Putting American History in Perspective

September 6, 2017

Putting American History in Perspective


I recently saw a course video lecture from Hillside College’s American History on-line course entitled American Heritage which puts American history in perspective with respect to history in general.  It points out that the U.S Government was modelled after the British government structure with similar checks and balances. Winston Churchill said the Declaration of Independence grew up on the banks of the Thames since it was based on concepts worked out throughout British history.  The British House of Commons and House of Lords were intended to provide defined power to each and early in it’s history when the king and his soldiers entered the House of Commons without ‘permission’ it led to the English Revolution where the king was put on trial for ‘invading’ parliament, found guilty and executed.  The United States was the first and longest lasting (ever) continuous representative government in human recorded history and the first, in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson was elected, to have a peaceful transition of power based on ballots, not bullets.  It was not until nearly 100 years later that Britain had a similar peaceful transition of power.   Of course other countries have their own systems of government, in some cases established out of necessity in reaction to the ‘British invasion’ as the British Empire extended it’s reach and influence across the world when the British fleet/navy ‘ruled the waves’.  Of course, looking back from my perspective, its impossible to know exactly how this planet became populated as it has, who got where and when or how many ‘waves of history’ these populations made bumping up against each other.


The United States government continues  to claim to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but things have changed and the government has taken on a life of its own.  It has evolved into a collection of agencies (e.g. FDA, CDC, EPA) that have become governments unto themselves owned and operated by the industries they were intended to regulate, each creating laws, enforcing the laws and punishing those who break these laws (no separation of power involved) mostly designed to protect the industries they were originally created to regulate with no further control by the ‘central government’ or the people who these laws effect.


It has recently been revealed, confirmed and acknowledged that Government agencies have colluded with the industries they are supposed to regulate to hide the clearly acknowledged dangers and damage caused by the products of industries they were created to regulate.  The Monsanto papers recently released by the court clearly shows that Monsanto was well aware of the dangers of Roundup/Glyphosate and orchestrated the research findings by Henry Miller who clearly worked for Monsanto even during the 15 years he worked at the FDA making it unclear whether the FDA regulated Monsanto or Monsanto regulated the FDA.   Similarly the CDC which is supposed to protect us from dangerous vaccines not only hid but illegally destroyed documents showing that vaccines increased the rates of autism as documented by Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist working for the CDC who admits he was coerced to omit significant data damaging to vaccine’s safety from his research reports and was present at meetings where ‘evidence’ of the damage done by vaccines was  illegally destroyed.  These are only two instances that have recently been documented of the harm being done by out of control government agencies, but this practice pervades all government agencies as a result of the bureaucracy surrounding them.  Governments are groups of people that form to defend their mutual beliefs, but government agencies as they exist today have become the tools of the industries they were created to protect us from.


Throughout history governments have evolved into systems designed to control/regulate their citizens, deciding what’s good and bad for them and enforcing what it deems to be good.   As far back as 1914 the U.S. Navy banned alcohol on all navy vessels and installations, ironically replacing it with ice cream. (possibly leading to the epidemic of sugar related diseases we are now plagued with today?)  This apparently evolved into prohibition when alcohol was banned nationwide only to reveal the real damage alcohol can do when unregulated, and leading to the repeal of prohibition and reregulation of alcohol.  Next cannabis was attacked because of its threat to many up-and-coming industries (e.g. pharmaceutical, textile, paper) it was demonized unjustly and hysterically with no concept of reality;  In colonial times it was required by law in some states for every farmer to grow hemp to provide as taxes and it now is becoming clear that cannabis is one of our most valuable medicinal plants, and a tour through history reveals, despite the campaign against it in the 1930’s, and since, it has been a valuable medicinal plant in all geographical areas throughout history.  Getting back to sugar, documents have recently been revealed showing that when it started to become clear how much damage a high sugar diet is doing, 1, 2, 3 to our society the ‘sugar industry’, through governmental manipulation pulled a bait-and-switch blaming ‘fat’ for the damage sugar was doing and it took another 30 years for the damage of a high sugar/low fat diet to begin to manifest itself by what it is doing to the health of people eating it.  A perfect correlation has been established between the high sugar/low fat diet and inflammation, whether it manifests as diabetes or a heart attack or some other dis-ease. 


Its different every time but its always the same.  Never again we said after World War II when we found ‘nazi’ (pharmaceutical company) scientists performing experiments on people with forced experimental vaccines.  We put these scientists on trial and sent them to jail for these ‘crimes against humanity’.  Then we released them and they returned to the heads of their chemical companies where they continue to lobby the U.S government to continue these same experiments causing clear damage with questionable benefits while government agencies (the CDC) cover up for them by falsifying data and destroying evidence of the damage they are doing.  It has been clearly documented and yet it continues.  We are now being told that for the first time in history children are not expected to outlive their parents, with incidents of chronic disease such as asthma, childhood diabetes, digestive disorders, allergies, ADHD, autism, epilepsy, etc. all on the rise, as the mandatory vaccine schedule increased from 5 doses in 1960 to 24 doses in 1983 to 69 doses in 2016, while the vaccine industry and the government refuse to acknowledge a connection.  When are we going to wake up and make the connection?


It appears that vaccines are the ‘evil stepson’ of homeopathy.  It operates on the principle that a little of a bad thing can protect you from a lot of a bad thing, and while homeopathy has been  proven to work it now begins to emerge that vaccines do not.  Vaccinations seek to imitate the principle of ‘natural immunity’ where getting measles allows your body to develop an immune response to measles so you don’t get it again, but natural immunity results from inhaling a virus, not injecting it into the bloodstream with toxic adjutants.  Unfortunately vaccines are being given to infants before the body develops an immune response, while using toxic adjutants that are intended to stimulate an immune response which actually prevent the body from developing a natural, healthy immune response.  This has resulted in an explosion of Sudden Infant Deaths, and an ‘unexplained’ explosion in allergies, autism and autoimmune conditions, while data is being falsified to make it appear as if vaccines are doing some good.


The vaccine industry has a history of being ‘exposed’.  In episode one of The Truth About Vaccines Dr. Suzanne Humphries tells the story, from her book “Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines and The Forgotten History”:  When mandatory smallpox vaccinations were initiated in England in the mid-1850’s the rate of smallpox began to increase despite a nearly 100% vaccination rate.  In 1885 a rally was held in Leicester England with about 80,000 people and the city of Leicester decided to stop vaccinating their children.  Despite predictions of doom and gloom the smallpox rate went down from 95% of the population to 5% of the population simply by using a protocol of quarantine/isolation, while the incidence of smallpox in surrounding communities where vaccinations continued remained unchecked.  While I can’t find anything like her version on any search engines (e.g. Wikipedia) I have no reason to doubt her. 


Another telling and compelling story is told by Nico and Davi Lahood in The Truth About Vaccines.  Davi was pregnant with their third child when they realized their second child was on the autism spectrum which they clearly associated with vaccinations.  Thinking back they then associated their oldest child’s severe hives and allergies with vaccines also.  When they had asked their doctor about what could be causing this severe skin condition the best the doctor could offer was that the child might be allergic to the mothers breast milk.  Had the doctor acknowledged it as a vaccine reaction it might have spared their second child from becoming autistic.  Needless to say they refused to vaccinate their third and fourth child and both grew up healthy with no signs or symptoms of any allergies, autoimmune diseases, behavioral problems or autism.


It has again been clearly documented by data at the CDC that vaccines are not safe, with a perfect correlation between the increase in the vaccine schedule in 1991 and an increase in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, autism, anxiety disorders, allergies, autoimmune disease and other such conditions, but rather than act on the information they chose a policy of destroying the evidence and continuing with business as usual.  After all these same people at the CDC held the patents and made millions of dollars from vaccines, with no legal consequences.  Additionally recent incidents such as at Disneyworld in 2015 where 150 mostly immunized people got measles show that the vaccine is not effective at preventing the condition it is designed to protect against.  So at least in these cases the vaccines are neither safe or effective.


  This bastard son of homeopathy that didn’t work still managed to take over the family business by force and, with its cohorts, bullies in other areas of the ‘chemical industry’, continue unchecked to poison and reek havoc on our bodies and our environment.  Such vast sums of profit are involved from these chemical assaults that a fraction of these profits can be used to distort the facts regarding the devastation they are causing, to buy the influence of legislatures to create laws distorted in their favor, and calling in political favors to get their ‘people’ put in charge of the agencies created to regulate them while stonewalling the judiciary system so that when they are exposed engaging in and trying to cover up the damage they are doing the ‘penalties’ only amount to a fraction of the profits derived from committing the offenses, and the penalties for vaccine injuries don’t even come from the vaccine industry because they have coerced congress to grant them immunity from any liability for any damage that the vaccines are doing. If the truth were known these ‘chemical assaults’ would be stopped cold in their tracks and the ‘executives in charge’ would be told to ‘cease and desist’ or face criminal prosecution ‘to the fullest extent of the law’ for the damage they are doing to humanity and the planet, much as apartheid was stopped in Africa..


President Eisenhower, in his farewell address in 1961 warned of the danger of the Military-Industrial Complex that was evolving since the end of World War II because of the close relationship developing between the government and the ‘defense industry’ warning that such unchecked power would usurp the inherent freedom making up the very fabric of our nation.  This relationship reached a peak during the Vietnam war when the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ was controlling governments policies to expand it’s ‘sphere of influence’ around the world while fighting a ‘war for profit’.  When it was ‘called out’ rather than disappearing it simply changed it’s stripes as it continued to evolve.  Currently President Trump is being led to believe it is in the interest of the United States to rebuild this Military Industrial Complex. While it may be ‘good for business’, it certainly isn’t good for the people fighting to defend this deceptive practice that continues to spew its poisons or for the people living under its sphere of influence.   The chemical industry is clearly at the forefront of this military industrial complex, transforming chlorine and fluorine from toxic chemical weapons of war to components of our drinking water as a way of disposing of their excess supply of toxic waste, and developing other toxic chemicals, such as glyphosate, and other more toxic substances that it is making billions of dollars from while poisoning the environment, all with government’s blessings.  The vaccine industry is just another branch of this chemical assault on humanity through governmental control.


When Abraham Lincoln refused to defend slavery, holding fast to the intent of the founding fathers when they said ‘all men are created equal’, there was a civil war.  Slave owners saw their economy, based on slave labor, threatened.  They couldn’t imagine an economy where it wasn’t permitted to exploit others to perpetuate their profits and their way of life, but as seen during the Industrial Revolution a system of fair pay for fair wages stimulated a thriving economy.  What will it take to restructure our economy so that the fruits of our labor are distributed among all those that work to produce it, rather than being syphoned off by a chemical-military-industrial complex that pays us back by poisoning our environment and bodies while having us pay for the privilege of being poisoned?   Can sanity be restored without a ‘revolution’?  Can a constitutional amendment by the Federal Government, expanding on the Nurenberg agreement, be established to prevent mandatory vaccinations by the states? (Or would the chemical industry turn this around making vaccinations mandatory at the Federal level!!!)   Can a Constitutional Convention solve these problems?  I  am skeptical but hopeful.

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