The Devil That You Know

November 2, 2017

The Devil That You Know


Rational thought may seem irrational if it goes ‘against the grain of the times’.  Christ was crucified and the most violent thing he ever did was protest against the moneylenders in the temple.  Galileo was excommunicated and sentenced to ‘house arrest’ as a heretic by the authority of the church for suggesting that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe but that the earth revolved around the sun.  Semmelweis was ‘restrained’ in a straight jacket at an insane asylum where he died two weeks later for ‘criticizing’ his contemporary doctors for refusing to wash their hands between autopsies and the delivery room to prevent the deaths of mothers from sepsis.


Rene Descartes is considered the father of modern western philosophy and the ‘Scientific Method’ for starting from the assumption that he could not trust his senses and did not know what he could believe.  A similar sentiment is expressed by Yul Brenner in ‘The King and I’ when he said:  “There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know.  Very often find confusion in conclusion I concluded long ago.”  Apparently ‘reality’ can change from generation to generation, or even within ones lifetime, and over time the unreal can be made to appear real, but underneath it all there is a ‘truth’ that overrides ‘reality’ as it appears.  There is an old saying:  The Devil that you know is better than the Devil that you don’t know, but if the Devil that you know is the Devil, then the Devil you don’t know can’t be the Devil.  There might not even be any other devils, just bogeymen created by the Devil.


What ‘evil incarnate’ is has evolved over time.  Until Darwin most perceptions of this was influenced by the biblical account of the Devil as Satan.  Since Darwin the definition has expanded.  Nazi Germany in its efforts to establish ‘a greater good’ became the face of evil, but the chemical companies that operated in Germany at the time under the banner of IG Farben that were conducting ‘experiments’ in the ‘concentration camps’ continue to operate today under the same leadership that was convicted of war crimes after World War II, still operating the same companies that they worked for at the time, such as Bayer, which is now contemplating a merger with Monsanto in an apparent attempt to diffuse liability for the clear damage that Monsanto is knowingly doing to the environment and the health of life on the planet when it is finally acknowledged, 


From my perspective it appears that Monsanto is the face of the evil that is the chemical conglomerate that operates on so may fronts, from synthetic foods that make us sick to synthetic medicine that makes us sicker, to vaccines, to GMOs and herbicides, to disposal of ‘toxic wastes’ such as chlorine and fluoride in the water supply by creating a ‘theoretical’ assumption that its good for peoples health,  and pushing it as fact, but which is clearly turning out to be an incorrect assumption, all while having people and governments pay them for the damage they are doing.  Even the sugar industry has been exposed for distorting the facts about the dangers of a high sugar diet and blaming saturated fats for the damage being done by sugar to the detriment of the health of a generation.


If all the facts were exposed I expect Monsanto, and the many faces of the chemical industry would be exposed as the Emperor that has no clothing and it/they would be given a cease and desist order and tried for crimes against humanity for knowingly selling chemicals that are killing people while not doing any good for anyone, except themselves.  Rather the Federal government, under the jurisdiction of the FDA, which like other government agencies is now run by those it was created to regulate, is persecuting/prosecuting, putting out of business and putting in jail an innocent Amish businessman who is selling natural products that hurt no one, are appreciated by repeat customers, and are a threat to no one, except that they compete with the pharmaceutical drugs that people find less effective.  Sadly the agencies of the federal government, such as the FDA and CDC, have been coopted by the industries they were intended to regulate.


This corruption is most outrageous in the medical profession which has been coopted by the pharmaceutical industry to the detriment of the individuals who are physically suffering from pharmaceutical medicine, as well as the governments that are being drained financially helping to pay for it.  ‘Medical’ doctors are not trained to heal but rather to ‘medicate’.  Rather than being directed to foods with the nutrients they need and practices that promote healing we are told by some ‘doctors’ that food choices have nothing to do with our health and they prescribe ‘pharmaceutical’ chemicals that further drain nutrients from our body.  ‘Conditions’ that can be completely prevented, or healed, through diet and lifestyle, such as diabetes and heart disease are ‘medicated’ soas to make them chronic and progressive filling up the drug companies pockets while draining society physically and financially.  Vaccines are pushed as safe and effective while the drug industry clearly know otherwise. 123


An excellent example of the governments failure to utilize what it knows to prevent disease is explained by Dr. Jonathan Wright in his October, 2017 newsletter Green Medicine where he points out the governments ‘failure to implement’ to prevent and treat Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia in pregnant women.  As far back as 1893 a French textbook pointed out that milk could totally prevent seizures in toxemia.  This knowledge has filtered down to Dr. Thomas Brewer who Dr. Wright interviewed.  After serving as a country doctor from 1955 to 1958 he began working in obstetric hospitals.  From 1963 to 1976 he demonstrated a model for prenatal care in Contra Costa County, California that showed that good nutrition (adequate protein and B vitamins, as from leafy greens) not only prevented toxemia but over those 13 years the rate of low birth-weight babies in Contra Costa County was 2.8%, compared to 13.7% for women in other counties of the state.  In 1966 he published ‘Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy: A Disease of Malnutrition’, followed by other books and scientific papers on the subject.  His results were so impressive that from 1971 to 1974 the NIH (National Institute of Health) sent a team to exhaustively study his records.  Using standard medical care of the time, plus nutritional education Dr. Brewer had eliminated Eclampsia and drastically reduced low birth weight babies.  He was told to conduct double blind studies where he only gave nutritional advise to half his patients but he considered it unethical to withhold this information from any of his patients, besides such an ‘experiment’ was already being conducted since this information was only being provided in his county. Today, more than 40 years later the NIH has never published its findings from that study, while as recently as this year an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (August 17, 2017) recommends aspirin to ‘manage’ pre-eclampsia.


There are too many examples to enumerate of examples where the government promotes harmful and dangerous ‘treatments’ that kill people and make them sicker, from pharmaceutical drugs, to radiation and chemotherapy for cancer, to insulin for diabetics, to synthetic hormones and steroids for a variety of conditions, while suppressing and/or marginalizing safer and more effective treatments that are available,   such as Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplastin treatment for a variety of cancers, particularly children’s brain cancer,  or Amish farmer Samuel Girod who was selling natural herbal products that never harmed anyone to a growing list of satisfied customers which apparently began to be perceived as a threat to the ‘sick care’ industry protected by the FDA.


Larry P Arnn points out in Lecture 10 of his American Heritage course that the Federal Registry, a compilation of all laws passed by the Federal government, totaled 23,000 pages from 1791 through 1960, but has climbed to 178,000 pages today with more than 81,000 pages being added in the last year of the Obama administration alone, more than twice as many pages as the first 170 years of the countries history.  He further points out that congress does not pass significantly more laws than it ever did.  The majority of these new laws are created by government agencies, such as the FDA, CDC, etc.  These laws are passed with little or no government oversight, they are then enforced by the same agencies that created them with no government oversight and more often than not the courts uphold these laws, even if they disagree with them, as being within the scope of what the agencies were created for’.  Unfortunately these laws do not uphold the intention of what the agencies were created to do since they have been infiltrated, through ‘political favors’, by the industries they were intended to regulate.  Industries that were so in need of regulation that these agencies needed to be created in the first place have been taken over by the industries they were created to regulate.  These agencies have ‘evolved’ to create a strangle hold on society by the industries that needed regulation in the first place.


As our world and our health become more polluted at an accelerated rate it becomes more urgent that we recognize what is going on and put a stop to it.  When Ronald Reagan promised to cut back on government regulations he did so to stop enforcement of health and safety regulations allowing the polluters to run amok.  When Donald Trump; promised to cut back on government regulation I expected he would only extend this practice of removing regulation of industry to allow polluters more ‘freedom’ to pollute and initially it appears he did just that, as political payback.  It now appears he may be open to recognize the problems for what they are as the exposé of Tom Marino after his nominated as Drug Czar would suggest,  but It still appears unlikely the president will do the right thing and disband the position of Drug Czar altogether.  As recently as this past August the Secretary of the Interior announced the prevention of exploitation for gold mining in Paradise Valley, the area around Yellowstone National Park, at least for the next 20 years, while an effort to make this ban permanent continues. Let’s also hope he continues to work with Robert F Kennedy investigating the mythology of safe and effective vaccines.  The big question is, even if he recognizes the problems for what they are what could he do about it.  I wonder if he would be open to the idea of another Constitutional Convention to restructure the government so as to diffuse the power of government agencies which have evolved to assume more power than the federal government itself, but acting in the interest of the industries they were created to protect us from and against the interests of the people that these agencies were initially created to protect.  Trump’s rise to the presidency appears to be as unique as the formation of the country itself.  He certainly would be in a unique position to initiate a constitutional convention, whether it was started during his administration or as a direct result of his initiative during his administration.

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