If you suffer from any of the following conditions I recommend you go to the experts listed who can better help you than I can.  I hope to expand this list over time, but these are good places to start.


Autoimmune diseases - There are many forms of autoimmune disease including arthritis and asthma.  In fact some people would say that all diseases are autoimmune disorders including Alzheimer's and heart disease.  Most of these are listed separately, but many can be triggered specifically by grains such as gluten (and/or the herbicides uses to harvest these grains, including glyphosate) and are thought to start in the gut.  These are discussed by many doctors including the following:

Dr. Peter Osborne- Website: glutenfreesociety.org - Book: No Grain, No Pain

Dr Tom OBryan- Website: thedr.com - Book: The Autoimmune Fix

If you are willing to go on an extreme diet to identify the triggers of your autoimmune condition  consider JJ Virgin's Virgin Diet:

JJ Virgin- Website: jjvirgin.com = Her books include The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, Sugar Impact Diet, Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook


Brain Health- While many doctors address brain health the following are a good place to start:

Dr Daniel Amen- Website: amenclinics.com - Books: include: Change Your Brain Change Your Life, The Brain Warriors Way

Dr David Perlmutter- Website: drperlmutter.com - Books include:  The Better Brain, Grain Brain, Brain Maker


Diabetes - Diabetes is treated by the medical profession as a chronic disease to be managed as it progresses, but some doctors recognize that it can be prevented and/or reversed including:

Dr Brian Mowll-Website:  drmowll.com

Dr. Gabriel Cousins - treeoflifecenterus.com 


Food Addiction - If you think you might have an addictive relationship with food and want a proven, rigorous (but intense) solution for losing weight and getting healthy you might want to consider:

Dr Susan Peirce Thompson- Website: BrightLineEating.com


Health - While many doctors address specific health concerns as listed under other headings, for general information on getting and staying healthy you might want to consider:

Dr Joseph Mercola- Website: Mercola.com

Dr Michael Murray- Website: doctormurray.com


Heart Disease - There are many doctors that you can get information from to help reverse heart disease among them are:

Dr Steven Masley- Website: drmasley.com - Books: The 30 Day Heart Tune-Up and Smart Fat

Dr Stephen Sinatra- Website: drsinatra.com


Multiple Sclerosis - This is a serious debilitating disease, but one doctor who was suffering from a severe case managed to figure out how to heal herself and is offering her solution to other.

Dr Terry Wahls- Her website terrywahls.com - Her Book: The Wahls Protocol


Osteoporosis - Doctors will tell you this is an irreversible condition of old age.  Mira Calton will tell you otherwise.  She suffered from severe osteoporosis at age 30 due to poor diet and lifestyle and was told it was irreversible and recommended to go on medications.  She met Jayson Calton (who she later married) and within 2 years she reversed her osteoporosis completely.  They are now helping others, even older people, get similar results. 

Their website:  caltonnutrition.com -  Their Books include: Naked Calories, Rich Food Poor Food,  The Micronutrient Miracle


Thyroid Disease - Several doctors who suffered from thyroid disease learned how to treat others by first learning how to treat themselves.  These include:

Dr Alan Christianson- Website: drchristianson.com Book: The Adrenal Reset Diet

Dr Izabella Wentz- Website: thyroidpharmacist.com Book: Hashimoto's The Root Cause

Dr. Terry Wahls - Book The Wahls Protocol


If you need additional information feel free to contact me.