How the Deck is Stacked

July 3, 2017

How the deck is stacked


Literature is filled with commentary about how irrational and corrupt society can becomes.  From classics like Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver’s Travels to newer classics like 1984 and Animal Farm.  Some would say fiction is a way to expose the absurdities of society without directly addressing them soas to avoid the retribution of the authorities imposing these absurdities, but these ‘reflections’ on reality don’t come close to the horrors of the realities documented in history, from Gallileo who was imprisoned for suggesting that the Sun is the center of the universe and not the Earth to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis who proposed handwashing to prevent infection of mothers in childbirth and was rewarded by being declared insane and committed to a mental hospital where he died two weeks later of sepsis, the same type of infection he had been seeking to protect people from.


Dr. Semmelweiss became a doctor in the mid 1840’s and was distressed by the 15% death rate of women after childbirth at the hospital at which he worked in Vienna.   This was a mystery to his colleagues who blamed it on ‘bad air’.  He theorized that the infections were carried by doctors from autopsy rooms to maternity wards where they delivered babies and instituted a policy of handwashing with chlorinated lime before going from autopsies to deliveries and in a little over a year bought the death rate down to zero.  In his ferver to encourage his colleagues to adopt this handwashing practice elsewhere he invoked their disfavor and was met by hostility, causing him to move back to Budapest where he repeated this success at St. Rochus Hospital.  Again he met resistance getting this policy adopted by his colleagues to which he responded with hostility, calling them ‘ignorant murderers’ in open letter.   Some references suggest he became depressed and absent-minded and even that some thought he might be suffering from dementia, but it seems to me he had a natural reaction to the opposition he met to a simple procedure that would inevitably save many lives.  He published his findings in 1861 but they were met with hostility by the ‘medical establishment’.  In 1865 he was tricked into visiting a mental hospital where he was forcibly restrained in a straight jacket and he died two weeks later of septicemia  Twenty years after his death his work formed the basis of the ‘germ theory’ of disease as developed by others including Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister.  In 1891 his body was transferred to Vienna and in 1898, nearly 30 years after his death, a statue of him was erected in his honor.


More recently, in the 1970’s, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a ‘protein fragment’, which he called antineoplastons, that existed in high concentrations in the urine of healthy people but were low in the urine of cancer patients.  He extracted these antineoplastons from urine and used them as a treatment that proved particularly successful in reversing brain tumors in children causing the tumors to simply dissolve as well as various other forms of cancer, even terminal patients that had been declared ‘incurable’ after all forms of chemotherapy and radiation had failed were healed by his treatment.   Initially there was the ‘yuk’ factor of using a urine extract to cure cancer, but later he was able to ‘manufacture the antineoplastons in a lab.  This did not stop the FDA (in collusion with the National Cancer Institute and the pharmaceutic industry, who’s profits were threatened by such a potentially simple ‘cure’) from persecuting him and trying to prevent him for continuing his work by preventing him from treating patients, not because his treatments were ineffective, but because he did not comply with their restrictions, preventing him from expanding his treatment elsewhere or treating over 2,000 patients at the Mayo Clinic and Sloan Kettering who he could have potentially cured, and limiting his treatment of children with brain cancers to those that had already been unsuccessfully treated by chemotherapy and radiation.  At least one child who died after his treatment was found at autopsy to be cancer free and the cause of death was determined to be the residual effect of radiation poisoning.                                


There are many examples of people ‘suffering for trying to do the right thing’.  The classic example of another ‘healer’ who was put to death for doing good is Jesus; the most violent act he committed was ‘chasing the money-changers out of the temple’ but apparently that was enough to evoke their wrath.


There are unfortunately many examples of bad medical advise being authoritatively passed down from the ‘powers that be’; From the dissemination of neurotoxins (fluoride in our water, aspertame in our ‘soft drinks’, antibiotics in our meat, glyphosate in our vegetables), to bad health advise like avoiding the sun like ‘the plague’, striving to ‘lower our cholesterol’, avoiding healthy fats while encouraging ‘gorging’ on unhealthy carbohydrates and toxic fats, and demonizing the most powerful medicinal plant on the planet to prevent it from competing with big industries like the textile and pharmaceutical industries.  It is hard to imagine that all of this bad advise could come about due to ignorance rather than malintent. What have been established throughout many societies over thousands of years as ‘healthy practices’ have been turned upside down over the last century despite the clear damage it is doing to the health and wellness of the population in order to protect the financial interests of the polluters.  


But what do we do when our government has been usurped, and the bureaucrats we send to Washington no longer have control?  We have reached a point where ‘big business’ (Monsanto?) now controls the government and runs the military using it to wage an illegal war against its citizens.   It now appears that the military is currently conducting ‘weather control’ experiments regularly releasing contrails of aluminum, barium, strontium, sulfuric acid and other toxic substances into the atmosphere worldwide to ‘influence’ the weather, thereby poisoning the soil, killing natural vegetation and opening up a market for Monsanto’s genetically engineered aluminum resistant seeds.  This became clear to Kristen Meghan while serving in the Air Force as a bioenvironmental engineer tracking the militaries impact on the environment, she was ‘driven out’ of the military in 2010 when she questioned this and she has been sounding the alarm ever since.  This is further exposed in the documentary movie “What in the World are They Spraying” 


Our government has been hijacked by those whose interest is financial rather than humanitarian.   Since the middle of the last century the chemical/pharmaceutical industry has not only succeeded in establishing itself as the authority, but has ruthlessly destroyed any alternative (and more beneficial) perspective, creating a monopoly in medical schools, driving competing systems of though, such as schools of chiropractic, out of business.  Declaring cannabis a dangerous drug, overriding the evidence of thousands of years, even the AMA at the time advised the government after ‘marijuana’ was made illegal that if they had known that ‘marijuana’ was ‘cannabis’ they would have objected because cannabis was such a valuable medicinal plant, but the law was snuck through based on hysterical ranting with no basis in reality other than the false reality it created.  Replacing the commonly recognized benefits of the sun with an irrational and unjustified fear of the sun by attributing the sun as a cause of cancer rather than recognizing the pollutants being increasingly introduced into the environment as a major factor.  Turning the dairy industry from a source of healthy nutrition into a toxic soup, while banning healthy raw dairy to the people as an alternative based on the theory that it can ‘potentially’ contain harmful bacteria while the same bacteria is often found to contaminate vegetable products but there is no effort made to ban the vegetables that can as easily be contaminated by these bacteria.  


It’s an unfortunate state of affairs that whenever an effort is made by men to create a saner society, other men come along to corrupt that society.  Our founding fathers understood this and did their best to prevent men from corrupting the government that they lived under, but it appears almost inevitable that corruption will creep in.  The founding fathers recognized this and made it clear that when government fails to serve the best interests of the ‘governed’ it is their right, and their obligation, to correct these errors.  This is what they did when they replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.  In order to justify mandatory taxation of the states by the federal government they adopted an expansionistic policy, similar to the countries of Europe who were seeking to establish colonies in their ‘backyard’, they designed a plan to increase their ‘sphere of influence’ by allowing nearby territories to join for mutual protection.  They devised a system of checks and balances to assure equal representation across geographical and economic strata.  Unfortunately most of the founding fathers also suffered physically or financially because of their ethical stand with some dying in poverty for their ‘political convictions’, and inevitably the ‘checks and balances’ they established were corrupted by those whose personal interests overruled the protection of the ‘common good’.


 Government needs to rethink the current structure that supports monopolies of self-interest and somehow attempt to replace it with a structure that supports the common good and the well-being of individuals, as well as ‘society’.  (Personally I like the StarTrek model)  The AMA has become a self perpetuating monopoly of those seeking to protect their monopoly rather than working to improve the outcome of its ‘customers’.    The medical establishment needs to be restructured or replaced with a system that promotes health by establishing a system of best practices based on outcome (much like the automotive industry does in an effort to create safer cars) rather than simply monitoring the progression of disease.  Government agencies that were created to protect the public have been hijacked by those that the agencies were intended to protect the public from.  The FDA has been taken over by industrial polluters that use the agency to suppress small businesses seeking to provide healthy alternatives; The CDC has been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry who seeks to protect its financial interests with no concern for the damage being done by promoting their products and practices, while suppressing knowledge of the inadequacy of its practices or the availability of healthier alternatives; The EPA has been taken over by the same polluters it was designed to protect against who use it as a tool to protect their rights to continue to pollute the environment. Our food and water supply need to be restructured to provide a continuing supply of healthy food, rather than an endless supply of toxic, although shelf-stable foodlike substances.  


It seems we are past due for another constitutional convention to restructure society soas to take power away from those working against the interests of the people, who have co-opted government for their own interests, and yet it is these same polluters/criminals in seats of power that stand in the way of such a restructuring!







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