Insulin Resistance; The Black Plague of the 21st Century

December 4, 2017

Insulin Resistance; The Black Plague of the 21st Century

Insulin Resistance (an early sign of inflammation?) is recognized as a predecessor of diabetes and other ‘complications’ such as heart disease (starting with high blood pressure and/or erectile dysfunction), kidney disease, blindness, dementia (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) and cancer, to name a few ‘conditions’ that can be associated with insulin resistance with or without diabetes.  As the death rate from diabetes and  heart disease and other associated diseases continues to increase it is clearly reaching the proportion of the population dying from them at 50%, if it doesn’t already exceed that, which is the proportion of the population of Europe that dies from the black plague in the 14th century.    This is happening not only in our country, which would make it an epidemic, but worldwide, making it a pandemic, as a result of changing peoples diets from their natural diet to a diet of packaged food-like products (e.g. cookies, cakes and crackers to replace food and Coke and Pepsi to replace water) while poisoning the air, water and soil..


Insulin resistance, and subsequently diabetes as well as other associated diseases, develop slowly over time as a result, at least in large part, due to a continuous elevation of insulin which results from a continuous high carb diet without sufficient nutrients provided by real live food to help the body process it.  Of course there are other things that contribute such as ‘refined’ and toxic oils/fats (e.g. transfats) as well as antibiotics (defined as ‘against life’) and vaccines which are promoted as ‘healthy’ despite documentation to the contrary, which the vaccine industry and the government agencies they control would seek to deny while seeking to destroy or distort the documentation, while they push ahead to introduce an ever increasing number of unnecessary vaccines, even seeking to have the government mandate them while leaving the vaccine makers free of liability for the damage they are doing.   The attempt to mandate vaccines is something that could be considered by some as contrary to ‘the laws of nature and of natures God’ and therefore unconstitutional under U.S. law but in any case it would be against the terms of the Nuremberg Agreement which the U.S. signed after World War 2.   Sadly we seem to have forget the atrocities that occurred in Germany during World War 2 that necessitated the Nuremberg Trials and the Nuremberg Agreement prohibiting forced vaccinations, and sadly it seems that history is repeating itself.   


In a perfect world people would only be eating healthy food, but what would that be?  Everyone agrees that we should eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but allergy issues aside there are questions about the effects of GMO’s and the chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides) sprayed on our food to humans and animals.  When the government began to push margarine instead of butter and refined vegetable oils instead of pure chicken fat or bacon fat it did not even know what the transfats were that they were introducing or what they would do. Only after people began getting sick and dying was the connection made between their deaths and the new products our government was ‘selling’ us as ‘healthy’. They finally realized it and made an effort to reduce (not eliminate) transfats, but these dis-eases continue to escalate and people continue to get sick and die at earlier ages than their parents; what are we missing?  


The question of whether we should be eating meat and dairy products including eggs today is another matter.  The meat and milk that are available through our current food chain is from sick cows fed an unnatural and unhealthy diet, subjected to antibiotics to accelerate their growth as well as prevent and/or treat the diseases that result from unsanitary living conditions.  It is then homogenized, which breaks up/damages the fat cells, and pasteurized, which kills any ‘potential’ bad bacteria while also destroying any beneficial bacteria and enzymes.  We eat these products at our own risk and I would not be surprised to learn that these products are directly related to certain dis-eases, but what about fresh raw milk and meat from grass fed cattle?   I would venture to guess that these will prove to be superfoods that promote health, much like wild pacific salmon.  Vegetarians would point to the bible (Genesis 1:29) where God gave Adam every herb bearing seed and the fruit of trees bearing seed in the Garden of Eden as food/meat, (This would makes the ‘prohibition’ of cannabis indefensible, since it is one of those herbs bearing seed after its own kind that our Declaration of Independence and Constitution should not allow to be prohibited since this would be contrary to the ‘laws of nature and of natures god’; what God has given let no man take away)   but they fail to acknowledge (Genesis 9:3) where, after the flood, God gave Noah every moving thing that lives as meat in addition to the green herbs.    Apparently ‘something’ changed after the flood that made it at least possible if not necessary or advantageous for mankind to include animal products into their diet and mankind has successfully survived with animal products as part of their diet ‘since the flood’ in most if not all cultures and societies, but that does not equate to the toxic meat and milk we mostly have available today.  We must also be aware however that not only the meat and dairy we have available are toxic but even the fruits and vegetables we have available to us today are also being contaminated by herbicides and pesticides designed to destroy life so, while it is difficult to determine what would be a healthy diet, this would help explain why people are getting sicker and dying at earlier ages than their parents. 


It is my understanding that food allergies are a relatively new phenomena in  human history and did not exist prior to the last hundred years or so, beginning about the same time in human history as the introduction of vaccinations.  I wonder if it was ever investigated to see if those children who develop peanut allergies received vaccines with peanut oil in them.  I’m surprised more people aren’t allergic to eggs since many vaccines are grown in eggs, including the MMR vaccine.  This could be why our government started warning us that eggs were ‘unhealthy’, due to ‘cholesterol’, at about the same time that the rates of vaccinations began escalating with more vaccines at younger ages.



Most people recognize diabetes as an increase in blood sugar which causes damaging symptoms in the body, but what most people don’t realize is that long before blood sugar levels start climbing to dangerous levels insulin levels have already became elevated and remained elevated trying to reduce blood sugar levels, driving blood sugar into the cells until the cells are so saturated by glucose so that the level of sugar in the blood begins to rise ‘out of control’.  The reason for this confusion is that the ‘medical’ profession was able to measure blood sugar long before they were able to measure insulin and they assumed (incorrectly) that elevated blood sugar was due to not enough insulin.  It was not until they were able to measure insulin levels that they realized that high blood sugar was not due to too little insulin but rather to ‘insulin resistance’ when the cells were already at saturation levels of insulin and glucose.  The increase of insulin by injections forces glucose into an already saturated cell resulting in damage both from excess insulin as well as excess glucose.  Of course the simple solution is to reduce the input of glucose in the form of sugar and simple carbohydrates so our bodies will produce less insulin, but this is a solution the medical profession refuses to acknowledge insisting that the food we eat has nothing to do with our health.


In the mid-1980’s while I was in the Army Reserves my weigh was beginning to increase above 175-180 pounds, which was the upper limit that the Army determined I should weigh based on my height, and my blood pressure was about 140/90.   I was ‘advised’ to keep my weight down and I think this was also meant to address my blood pressure as well.  I am not aware that my blood sugar was an issue, at least I was never ‘warned’ about it, and at that time I am not aware that insulin levels were even being measured, but I expect that I has some form of ‘insulin resistance’ even at that time which might account for my weight and blood pressure tending to increase. After leaving the Army Reserves my weigh drifter up toward 220 pounds.  Today my weight is less than when I was in the Army Reserves and while my blood pressure is still considered high it does go down to below 120/80 at times and I would be surprised to learn that my insulin level is elevated.  In part I did this by reducing/eliminating wheat/grain from my diet, although my motivation was not being overweight, but rather relieving physical symptoms such as joint pain  (arthritis), numbness (neuropathy) in my toes and feet and generalized physical pain that was never ‘diagnosed’ but which I came to identify as fibromyalgia,  all of which were resolved on a wheat free diet, but that might be in part due to it being glyphosate free as well, since this herbicide is currently used commercially to kill the wheat before it is harvested to dry it out so that it doesn’t ‘clog up’ the thresher, rather than the wheat alone.


The first written record of wheat being used as food is the story of the Egyptians growing it as food for their slaves.  Today it is used to ‘feed the masses’ and if I understand correctly it is part of the ‘feed’ given to cattle, along with corn, because it is more ‘economical’ than feeding them their natural diet of grass.  This causes the animals to be less healthy and live a shorter life and also causing their meat and milk to be less healthy (at least as it relates to the resulting Omega-3 profile and the residual glyphosate and other chemicals in their feed which remains in the milk and meat).  It is still ‘sold’ to us by our government, which has been co-opted by ‘big business’, as a necessary part of a healthy diet for humans even though it is poisoned by glyphosate, so that the wheat, as well as the milk and dairy products we are being sold is not a ‘living product’, a crop harvested and prepared while it is still alive as it was historically, but a dead product with a residue of a toxic poison originally patented as an antibiotic (defined as ‘against life’) before it was found to be more profitable to sell it as an herbicide, having a similar structure to the Agent Orange used in Vietnam, and made by the same company that made Agent Orange.


Clearly our government does not have dietary guidelines that promote our health and wellness as its objective but rather the profits of ‘big business’, giving us unhealthy guidelines and products for the profits of corrupt industries such as the food industry that aims to sell us the cheapest packaged toxic food products for the greatest profit margin while suppressing healthy products (such as uncontaminated fruits and vegetables and meat and raw milk from grass fed cows), and the pharmaceutical/chemical industry that seeks to get us sick and keep us sick with pharmaceutical drugs that drain us physically and financially, as well as draining our government financially, rather than allowing us to eat healthy food such as organic vegetables and herbs such as cannabis or grass-fed milk and meat that would keep us healthy.  Our government should immediately stop ‘subsidizing’ grain for animal feed and high fructose corn syrup and should instead be subsidizing, or at least promoting, healthy food and encourage people to eat what’s actually good for them.


Apparently our government has been taken over by forces that do not have the health of its citizens as a top priority and the voting process has been usurped so that the people can no longer reign in the system.  Our government has evolved into a collection of corrupt government agencies enforcing laws for corrupt industries that have taken over by political manipulation the very agencies that were created to regulate and restrain them.  Our founding fathers clearly anticipated such an eventuality when the articles of confederation were enacted by the thirteen original colonies/states and the solution was demonstrated at the first constitutional convention when they composed the constitution and bill of rights.  It is not commonly recognized that the constitutional convention was not intended to be a one-time event, but the founding fathers left it open for additional constitutional conventions as the need arose.  I think the founding fathers would be surprised to learn that 200 years passed without another constitutional convention, particularly in light of the way thinks have changed in government, where ‘big business’ has taken over the government agencies created to control them and creates policies in their own interest and at the cost of the people and the government itself.   The United States of America was established to evolve.  If it does not solve its problems by evolution it leaves itself open to revolution or dissolution, if not divine intervention.  There might be other possibilities but none that occur to me as I write this.

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