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May 25, 2016



Hello World


My own health journey has inspired me to create this website to share information I have gained in my first 70 years that I think might be helpful to others.  While my education and experience is wide ranging the particular condition that inspired me to get started with this website was my kidney condition.  In 2003 my kidneys were weak and ‘failing’.  My creatinine was 7.9 (normal is under 1), I was anemic and my kidneys were not producing Procrit (needed to make red blood cells) and a sonogram showed my kidneys were shriveled.  Several conventional doctors advised me that my condition was irreversible and I should prepare for dialysis.  The only ray of hope was from one Ayurvedic doctor who assured me that weak kidneys could heal and recommended some diet changes, lifestyle changes and supplements and my kidneys began to heal, to the surprise of my conventional doctor, but instead of trying to find out what I did to heal my kidneys, they told me to keep doing what I was doing, but they also kept doing what they were doing leading people with weak kidneys down the path to dialysis.  Since they offer others no help I decided to be a voice crying out in the wilderness and tell all who would listen that weak kidneys can heal and I can tell you how to do it with nothing more than diet and lifestyle changes and some targeted supplements.


Along the way I also lost 50 pounds in 6 months and ‘cured’ my arthritis by going grain free, dropped my blood pressure from 212/120 to under 120/80 in 2 years. I also improved my vision from 20:300 to 20:40 without surgery, just by stopping wearing glasses and doing certain exercises (The ‘Bates’ method), although this took many years, but that’s another story, and I learned how to regrow hair on top of my head (without surgery) after going bald, using certain techniques including massage therapy.  if you saw me today you would think my hair was ‘thinning’ but considering that 15-20 years ago I had no hair on the top of my head I would say it is ‘thickening’.


I am also distraught by some of the recommendations of the government and health professionals.  The fat phobia that drove a generation to a high grain diet that resulted in obesity and multiple allergies and autoimmune diseases are currently being reconsidered and, hopefully, the use of margarine instead of butter and the high vaccination rate that we are experiencing which results in weakened immune systems and a rise in autoimmune diseases will also be reevaluated.  The simple truth is that the decrease in diseases up of the last century was mostly due to improvements in sanitation and started before the drive to increase vaccination’s, while congress passed laws making the drug companies immune from any responsibility for the damage done by their vaccines.  I am also glad to see the reevaluation of marijuana by society.  I first encountered marijuana while in Vietnam and have much to say about it.   The fear of the sun and overuse of sunscreens also needs to be reevaluated.  The facts are before the use of sunscreen skin cancer was highest away from the equator and lowest near the equator where there was the highest exposure to the suns rays, and the incidence of skin cancer has been steadily increasing along with the increased use of sunscreen.  A social commentary also needs to address the governments current structure of protecting big business, including agribusiness, and the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of the people the government is supposed to protect.  This is being addressed by some (such as Mike Adams, the ‘Health Ranger’) but more needs to be done to make the government change course, but its like trying to change the course of an ocean liner or battleship at sea.


All I can do is offer a voice of reason and sanity and hope to make a difference for good in the world.  I don’t know how much of an impact I can have and I have a certain amount of anxiety about being ‘shot down’ by the powers that be, but I invite you to tag along.  I expect to offer some useful information that will make your life healthier and happier and I welcome your feedback.

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