Let my healing journey help you with yours

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Within 6 months of retiring in April 2014 I lost 50 pounds, within 2 years I dropped my blood pressure from 212/120 to 120/80 (without blood pressure medication) and my arthritis, which had persisted for years, faded away.  My kidney function, which caused many nephrologists to warn me to prepare for dialysis, has also been steadily improving so that I no longer have that concern.

If you are suffering from any of the chronic diseases of old age, or even the less severe diseases of life, such as allergies or asthma, there are simple changes you can make in your life to resolve these issues.  The diseases attributed to aging are actually attributable to lifestyle; the foods we eat, the lifestyles we live and getting proper rest and relaxation.  All of this can be corrected causing our health to improve.  Much information is out there.  Let me direct you to the sources of the information I have found.  Tell me what you are suffering from and let me guide you to the help you need where it's available.  While I am not an expert there are many experts that I have found that can help with most conditions people suffer from with information that most doctors are not aware of.

Our medical profession is great for acute conditions.  If I get hit by a bus I would want to be taken to the nearest emergency room, but unfortunately its treatment of chronic conditions leaves much to be desired.  Usually it just manages the symptoms, invariably as they get worse.  It does little or nothing to help you regain your health.  As a certify transformational nutrition coach I can offer simple non-medical changes you can make to regain your good health and turn back the clock on many of the progressive conditions attributed to aging.