Blueprint to Utopia – After the Revolution

May 1, 2017

Blueprint to Utopia – After the Revolution


Anyone that’s paying attention is aware that there is much wrong with the healthcare system in our country, from the toxic chemicals that we are increasingly saturating our food and water supply and environment with, to a healthcare system that sees conditions like cancer become more common and which are treated with toxic chemotherapy and radiation, even as safer and more effective treatments have been developed; as we watch conditions like high blood sugar and high blood pressure ‘progress’ until they become ‘chronic diseases’ to ‘manage’, again, with toxic chemicals that do not help to heal the conditions but only ‘treats’ it as it continues to ‘progress’, while leaving the causes go unaddressed; to the toxic vaccines and vaccine schedules that we inflict on our children and elderly which cause more damage than they ‘theoretically’ prevent, even as the infant mortality rate increases and the life expectancy decreases; I could go on, but I think you get the idea.


While this situation appears to be getting worse, there are some shining lights such as Dr. Izabella Wentz, who has figured out how to heal Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for the ‘multitude’ after figuring out how to heal it for herself, a condition unfortunately becoming more common, but which has been, and continues to be, inappropriately treated by the ‘medical profession’, but except for those getting the information from her the ‘medical profession’ continues to unsuccessfully treat people with thyroid issues, if they recognize them at all, with ineffective drugs; to Dr. Terry Wahls who suffered from multiple sclerosis to the point where she was confined to a wheel chair while being treated conventionally until she began developing a nutritional protocol that totally reversed her multiple sclerosis, and while she labors to educate the public through books and programs the medical profession continues to insist on its ‘right’ to continue treating victims of multiple sclerosis with ineffective and counterproductive pharmaceutical drugs;  to Dr. Kelly Brogan who figured out how to help people heal from mental and emotional problems that the ‘medical profession’ would ‘treat’ with pharmaceuticals that only left them feeling worse while ‘addicted’ to the prescribed medications; to her mentor, the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzales who successfully treated the most hopeless cases of terminal cancer including many pancreatic cancer patients of 10-20 years who survived him; to Dr. Burzynski who figured out how to successfully treat children with ‘incurable’ brain cancer in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but his ‘practice’ was shut down on ‘technicalities’ so that children that could be easily ‘cured’ with antineostatins (protein segments found to be low in the blood/urine of children with brain cancer) continue to be scarred and maimed for the profit of the surgeons and radiologists rather than getting directed to Dr. Burzynski as a first stop for such conditions where his protocol would be appropriate, again I could go on to point out those who found a better way to treat conditions that our ‘medical profession’ continues to ‘treat’ with barbaric and counterproductive ‘standards of care’ which remain very profitable while doing little to resolve the suffering of it’s patients/victims.  These new methods of helping to heal need to not only be practiced but need to become the ‘standard of care’ replacing the barbaric, and what should be considered criminal, practices such as ‘routinely’ removing gall bladders and thyroid glands or watchful watching as diseases like diabetes and kidney failure ‘progress’ until they can be ‘treated’ as a ‘disease’ with inadequate pharmaceutical drugs and treatments, and mandating fraudulently marketed vaccines that do more harm than good.  Can this be done by ‘evolution’ or will it take a ‘revolution’


What will it take for ‘society’ to replace the  barbaric, inhumane, (but profitable for the pharmaceutical/chemical industry) ‘treatments’ and pharmaceutical drugs offered by our ‘medical profession’ with effective, natural solutions?  I don’t know.  Some say it will require a ‘revolution’ (peaceful or violent) to overthrow the existing power structure, much as slavery was abolished in the U.S. and apartheid was disassembled  in Africa. Others such as Jefferey Jaxen talks about Medical Civil Disobedience to oppose morally unjust laws and take back the medical profession from the pharmaceutical industry. (The forced vaccination being inflicted on US citizens is not only contrary to how some would interpret US law but is certainly illegal based on the Nuremberg Agreement (which the US is a signer of) which prohibits forced vaccinations)    Others await the return of Jesus Christ to make all things right, but if I understand bible prophesy correctly (which I’m not sure I do) even that will involve a chaotic upheaval of society.  Others continue to work to untangle individual strands of the web of evil that entangles our society in the hope that they can extract that thread or they can pull until the entire Gordian’s knot comes apart.


While I don’t know the ‘how’ of changing things and leave that others to resolve, (Maybe President Trump will be ‘enlightened’ by Robert F Kennedy Jr and led down the rabbit hole to a healthier society?  I can only hope!) I will make an effort to look ahead to the end result and try to envision what the society will look like after the revolution when we can appropriately address the sizeable obstacles that we face while moving toward healthier.


Since John and Ocean Robbins are the heads of the Food Revolution Network I expect it would only be appropriate to put them in charge of systematically cleaning up the food supply.  The FDA (and the CDC) will either be disbanded or redirected under leadership such as John Robbins.  This work will progress while medical treatments are reevaluated and ‘inappropriate’ and failed treatments will be replaced by evidence based cures.  Instead of waiting until someone develops diabetes and then ‘treating’ them as they become worse, people will be educated about the relationship between diet and health and at the earliest sign of diabetes (fasting blood sugar over 90 or 100?) they would be sent someplace like The Tree of Life Center in Arizona for a 2 or 3 week retreat/education on how to eat to feel better and get healthier at the same time.  For those initially found to have a more severely advanced medical condition somewhere like the Whittaker Wellness Center might be needed.   Committees will be formed with experts in both nutrition and medicine, including such superstars as Marjorie WildcraftBrigitte MarsDr Ritamarie Loscalzo and JJ Virgin  to help recreate a healthier food supply, and toxic ‘foodlike products’ found to be dangerous or unhealthy would be removed and replaced with healthier alternatives, made from ‘real food’ ingredients.  Raw milk, from grass fed cows, will return to being delivered fresh to your door as it was a century ago. 


We will also need to be moving in the direction of reducing what is currently a growing problem of polluting our environment.  From the toxic chemicals we are pouring into our environment to the toxic chemicals we are pouring into our bodies   When pharmaceutical drugs do not address the root cause of the diseases they are used to treat but only make things worse and a new way of approaching the condition is found to be more effective at preventing symptoms we should (after due diligence and appropriate verification) replace the failed methods with the clearly beneficial ones as the new ‘standards of care’.  When eating certain foods, or eliminating others, can help resolve diseases this should be widely proclaimed, instead of threatening the food producer for ‘making medical claims’.  (Of course false claims should still be prevented.)   When it is clear that thyroid conditions and gall bladder conditions can be resolved for people with these conditions instead of surgically removing the ‘dysfunctional’ organs they should be directed to people with programs that can heal (e.g. by Dr. Izabella Wentz, Dr. Ritamarie Lozcalzo, Dr. Eileen Kamhi (the Natural Nurse),  Dr. Peter Osborne, Dr. John Douillard and Dr Sachin Patel to name only a few) and where they can be appropriately treated it should be criminal for anyone claiming to be a ‘healer’ (e.g. doctors) to remove organs such as the thyroid or gall bladder when it is possible with appropriate treatment to return the dis-eased organ to proper function.  When people are found to have reduced kidney function the causes should be addressed so that the kidneys (as well as the rest of the body) can be returned to healthy function, and people who are on dialysis should be evaluated for the root cause of their kidney failure so that it can be addressed and hopefully they can regain kidney function and no longer need dialysis (something the multi-billion dollar dialysis industry refuses to acknowledge as a possibility), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is a misnomer suggesting there is no hope of regaining kidney function and in some/many cases that is not true.  Physical fitness and proper nutrition should be returned to the educational system, not based on the profits of industries that shape our food policy, but by the health outcome of the people eating the foods.  By this time it should be clear that the massive ‘experiment’ inflicted on our society over the last century with packaged ‘food-like substances’  (as explained so eloquently by Nina Teicholz in her book “The Big Fat Surprise”)  has been a failure.  Toxic meats from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) and toxic fruits and vegetables sprayed with toxins in the form of herbicides and pesticides has resulted in an increase in physical and mental dis-eases and should be removed from the food supply, and from all products impacting the health of people, animals and the planet.    Toxic plastics should be replaced by paper, glass or wood as appropriate so that the toxic chemicals involved in the creation, use and disposal of these plastics can be avoided despite the vast profits created by their use.


While there is no ‘Pharmaceutical Revolution Network’ (I checked Google) to take on the pharmaceutical industry it will also need to be called to task.  A glaring example of their misinformation is the polio vaccine.  As Dr. Rashid Buttar points out in episode 2 of The Truth About Vaccines, the polio epidemic was a direct result of DDT spraying (children were being sprayed with DDT in school cafeterias while eating their lunch).  The polio epidemic rose and fell with the use of DDT with a 6 month time lag.  By the time a vaccine for polio was developed DDT had already been ‘phased out’ and the incidence of polio has already essentially fallen to zero (although the chemical industry carefully avoided having any connection made) so the polio vaccine was essentially being given for a disease that no longer existed and the chemical industry went from selling DDT to selling vaccines.  After vaccines were developed the only cases of polio were in those given vaccines with ‘live’ polio in them.   If this vaccine, which is the cornerstone of our vaccine program, is clearly not necessary, what other vaccines are unnecessary?  Additional documentation shows that while measles and whooping cough had a 70% death rate in the mid 1800’s the death rate had began to fall by the end of the 1800’s due to improved sanitation and nutrition and continued to fall to essentially zero by the middle of the 1900’s so that by the time vaccines were introduced in the mid-1900’s the death rate had already essentially fell to zero before the vaccines were even introduced.  Would we actually be better off without any ‘toxic’ vaccines?  The scary part is that the only place you can be sure you can get the ‘bugs’ that the vaccines are designed to prevent is from the vaccine makers!  Certainly a healthy immune system will protect us from diseases as well as or better than vaccines that have been show to only offer ‘short term’ immunity while weaken our immune system.   Beyond vaccines, most pharmaceutical drugs are franken-copies of natural compounds found in plants, and the plant compounds are more healing and less harmful than the pharmaceutical industries patented molecules designed to have similar molecular structures, but twisted in some way so as not to resemble anything in nature.  The pharmaceutical industry must be made to see the error of its ways and either ‘voluntarily downsize’ or be held accountable for the damage it is doing and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, much as apartheid was reversed in Africa. 


Of course there is much more that needs to be done than can be explained in one blogpost, and I don’t claim to have all the answers, but hopefully someone wiser than me will be able to put it all together and I will be happy to know that I have offered them some inspiration as to what needs to be done.

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