Everything old shall be new again

January 3, 2018

Everything old shall be new again


There is an image of the New Year represented by an old man leaving and a baby replacing him.  Fortunately life doesn’t work that way or move that fast, at least not for people.  While life does go through cycles and history does repeat itself there are many cycles (daily, monthly and yearly being the most obvious) and what we can observe in a single lifetime limits our understanding of the ‘big picture’.  Apparently different cultures have different perceptions of the same events (e.g. Jewish, Christian and Moslem) and recorded history only gives us a limited view of what actually happened.  We hope that civilization is moving towards being more civilized and that life is moving toward healthier, but what we see around us suggests otherwise.


As we hear of ‘wars and rumors of war’ and we find our health as a society declining, with decreasing fertility rates and children having more ‘illnesses’ and shorter life spans then their parents, we must question what is going wrong.  It seems to me that people would prefer to live in peace and do not want to ‘go to war’, not even soldiers (particularly not soldiers, or at least most soldiers), but it is something necessitated by governments.  Similarly people want to be healthy and for the most part try to do what they think is right, but the information and products being provided to them by government does not serve that purpose.  It almost seems that the government is at war with it’s own citizens!


While International politics appear to be playing out on some ‘grand scheme’ that is beyond my understanding, what I understand about what is going on in the good old US of A makes it clear that there is much that needs to be ‘fixed’ here.  The most obvious, and what might be at the root of the rest, is the corruption of government by unethical big business interests.  The most recent of these is the apparent hijacking of the FCC with the appointment of a Verizon executive who is seeking to unilaterally give control of the airways to the industry that the FCC is intended to control allowing them to ‘restructure’ service and speed while limiting service availability and increase consumer costs and their profits for what can be considered the public airways.  The FCC unilaterally passed these laws with no oversight from congress or the people who use, and theoretically own, these airways. There are numerous legal challenges going through the courts; I can’t wait to see where that goes.  This reflects how the pharmaceutical industry took over the CDC using it not as a safety check for drugs but as a system to enforce mandates on drugs (vaccines) that are known by the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry to be neither safe or effective, although highly profitable to both.  Similarly the FDA, charged with verifying the safety of food and drugs, has redefined its purpose, choosing to redefine a food as a drug if it alleges to have health benefits  while allowing dangerous drugs to claim health benefits based on fraudulent ‘studies’ and only after they have been clearly shown to kill and injure thousands of people, and after they have earned millions/billions of dollars, are they required to be taken off the market with the only penalties being fines representing a small fraction of the profits.


Clearly the current structure of government agencies controlled by the industries they were intended to regulate is not what the founding fathers had in mind.  The constitution clearly spells out how laws are made and I found nothing in the constitution about the legislative branch delegating the authority to pass laws to government agencies.  Maybe I missed something but it seems to me that any laws made unilaterally by government agencies are essentially unconstitutional, but I continue to be surprised, for example while I knew alcohol prohibition and its repeal were established by amendments to the constitution, requiring ratification by the states, I always thought that ‘marijuana’ (cannabis) was similarly prohibited by an amendment to the constitution. I recently realized that the 1937 law prohibiting marijuana was simply a tax act passed by congress and signed by the president imposing an excise tax on certain dealers to safeguard the revenue, then they simply refused to allow the payment of the tax.  


Just as representatives of the colonies got together at the Continental Congress to draft the Articles of Confederation and just like a Constitutional Convention was called in Philadelphia in 1787 to draft the Constitution which was ratified by 9 states in 1788 to make it official, followed by George Washington being elect as the first president of the United States the following year, a similar restructuring is needed now to redefine the United States and it’s obligations to it’s citizens. It is time for the United States to transform once again.  The Constitution was established to allow the U.S. to expand westward.  It is time to stop expanding and learn to live as a mature citizen in the world.   This assembly would need to address the evolved geography.  As Washington DC was central to the original colonies someplace in Texas might better represent the center of mass of the US as it exists today, and since Texas is currently establishing a state gold suppository (similar to what Fort Knox once was for the US government) it clearly has a better grasp on reality than the federal government.  Would Texas continue as the lone star state or would it assume non-state status as Washington DC now has?   One of the primary issues on the agenda would of course need to be the abuses that government agencies have evolved to facilitate.  All laws established by government agencies would need to be categorically reviewed and evaluated and replaced by a set of appropriate laws/regulations established as appropriate to be in line with the ideals of the founding fathers and the needs of current society.


With the federal deficit growing out of control, and with no end in sight, the beginning of a solution would be to disassemble or downsize these agencies which have evolved to do more harm than good to the health and well being of the citizenry in addition to inflate the budget.  One large budget item that can be slashed is the billions being paid for a mandatory and ever expanding vaccination schedule.  As soon as it is exposed that vaccines are neither safe or effective and are clearly doing more harm than good the government should stop mandating vaccines and stop paying the pharmaceutical industry for them.  The vaccine industry, and the CDC which it controls, is currently trying to do away with informed consent because if people were fully informed they would never consent; a better approach would be to do away with mandated vaccines.  This will not only save money for the cost paid to the vaccine industry but also reduce the cost of treatments for vaccine injuries, and I don’t think many people realize what a large part of health care that constitutes, thereby reducing the cost of healthcare in general.  I expect current, or improved, standards of sanitation and nutrition will insure we do not have any new outbreaks of deadly diseases or plagues. (unless the vaccine/chemical industry unleashes them in retaliation;The greatest threat if we stop vaccinating is a spread of deadly germs by the vaccine makers to create an apparent need to start vaccinating again)  This will also reduce the incidence of all sorts of seemingly unrelated autoimmune diseases and allergies.  When real food such as vegetables, seeds and nuts are allowed to tell you what documented health benefits can be gained from eating them, and synthetic chemicals in food and medicine are required to be revealed for what they are  so that the documented dangers and side effects of these substances are acknowledged and revealed so that they can either be removed or used with due caution, we can begin to heal from the damage these chemicals are causing.


It seems the real threat is not from Islamic terrorists or crazy foreign governments, but from big business and the chemical industry in control of government which seeks to bully its way into our food supply and health care system not only to the detriment of the US population but to the entire world, even as it was in Nazi Germany culminating in World War II.   Can we stop the chemical industry from polluting our environment both internally and externally, not only mandating (toxic) vaccines (with the mandate of Hepatitis B vaccine and synthetic vitamin K injections on the first day of life the US now leads the world  in infant mortality on the first day of life) and selling dangerous prescription drugs (patent medicine) as ‘safe and effective’, while working to outlaw the healthiest of food (e.g. raw milk from grass fed cows and cannabis) and warning us against healthy foods such as eggs and coconut oil, while selling us toxic food, and adding toxic waste (fluoride and chlorine) into our drinking water (thereby instead of having to pay the cost of disposing of these toxic wastes they are having us pay them for it with the false/fabricated promise of health benefits), while poisoning our soil so that we will not even be able to grow healthy food that is not (‘genetically’?) engineered to withstand the toxicity.  With the pharmaceutical industry expanding the availability and use of prescription opioids so that more people are dying from prescription opioids in one year (64,000 in 2016 and increasing) than US soldiers died in the Vietnam and Iraqi wars combined during the entire conflict and equivalent to many times the death rate from September 11, 2001, while seeking to outlaw real food like raw milk from grass fed animals and simple plants that have been proven to assist in withdrawal from opioids as well as assisting in the pain that opioids are being prescribed for such as cannabis and kratom while promoting toxic chemicals being sprayed on our food that further degrade our health.  We need to acknowledge that food is the real medicine and that pharmaceutical drugs do not cure or heal, but only drain nutrients from the body and perpetuate and exacerbate illness and declining health.


With or without a constitutional convention many fallacies that are being ‘sold’ to the American people need to be corrected, from the recognition of food as medicine to the recognition of vaccines as a weapon of mass deception.  “If the food is right there is no need for medicine and if the food is not right the medicine is of no use”  Our government appears to be encouraging a toxic food supply while suppressing a healthy one; ‘pushing’ addicting prescription pain killers where not needed while suppressing plants that can better serve the purpose more effectively and more safely.  It encourages a diet based on high carbohydrate consumption with an emphasis on sugar and refined flour and void of living enzymes and nutrients to the detriment of the health of the people.   For decades it has let ‘big sugar’ (as the forerunner of big pharm?) put the blame for declining health on cholesterol, saturated fat and salt, refusing to acknowledge the connection between a high carb diet and elevated weight, blood insulin, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse rate and many other markers of distress in the body, resulting in a decline in health as ‘government standards’ driven by ‘big business’ strip our diets of necessary nutrients and replacing them with empty calories and toxic trans fats and oils, and it is now allowing ‘big pharm’ to build an industry out of perpetuating sickness (the ‘health care’? industry) while suppressing the real healing arts that reveal themselves through Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional American medicine.  ‘Patent medicine’ is another fraud that is being perpetuated against us that can only perpetuate itself by seeking to suppress the truth about how the body can heal itself and the natural ways to facilitate this healing.



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