Putting ‘Chronic Disease Management’ Out Of Business

October 4, 2017

Putting ‘Chronic Disease Management’ Out of Business


Health care costs are rising out of control as the quality of health is deteriorating.  Our ‘Medical Profession’ can do nothing to resolve most of the conditions that are becoming epidemic, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s and simply ‘monitor’ them as they ‘progress’ often offering pharmaceutical treatments that usually provide ‘side effects’ that make things worse.  The causes of the health conditions that people suffer from are not addressed by the medical profession, but as they become recognized it becomes clear that a multifaceted approach to address the causes will result in a corresponding decrease in the medical conditions we find ourselves treating.  The medical industry may feel threatened, but rather it should be relieved that the conditions it has been unsuccessfully treating can be prevented, reducing the need for an expanded next generation of doctors to continue treating conditions that are ceasing to occur. 


Many doctors in many fields are discovering ways to cure or prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, mental illness, and more, but their work is considered ‘anecdotal’, possibly discussed in social media, but largely ignored by the ‘medical establishment’ which continues to practice its non-healing practices, and, if anything, seek to suppress safe, effective and inexpensive alternatives to what it practices if it becomes a threat to their financial interests; and with billions and trillions of dollars of profit at stake millions of dollars to suppress this ‘threat’ to their profits is simply an ‘operating expense’..


Oddly enough the simplest way to dismantle this bloated parasite to the economy (a medical ‘profession’ that does not promote heath but thrives on the pain, suffering and misery of its ‘customers’)  is to bring ‘health’ back to the population so that they no longer need the medical profession for the vast majority of ‘conditions’ it is now routinely ‘monitoring’.


The first consideration should be the food supply.  We need to replace packaged foods with healthy natural alternatives.  It Twinkies, Dingdongs and other ‘food-like substances’ can’t be made without artificial colors, hydrogenated oil and transfats they should not be made, or at least recognized as an unhealthy choice. We need to go back to organic farming practices that can in fact feed the world, proving an abundance of healthy fresh fruit, vegetables and animal products that promote health rather than illness.  We need to restructure our food supply to provide healthy grass fed beef to everyone instead of toxic CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) meat that is fed an unnatural diet of grain and antibiotics.  We need to go back to having fresh raw milk from grass-fed (casein A2) cows delivered to homes in glass bottles, rather than the toxic soup of milk that needs to be pasteurized and homogenized to kill the harmful bacteria in the milk, while also destroying any beneficial bacteria.  


At the same time we need to recognize and address toxins coming from sources other than our food.  This would include eliminating toxins/heavy metals/adjutants that we inject into our veins in the form of vaccines.  We need to recognize that most vaccines produce negative consequences, from lowering IQ by a few points to severe autism to sudden death, while offering questionable benefits/immunity.  Simply eliminating mandatory vaccine schedules would save the government millions or billions of dollars each year while elimination one of the biggest triggers of sudden infant death, autism and autoimmune diseases, which would also save additional millions/billions treating these conditions.  Other sources of toxicity also need to be addressed, from alcohol in mouthwash to fluoride in our toothpaste and drinking water, which only serve to promote dental problems rather than prevent them while providing the ‘chemical industry a way of disposing of its toxic wastes while getting paid for it rather than having to pay someone to ‘dispose’ of it, to toxins in other ‘health care’ products such as soaps and shampoos, to phthalates that migrate from plastic containers into our food, to chemicals released into the air we breathe and the water we drink.  The list is long but finite.  Right now we are apparently moving in the wrong direction and the consequences are becoming apparent.  The sooner we start moving toward healthier, the sooner we will see our health as a society, and as a world, improving and the cost of ‘chronic disease management’ fading away, for everything from diabetes to Alzheimer’s.


While what we put in our bodies as food, air and water are important, we must also avoid toxic thoughts, which can also ‘poison’ our body.  This can be anything from ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) discussed by Dr. Daniel Amen to the death sentence of the village witchdoctor, or conventional cancer doctor, who forecasts death which our belief/faith can turn into reality, or the pain and discomfort of the ‘treatment’ can make people wish for death as a relief from the pain of treatment.


Additionally we need to recognize our bodies natural rhythms, from the daily solar cycle, which should regulate our sleep and wake cycles, to the monthly lunar cycle which is most clearly recognizes in a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, to the annual cycle of the seasons which is discussed at great length in Ayurveda.  Though we may not be aware of these cycles or pay attention to them they still have great influence on us and recognizing this influence allows us to better operate in harmony with them.  If you are ‘healthy’ you probably are operating well within these cycles.  If you are having ‘problems’  and or ‘symptoms’, particularly if poor sleep is one them, taking action to improve your sleep may help improve other symptoms as well, since your body heals during deep restorative sleep. (sleeping pills and drugging yourself to sleep do not allow this restorative sleep to occur.)


If any or all of the above sounds overwhelming it only shows how far we have drifted from basic self care, but this is only the beginning.  We need to rethink what a healthy diet is, with respect to macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) as well as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).  We need to recognize that the human body can operate by burning carbs as well as by burning ketones (fatty acids) and that ketones are a cleaner more efficient fuel, but ketones cannot be used as fuel while insulin levels are elevated, and insulin levels remain constantly elevated as a result of a steady diet of carbs that most people have been led to believe is ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ but which inevitable leads to inflammation of one form or another in one system or another.  By learning how to get into ketosis, by reducing carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats, we can move into a state that allows our body to resolve inflammation and heal and perform better physically and mentally.


The primary tenet of the medical profession is ‘first, do no harm’.  A practice that is doing harm, be it vaccination or ‘managing’ a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease, where the condition continues to ‘progress’ and get worse despite treatment, while there are proven treatment methods to get the ‘condition’ to resolve itself, should not be allowed to practice as ‘health-care’.   Where it can be demonstrated that current practices are doing harm  while better treatment protocols exist we should demand that those practices that are doing harm stop being practiced and adopt the protocol with a better demonstrated outcome.  Instead of taking on individual practitioners, the entire profession should be made to cease and desist where the outcomes are systematically negative and better alternatives have been discovered, from Dr. Isabella Wentz’s treatment of thyroid conditions, to Dr. Terry Wahl’s treatment of Muscular Sclerosis, to Dr. Dale Bredeson’s reversal of Alzheimer’s.  Treatment of diabetes or prediabetes by reducing the carbohydrate load and increasing healthy fats should be the norm, and if this style of healthy eating becomes the norm in the first place the incidence of diabetes, and insulin resistance, would cease to exist in the epidemic proportions it is now occurring and people would become more healthy in general.   A ketogenic diet has also been shown to treat/reverse epilepsy and it certainly can help reverse our obesity epidemic.

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