Pocket Pouch

So far I only have one product to offer that I can personally vouch for, because I designed, manufactured and regularly use them.

This product was originally designed by me to prevent me from getting holes in my pants pockets from carrying around coins, keys, pocket knives, etc.  The design has ‘evolved’ into the ‘product’ it is now, with a maximum size to fit into a man’s pants pocket, although women can use them too. 


While this item is in production it is not yet ready for sale on this website.  Be sure to check back for pricing and availability, which should be available soon.


There are many nutritional supplements and products that I use and/or would recommend. I will recommend them as I get permission to do so.


I am pleased to recommend the supplements of the Caltons.  As discussed on my referrals page, they turned nutrition into a science while studying how to reverse advanced osteoporosis.  They have written several books that I have read and that I would recommend.  Their primary objective is to advise you how to get optimum nutrition from food but where it is difficult (or impossible) to get optimal nutrition from food they have developed a line of supplements consisting of essential fatty acids, essential proteins and a patented vitamin/mineral product that provides the essence of complete nutrition.  Go to their website to learn more about their products but also to learn how to make better food choices in general.


In addition to their line of nutrition products and books detailing how to make healthy food choices they are also offering a free 54 page e-book, The Micronutrient Miracle, an A to Z guide to micronutrient sufficiency.


I hope to find other products and services that I can recommend and will offer them as they become available.   Meanwhile if you have any questions regarding products that you use or are considering using  I invite you to contact me and where possible I will offer my opinion and recommendations.