) my family moved from Manhattan, one of the 5 borough’s of NY City, to Coney Island, at the southern tip of Brooklyn, another of the borough’s of NY City.  I grew up spending most of my summers on the beach.  The first week or two of each summer I worked at developing my tan so that I did not have to worry about getting a sunburn.  It was my understanding that sunlight was healthy and except for getting a severe sunburn there was no downside to sun exposure.   At no time during my early years did anyone ever warn me about the dangers of sun exposure or the risk of skin cancer from sun exposure.  I would start the summer with dark tanning oil (with no sunscreen) and within a week I would have a ‘healthy’ tan so that I no longer had to worry about getting a burn.  It was not until after using sunscreen (around 1990) that I developed skin cancer.  A girlfriend offered me her ‘dark tanning’ oil which I used for a week gradually increasing my exposure, but after a week I noticed that I was not getting any color.  I then noticed that her ‘dark tanning’ oil had an SPF of 4.  Assuming I had gotten some protection from the week I spent in the sun while using it, I spent a day in the sun without the sunscreen and got a severe burn with blistering on my feet.  It was shortly after that that I developed a basal cell carcinoma.


Today people are warned to avoid the sun at all costs, and when they go into the sun to cover themselves with clothing or sunscreen to avoid skin cancer.   Is the advise we are given about sunlight exposure as wrong as the advise we have been given about a low fat/high carb diet for our health?  Prior to the mass marketing of sunscreens melanoma skin cancer was lower near the equator and higher as we moved away from the equator.  Since the mass marketing of sunscreen the incidence of skin cancer has been increasing along with the use of sunscreen, although this could be due in part to the increase of pollutants in the air it certainly appears to be correlated with the increase in the use of sunscreen, just as the increase in heart disease correlated with the change from butter to margarine and the recommendation of a ‘low fat’ (high carb) diet..


As early as 1822 it was recognized that rickets in children was the result of lack of exposure to the sun.  80% of children in Europe suffered from rickets, and sunlight exposure was found to cure and prevent rickets.  In 1897 it was discovered that red light (mercury arc lamps) could cure Lupus Vulgaris, resulting in the 1903 Nobel Prize.  The following quote from a 1929 book titled “Sunlight and Heath” was recited by Nadine Artemis at Longevity Now Conference #11: “Sunlight is the first cosmetic.  Properly aired and sunlit skin becomes velvety supple tissue immune from anything of the nature of pimples and acne and incapable of infection.  Skin properly pigmented by sunbathing becomes firm and strong, yet delicate and soft followed by filling out of the exposed skin and smoothing away of wrinkles, and enhanced beauty is the outcome.”    In 1931 the US Government recommended giving babies “a coat of tan all over” gradually exposing them to avoid sunburn.  It was recognized that sun exposure stimulated growth and prevented rickets.   By 1939 sunlamps were being used in NY City to cure and prevent rickets.  Over 100 years ago doctors in Switzerland recognized that while tuberculosis was rampant at lower altitudes no one living at altitudes above 5,000 feet got tuberculosis.  A group of 36 clinics in the Swiss Alps successfully treated rickets, TB, Lupus and smallpox using nothing more than proper nutrition and heliotherapy,  where the treatment consisted of having the patients lay in the sun.

sunbathing in the alps


One of the acknowledged benefits of the sun is the production of Vitamin D.  The importance of vitamin D and the fact that it does not appear naturally in very many foods has resulted in supplementing it in foods such as milk but anyone studying Vitamin D levels will realize that Vitamin D levels are unfortunately low despite this.  Doctors consider a ‘normal’ level of Vitamin D to be 25 nannograms per milliliter (ng/ml), although many people are below even this level, but more advantageous levels appear to be between 50-75 ng/ml, with toxicity not occurring until over 150 ng/ml.  Toxicity can theoretically occur from extremely high oral doses but cannot occur from sun exposure since it is regulated by a negative feedback loop in the body that prevents toxicity.   Vitamin D refers to a group of fat soluble ‘secosteroids’  needed to facilitate the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc.  Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is converted in the liver to calcidiol (25 hydroxy vitamin D) which is measured in the blood and in the kidneys Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is converted to 125 di-hydroxyl vitamin D and Vitamin D3 is converted to calcitriol which is considered the biologically active form circulating in the blood and regulating calcium and phosphate to promote healthy bones and regulate neuromuscular and immune function.  While it was discovered while trying to find the dietary substance that was lacking that caused rickets, Vitamin D could be better classified as a hormone rather than a vitamin.


While Vitamin D supplementation can be beneficial, or even necessary where direct sunlight is inadequate, sunlight provides benefits beyond producing Vitamin D.  It helps regulate our circadian rhythm, helping regulate cortisol and melatonin production.  It produces beta endorphins (making us ‘feel good’ and more relaxed).  It promotes wound healing, stimulates the immune system, and despite warnings to the contrary, the infrared rays have been shown to reduce wrinkling of the skin.  It produces Nitric Oxide which stimulates blood circulation and reduces blood pressure, and (possibly due in part to Vitamin D production) it increases bone density.  It has even been suggested that if you eat a lot of greens (chlorophyll)  sunlight can penetrate the skin and active the chlorophyll directly producing additional energy.


Recommendations to get sun exposure  in early morning and evening but avoid it at noon is also misdirected.  The UVA rays which penetrate the skin more deeply, have been associated with skin cancer and can alter the immune system can more readily penetrate the atmosphere and skin in the morning and evening than UVB rays.  It is the UVB rays that are blocked by the atmosphere that stimulate the skin to produce melanin which is the bodies natural sunscreen which protects the skin from the harmful UVA rays and which produces the Vitamin D.  It is only when the sun is high in the sky that it facilitates Vitamin D production and this is why Vitamin D production is lower in the winter, probably contributing to the increase in colds and flu in the winter.


Of course precautions should be taken to prevent sunburn, such as gradually increasing sun exposure while building a healthy tan.  This is worth the effort to allow you to get the full benefits of sunlight exposure.  The UVB rays help in Vitamin D production and help produce beta endorphins (feel good hormones), although it is the UVB rays that can cause sunburn,  the UVB rays help produce melanin which gives us the tan to protect against the harmful UVA rays.  (This is why using sunscreen which primarily block the UVB rays to prevent us from tanning and burning as well as from producing Vitamin D makes us more vulnerable to the harmful effects of UVA rays)   UVA rays also stimulate the immune system, produces Nitric Oxide, helps wound healing and  helps produce beta endorphins so limiting it is good but avoiding it altogether may not be.  The blue light of the sun helps regulate our circadian rhythm, lowers melatonin levels and improves our mood.  (This is why ‘light box’ therapy is effective for seasonal effective disorder (SAD)).   The red and infrared light has been shown to improve wound healing and reduce wrinkles.   So embrace the sun.  Treat it with respect if you are not adjusted to it, but it is worth the effort to adjust to the sun so that you can enjoy it’s many benefits.


June 26, 2016



The Problem with Grain, Reevaluating Grain in our Diet

Bread is called “the staff of life”.  Our government tells us it should be a staple in our diet and part of any healthy diet and it has been strongly tied to some religious ceremonies, but is it really good for us?  We have come to recognize that sugar is addictive and that too much sugar in our diets is unhealthy and leads to obesity, diabetes and other health concerns, but many people don’t seem to realize that flour, particularly refined flour, is turned to sugar in our mouth by our saliva even before we swallow it adding to our sugar burden, weight gain and the sugar roller coaster that we often find ourselves on, and this is only the beginning of the problem.


All grains (seeds) contain ‘antinutrients’ such as phytates, oxalates and lectins.  These are the plants defense mechanisms that prevent the seed from being digested so that when eaten they are excreted intact and able to grow, with your feces as fertilizer.  When the seed is ground into flour the seeds cannot grow, but the antinutrients are still present in the flour inhibiting our digestive system from absorbing nutrients, such as vitamin E, that we think we are getting from the grain, assuming it hasn’t been refined so that the nutrients have already been stripped away.  In this case the antinutrients still interfere with the digestion of nutrients from other sources.


Of course some grains are more problematic than others. One of the protein polypeptides known as alpha-gliadin found in wheat, rye and barley is particularly problematic.  It is particularly irritating to the human digestive tract and often triggers autoimmune reactions, the most well known being celiac disease which causes inflammation of the digestive tract of some people, but there are many other problematic protein polypeptides in grains that can cause autoimmune diseases that effect many other systems of the body such as the thyroid (Hashimoto’s), the brain (Alzheimer’s), the joints (arthritis) and even the heart and circulatory system (heart disease) to name just a few.  But while the alpha-gliadin polypeptide is the most problematic, all grains (seeds) contain antinutrients and can cause problems with nutrient digestion.




As if this wasn’t bad enough some grains are genetically engineered to withstand spraying with chemical herbicides such as round-up, which contains glyphosate, originally patented as an antibiotic, which  inhibits plants from absorbing nutrients from the soil as well as interfering with and disrupting our microbiome. (The healthy bacteria in our gut that helps us digest our food)  and while wheat, is not genetically modified, it is still sprayed with round-up before harvest to kill the wheat and make it easier to harvest, so the wheat is also treated with an herbicide that disrupts our microbiome and impairs our digestion even if we are not sensitive to the wheat itself.


The US government recognized as early as 1943 that a high grain diet resulted in nutrient deficiency disease such as beriberi (lack of vitamin B1, also known as Thiamin), pellagra (lack of vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide or Niacin) and anemia (lack of vitamin B9, also known as Methyl Folate, which can also result in neural tube defects in the children of pregnant women who are lacking it).  As a result a law was passed requiring bread makers who stripped out the natural nutrients from their flour to replace them with a minimum of certain nutrients that were recognized as essential, however the bread makers were allowed to add synthetic forms of nutrients such as folic acid which was cheaper and easier to add instead of methyl folate which was the essential nutrient that the body needs which was stripped away. (see my previous blogpost for more information on this error of judgment).


The human body requires some essential fatty acids (EFA’s) e.g. Omega 3’s, and essential proteins (amino acids) but there are no essential carbohydrates and while a balanced diet is thought to include carbohydrates these are best gotten from fruits and vegetables.  It also requires a wide variety of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) which are found associated with fruits and vegetables.  There is no requirement for any grains in the human diet and for 99% of our history on this planet grain was not part of the human diet and we got along just fine without it. One of the earliest recorded uses of grain was the Egyptians growing it to feed their slaves.


While some people can tolerate grains better than others nobody requires them, and the grains that are available to us today, are stripped of their natural nutrients and often sprayed with pesticide and herbicide, mostly working against our health, even if we can ‘tolerate’ them, and while we ‘enjoy’ them, mostly because of their addictive properties, we would all be better off without them.  If you choose to eat grain you should choose to eat only whole grains and preferably sprouted grains.  Personally I though I had been developing rheumatoid arthritis since I was in my 40s and 50s and was taking supplements for it (e.g. Glucosamine Sulphate and MSM). I had been ‘educated’ to believe this was a lifelong condition that could be managed but inevitably would only get worse, but when I stopped eating grain within a few weeks my arthritis started “going away”.  While I still consider GS & MSM useful supplements I no longer need to take them to ‘relieve the pain from my arthritis’.


There are many other ‘conditions’ that have been documented to develop due to grain in our diets including heart disease, dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s) and more that develop over time while we are not even aware of them, unless we test for antibodies.  Should people eat grain?  In my opinion if people were concerned about their health and were aware of the dangers posed by grain they wouldn’t.  Flour and sugar would be classified with ‘those other’ refined white powders cocaine and heroine.  I would guess that if all were evaluated impartially refined white flour would come out worst for our health with sugar not far behind.