The Future of Health Care

March 5, 2017

The Future of Health Care


While the potential of modern medicine to deal with ‘acute’ care is reaching new heights, as attested to by JJ Virgins new movie/book/program The Miracle Mindset, where she tells the story of her sons remarkable recovery after a tragic hit and run accident,  there is so much wrong with the health care provided by ‘modern medicine’ for ‘chronic’ care I don’t know where to start.  It’s as if we are living in an Alice in Wonderland alternate reality where up is down and down is up.  While critical care has improved if you get hit by a truck, and JJ Virgin explains how to maximize the potential of what modern medicine has to offer, somehow ‘Big Business’ has co-opted chronic care putting a strangle hold on traditional medicine, such as Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Herbal , Chiropractic, Homeopathic medicine to name a few, essentially putting them ‘out of business’ in the last century, and replaced these ‘healing arts’ with a ‘culture of death’ in the name of ‘pharmaceuticals’, where instead of  seeking to heal and obtain/maintain optimal health they simply monitor declining health, sometime for many years or decades (usually due to poor diet and unhealthy habits, which go unaddressed) and then prescribe ‘treatments’ in the form of pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms as the underlying condition continues to deteriorate.  They do this with blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues, deteriorating hearts, brains, thyroids, kidneys and more, but Its time for reality to take over and for mankind to use the information available to take back health care and give health back to the people who are suffering.       


A pioneer in the development of this information is Dr. Tom O’Bryan ( who first made me aware of the power of antibody testing, as originally offered by Cyrex Labs and now available from other labs as well,  to prevent heart disease, brain disorders, as well as diseases of other organs such as the thyroid, and much information is available from him in various YouTube interviews.  It seems that apparently healthy people with elevated levels of antibodies in their blood that ‘attack’ certain organs, causing (or reacting to?) inflammation, which inevitably lead to corresponding ‘diseases’.  The important part is that these antibodies occur years, sometimes decades, before the ‘disease/condition’ develops and there are tests that can be done to identify these antibodies, and simple things that people with elevated levels of these antibodies can do when the elevated antibodies are discovered to reduce the elevated antibodies and prevent the ‘disease/condition’ from occurring.  It is our obligation to make people aware of these antibody tests and ways to reduce elevated levels of antibodies as explained by Dr. O’Bryan in his new book “The Autoimmune Fix“.  This should be required reading in High School with courses built around its implications.  Then if they choose to ignore this advise and end up a victim of these preventable ‘diseases’, at least we know we tried.


Another ‘pioneer’ is Dr. Isabella Wentz, ( who is currently broadcasting The Thyroid Secret explaining how people with thyroid dysfunction are being abused by a system that operates out of ignorance and indifference to the causes and treatments of thyroid dysfunction while operating a profit based model of processing them into a system of perpetual ‘treatment’ and suffering.  She explains eloquently how elevated antibodies of the thyroid gland correlate with a vast array of ‘conditions’ (e.g. elevated thyroglobulin hormones is a strong predictor of thyroid cancer)  that conventional medicine is not geared to recognize or appropriately treat.  By identifying these antibodies and taking action to reduce them we can not only relieve ongoing ‘symptoms’ but prevent further ‘disease’ progression. 


A similar expose is needed to address the abuse of people ‘treated’ for ‘elevated Creatinine’  by being put on dialysis for life (or death) instead of addressing the root cause of their imbalance so they can be helped to  heal.  I would  be a perfect part of such an expose having brought my Creatine down from 7.9 to 3.0 over a period of 4 years and maintained it there for a decade while many ‘kidney doctors’ have repeatedly tried to convince me to ‘prepare for dialysis’, and the story of my wife whose sensitive digestive system was ignored and she was unnecessarily put on dialysis where she suffered heart damage and years of suffering and after successfully demonstrated that she could remain off of dialysis for a week and not be ‘in dire need’ of it, she was ‘bullied’ into restarting dialysis and she was dead a week later.


In addition to such new high-tech methods of identifying ‘diseases’ before they occur by identifying antibodies that are being produced there are also tried and true old school ways to lower blood sugar and blood pressure using techniques like changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction and sleep regulation, (changing the things that cause high blood sugar/pressure in the first place) instead of telling people to ‘keep doing what you’re doing and take these pills, which inevitably leads to more problems and more pills, and sickness and an early and painful death.


The future of medicine is here.  People like James Maskell, CEO of Evolution of Medicine and founder of the Functional Forum, are seeking to make inroads into our medical establishment, and doctors such as Dr. Kelly Brogan who is working to redefine mental health and the use of pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Mark Hyman at the Cleveland Clinic who is working to reevaluate some of our mistaken beliefs, such as the idea of a low fat-high carb diet being health, but there is a long way to go to define what healthy is and how to get there..  As Ty Bollinger of “The Truth About Cancer” said: “Diseases have causes; find the cause and you have the cure”.


While restructuring the medical establishment is both necessary and inevitable another necessary part of the solution beyond ‘lobbying’ politicians and retraining doctors is educating the public as to what healthy is about so that they don’t mindlessly grab that box off the shelf in the supermarket because they just saw the commercial, without considering the consequences of what is inside.  Better to shop in the fresh produce aisle and start eating real food that supports life.  Beyond that they need to be made aware that two pieces of meat that look the same can be completely different.  One being grass fed is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, similar to that found in wild-caught cold water fish, and low in toxins, while the one in the supermarket, which looks the same, is raised in a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), and will be high in less healthy Omega-6 fatty acids and devoid of Omega’3’s,  It will be fed GMO corn and other grains treated with toxic herbicides such as Glyphosate that are found in the meat as well as the milk, and treated with antibiotics to prevent disease in a disease infested environment, as well as to change to cows microbiome so they gain weight faster, and the stressful life these animals live increases stress hormones in the milk and meat that can adversely effect the health of the consumer.  Similarly the toxicity of genetically engineered foods ‘designed’ to withstand the toxic load of herbicides and pesticides deliver these herbicides and pesticides to us in toxic doses that we are not ‘designed’ to handle, and the toxic overload of mercury and aluminum in the vaccines given to children for conditions that they will never encounter, is serving to ‘dumb down’ an entire generation of children with an obvious connection to allergies, autism and ADHD behaviors (leading to murder and suicide, especially when treated with pharmaceuticals), that the vaccine industry has already been made aware of but is refusing to acknowledge and is seeking to suppress in an effort to keep their profits maximized, while lobbying congress to make them not responsible for  the consequences of the use of these toxic products they are producing; this behavior should be considered criminal just as the tobacco industry suppressing the connection to lung cancer.


While I was a DI (Drill Instructor) in the Army Reserves I received regular physicals during which I was told my blood pressure at 140/90 was slightly elevated and my weight should not be more than 175.  I guess they assumed there was nothing I could do for my blood pressure  except keep my weight down.  They urged me to keep my weight down, but they left it to me to figure out how to do that.  Similarly, I would test others in my unit, as well as basic trainees, for such things as ‘gas mask proficiency’ and while most were proficient at this task a few were unable to service or correctly use the gas mask and I graded them accordingly.  It never occurred to me until years later that what I should have done when I encountered someone that I was ‘testing’ that was unable to correctly service and use the gas mask was to stop and instruct them in the proper techniques so that by the end of ‘testing’ everyone was proficient.  Similarly with health and wellness, we should never tell someone they need to ‘do something’, like lose weight or lower their blood sugar or blood pressure, without telling them how.  The techniques are available, some as easy as eating healthier foods, can readily be tested and verified and should be made a part of either ‘general’ or ‘medical’ education.  Additionally foods and ingredients that have been clearly associated with ‘adverse health conditions’ should, at least, be labelled as such, or preferably removed from the market.  I cannot praise Vani Hari ( highly enough for her efforts to this end.  Of course this is dangerous territory when healthy choices such as butter and eggs and marijuana can be vilified while toxic foodlike substances like margarine and boxes of ‘chemicals’ including herbicides and other toxic substances can be packaged and promoted as ‘the healthy choice’.  A first step would be to change the mindset from maximizing ‘profits’ to maximizing health, a difficult task when those in charge prefer maximizing profits. and find it to their financial advantage to promote the ‘unhealthy’ alternatives.  It would seem this could be done by shifting industries like the medical profession from ‘for profit’ ventures to ‘government run’ operations where the objective of reducing costs while improving outcome can be addressed.


  After years of demonstrating superior proficiency as a DI in the Army Reserve when it was ‘discovered’ that I smoked marijuana (in the mid-1980’s) it was determined that because I smoked marijuana I was no longer ‘fit to serve’ and my service was ‘cut short’.  After paying a lawyer thousands of dollars my discharge was changed from dishonorable to honorable and my lawyer advised me that for thousands of dollars more I could have remained in the Reserves, but it was under the condition that I acknowledge marijuana as a dangerous drug and agree not to use it and to take regular screening tests to verify that I was not using it.  Now that marijuana is recognized as a medicinal herb and is on the way to becoming legalized (hopefully) I wonder if there is any chance that the military can be made to admit the error of discharging me and reinstate me for the duration of the last 6 year tour I signed up for in the Reserves (provided I can get back into condition to pass the physical) in a higher training capacity. (No pun intended)   Now that I am ‘older and wiser’ and have been certified in Transformational Nutrition I would be better able to assist in training Basic Training soldiers than I was while originally in the Reserves, and my record in the Reserves clearly demonstrates that despite ‘smoking marijuana’ I was more than qualified as a DI while I was serving in the Reserves even while smoking marijuana.  I clearly demonstrated my proficiency as a DI while serving as one, I can only wonder if I could reestablish that proficiency.

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