Evolution of an anti-vaxxer

June 3, 2017

Evolution of an anti-vaxxer


Growing up I was not aware of any problems with vaccines.  The problems with vaccines only started to manifest themselves to me after a law was passed in 1986 exempting the drug makers (the pharmaceutical industry) and doctors from any liability for ‘vaccine damages’.  Since then it’s become clear that there has always been a ‘problem’ with vaccines (which is apparently why the law was necessary) and its only gotten worse since the drug industry is free to inflict itself on us with no fear of legal consequences.  It appears the drug manufacturers have been flimflamming populations and governments, hiding the adverse reactions while bragging about the illusory and possibly nonexistent protection that vaccines are alleged to provide.  Two docu-series have recently been broadcast on the internet:  Vaccines Revealed and The Truth about Vaccines.  Between them they provide compelling evidence that vaccines are neither safe or effective and it appears that war has been declared and is being waged against us by the vaccine industry, in collusion with the sugar industry, food industry and the pharmaceutical industry all under the banner of a ‘chemical conglomerate’ that has infiltrated all aspects of government.  This war is being waged not only in the offices of ‘big business’ and government but also in the media, from television to google to Wikipedia .  Even after becoming aware of this information about vaccines I was amazed at my inability to find it on google or Wikipedia!



  An example of the audacity of the chemical industry was, after GMO crops were introduced, when the pollen of GMO corn drifted onto the crops of non-GMO corn growing nearby Monsanto had the nerve to sue the non-GMO farmers for growing their ‘patented corn’ ‘without a license’.  Similarly the vaccine industry is claiming that non-vaccinated people are a threat to the vaccinated, when in fact it is the vaccinated children who ‘shed’ the virus they get from the vaccine, thereby spreading the germs to the unvaccinated.  If vaccines were effective the vaccinated would have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated or the diseases they were vaccinated against.   Much damage is being done by vaccines, which the vaccine industry and the CDC (allegedly an agency of the US government intended to protect the people but in fact a shill for the vaccine industry) are well aware of, but they have been trying to destroy and/or distort the data to minimize the documented adverse effects of vaccines, ranging from ‘sudden death’, to autism, to allergies and other ‘autoimmune diseases’.   How many parents are in jail for shaking their child to death while trying to get them to stop screaming hysterically, better to blame the parent than associate the death with a vaccination.  The only way the unvaccinated are a ‘threat’ is if the parents of the vaccinated realize that the unvaccinated children are healthier than their children (less allergies and documented behavioral problems)  before the industry succeeds at having everyone vaccinated.   The simple fact is that those with the lowest mandated vaccination schedule have the lowest health problems and the unvaccinated are the healthiest of all.


The history of ‘mercury poisoning’ goes back even before vaccines when a product called Calomel containing mercurous chloride was sold by Parke, Davis & Co as a teething solution for infants.  It was found to cause ‘pink disease’, (with symptoms identical to autism) in children and was taken off the market.  (Subsequently the rate of autism among survivors of pink disease was 1 in 25 at the time the rate of autism among the general population was 1 in 160).   Mercury was first tested in vaccines sent to veterinarians for use in dogs, but the veterinarians reported back that they did not want this vaccine because of adverse reactions in dogs.  It was then ‘repurposed’ into vaccines for children.  Shortly after mercury was first introduced into vaccines the first ‘cluster’ of autism occurred with the birth of  Virginia S born September 13, 1931 being the first documented case.  As the level of mercury has been increasing in the vaccine schedule the rate of autism has been increasing as well.   It now appears that while the danger of thimerosal has been documented the data documenting this has been hidden and/or destroyed by the CDC, in collusion with the vaccine industry.  The CDC has been documented to be acting in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry to suppress the truth about vaccine dangers with no consideration of the health of the people that the CDC was intended to protect but it now appears the CDC (and other ‘government agencies) are more ‘invested’ in protecting the pharmaceutical industry and ‘big business’.   I expect that the only thing surprising those in charge of the vaccine program is that at the levels of mercury currently being used they haven’t yet reach ‘LD50’ (The Lethal Dose at which 50% of the ‘subjects’ die), although I expect it would not be hard to connect vaccines to the recent phenomena of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), or the number of cases of parents going to jail for shaking their child to death while trying to stop them from screaming uncontrollably.   I believe that the ‘vaccine courts’ have already paid out  about 3 billion dollars in cases where there was undeniable evidence of vaccine damage, but most (over 80%) cases that go before the ‘special masters’ are turned down alleging insufficient proof/documentation that the ‘damage’ to the child was caused by the vaccine. (‘association in time does not prove causation’)  Additionally it has been found that many/most cases of clearly documented vaccine damage are not even reported to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting service).  Then there is the question of subtle damage that isn’t even noticed by parents, or whose doctors are instructed to advise them that ‘it’s normal’. While the toxicity was clearly documented and many countries banned thimerosal in vaccines over 20 years ago the US not only continues its use but continues to expand and mandate its use despite documented adverse effects.


While adjutants such as aluminum (which is also toxic) is used in parts per million mercury was so toxic it was initially evaluated at parts per billion.  It was considered so toxic that in 1948 an AMA study determined that 2 parts per billion would be the upper limit of safety for mercury in drinking water, yet it was determined to be ‘safe’ to use 20 micrograms (bringing it to 50,000 parts per billion) in flu shots injected directly into the body bypassing the digestive system where it could be ‘filtered out’.  Instead the mercury has been found to ‘migrate’ through the body and into the brain.  The mercury is so toxic that if a doctor drops a vial and it breaks the room is supposed to be evacuated and a hazmat team called to clean it up because of the potential toxicity of the mercury vapors, but it is considered safe to inject directly into the bloodstream!  Somehow  that doesn’t seem to make any sense, and defies logic and reason.  (Making the danger worse is injecting mercury together with aluminum as is done with multiple vaccines given the same day which increases the toxicity and adverse reactions exponentially.)


Clearly mercury (and aluminum) are not safe!  Are they at least effective in giving us immunity to the diseases they are being used to protect us from?  Apparently not.  Vaccines provide at best short term immunity, if any immunity at all, while weakening our immune system, whereas exposure to measles or mumps provide lifetime immunity while strengthening our immune system.   It has been documented 20 years ago that the measles vaccine causes measles,  and more recently an outbreak at Disneyland and an ‘epidemic of over 1,000 people in New York and New Jersey that got measles, most of whom were vaccinated against it, clearly demonstrate that vaccination does not prevent measles. 


The vaccine industry would argue that disease like measles and whooping cough have been eliminated by vaccinations, however others would point out that while measles and whooping cough were deadly disease in the 1800’s with approximately half of the people getting these diseases dying, by the early 1900’s, largely due to improved sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, the incidence of these diseases and the death rate associated with them had begun to drop so that by the 1950’s when vaccines were introduced the death rate for both of these diseases had already fallen to essentially zero and the incidence was also already on the way to zero.  Despite this ‘inconvenient truth’ the vaccine industry was quick to take credit for eliminating diseases that had already become innocuous before the vaccines were even introduced.


Even more scandalous, it appears vaccines never even actually eliminated polio, which they take the credit for.  First, it was established by Sister Elizabeth Kenney in Australia that polio could be ‘cured’ (or prevented?) by simply changing the treatment method.  She subsequently relocated to Minnesota where she ran a clinic treating polio victims.    Also, as I mentioned last month, it was pointed out by Dr. Rashid Buttar in episode 2 of The Truth about Vaccines that the polio epidemic was caused not by a ‘polio virus’ but by DDT (and a high sugar diet?).  The polio epidemic rose and fell with the use of DDT with a six month lag time.  Advertising campaigns were ran advising that “DDT is good for me” and It was sprayed on children in school cafeterias while they ate lunch.  Apparently the connection was made on some level and DDT was ‘phased out’ and the rate of polio decreased so that by the time the polio vaccine was introduced the rate of new polio cases had already fallen essentially to zero, although it was never acknowledged that there was a connection between polio and DDT.  Meanwhile the chemical industry replaced DDT with the polio vaccine as a revenue stream while claiming to ‘cure’ the ‘polio epidemic’.  After the polio vaccine was introduced the only cases of ‘polio-like symptoms’ resulted from vaccination with the ‘live’ polio vaccine. 



  If you scrape yourself on a rusty nail will a tetanus shot actually prevent tetanus?   If you are bitten by a rabid animal will a rabies vaccine prevent you from getting rabies? If you are going to a country with malaria does the malaria vaccine actually protect you? If so (and I have come to question even these) it is possible that there is some potential  value to some vaccines. The tetanus and rabies vaccines only act short term and are only used in case of exposure to the infectious agent, but I’m still surprised the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t mandated these vaccines for infants (yet, it didn’t stop them from ‘mandating’ injecting hepatitis B vaccines to newborn infants at birth even if the mother is Hep B negative and there is no risk of the infant developing the disease).  The vaccine industry has recently initiated an effort for mandatory malaria vaccinations of all children in Africa.  Why now?  Apparently malaria is on the verge of being wiped out just with improved sanitation and nutrition and, like measles and whooping cough the vaccine industry seeks to step in and take credit for something that was about to be eliminated anyway.  Additionally it has recently been documented that the herb sweet wormwood (long known by the herbal community to rid he body of worms and parasites, in fact that is where it got is name) is 100% effective in curing malaria even in ‘terminal’ cases where conventional medicine had failed.  18 people who were terminally ill with malaria after all standard medication had failed (between the ages of 5 and 60, including an 8 year old in a coma) were all completely cured in 5 days with no parasites found in their blood.



 The concept of vaccinating all infants against a myriad of diseases that they will probably never be exposed to, and if at some point they are exposed the chances are that any immunity they received as infants will have worn off by the time it is needed anyway, is clearly ‘overkill’.  Their immune systems are compromised reducing their ‘natural’ immunities and they are subject to a myriad of conditions ranging from ‘sudden death’, to autism, to an increase in the incidence of allergies and autoimmune diseases. 


A perfect  example of ‘overkill’ is the hepatitis B vaccine, originally given to children of Hepatitis B positive mothers and then for some irrational reason designated as mandatory for all children at birth.  Not only is this useless for children of Hepatitis B negative mothers, but studies have shown that of children born of Hepatitis B positive mothers those who are vaccinated are just as likely to become infected (40% chance) as those who are not vaccinated!  So this vaccination offers no protection to anyone.  It would be better to try to evaluate/investigate the ‘natural immunity’ developed by the 60% of children of Hepatitis B positive mothers that don’t develop it.   Another example of an unnecessary and dangerous vaccine is the HPV vaccine offered to young girls, and even to young boys! which offers questionable immunity and much risk.  The list goes on.


In Leicester England after ‘mandatory’ vaccines were introduced there was an epidemic of outbreaks of ‘adverse reactions’.  The parents got together to protest the mandatory vaccines.  It was argued that if vaccinations were stopped there would be a worse outbreak, but when vaccinations were stopped the incidence of outbreaks went down. (Although this information has apparently been purged from internet searches by the bias of search engines)  Mandatory vaccination in the US largely goes back to the case of Davidson vs Massachusetts in 1905 when vaccination was mandated due to a smallpox outbreak, but even then  people had the option to ‘opt out’ and pay a $5 fine and the question remains, was the epidemic wiped out due to vaccination or proper hygiene and sanitation?  While some countries, such as Canada and Australia, take the same position as the US with government mandates requiring vaccinations, and other countries, such as Korea and Vietnam, are following suit by increasing vaccination rates to  levels comparable to the US,  only to find the rate of autism increasing accordingly, there are at least 10 countries in the European Union that have no mandatory vaccinations.  Sweden’s parliament has recently upheld that mandatory vaccination would violate the rights of its citizens under its constitution.  There is a growing awareness of the potential dangers of vaccines and a growing number of people in the US who are demanding their rights not to vaccinate under the US constitution (as well as the Nuremberg Agreement, of which the US is a signer) and a civil rights attorney, Patricia Finn, whose practice is in part around helping the Vaccine Injured had a case working its way through the courts questioning mandatory vaccinations by the State of New York.


It appears to be just a matter of time before the absurdity of mandatory vaccinations is realized and it is recognized that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children and the entire world will realize it has been duped by the pharmaceutical industry with respect to ‘modern medicine’ in general and vaccines in particular.  It is a sad state of affairs that the US government is so invested in perpetuating the myths fabricated by the pharmaceutical industry.  Can sanity be restored to the medical system in the US? Will it be necessary for the entire US government to be ‘disassembled’ in order to extricate the medical profession from the pharmaceutical industry as it was for the German government to be disassembled during World War II?  Only time will tell.

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