The ‘Kidney Industry’: Dialysis as ‘big business’

February 1, 2017

The ‘Kidney Industry”, Dialysis is ‘Big Business’


In 2003 when my kidneys were ‘damaged’ I don’t recall seeing, or looking for, any books on kidney health.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I did a book search for the first time and found out that my story is not unique.  Terry Cooksey wrote a book in 2012 entitled “How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease” documenting his journey into and out of kidney failure starting in 2006 giving credit to “Coping with Kidney Disease; A 12 step program…”  by Mackenzie Walser, published in 2004.  Neither of these books was around in 2003 when I started my journey of regaining my kidney function.   I don’t think much else was available either, but I did discover Ayurvedic Medicine, which has been around a lot longer.


The causes were different; Terry Cooksey’s apparently was associated with high blood sugar and high blood pressure; Mine was associated with an enlarged prostate and the toxicity of Lamisil lotion (an ‘antifungal’) which triggered the ‘sudden’ rise in my Creatinine.  He felt awful and frightened for his life with all kinds of symptoms before he brought himself to a doctor for answers to his health issues and discovered his Creatinine was ‘hovering around 3’.  I felt fine, seeing doctors regularly for check-ups when I was advised that my Creatinine had risen to 3.  After 3 days of ‘treatment’ by one doctor my Creatinine came down to 1, but I was left suddenly anemic and warned I needed a TURP or would end up on dialysis   Some time later when I finally went to another doctor for another matter, still anemic, I discovered my Creatinine had risen again and it was 7.9 in April, 2003 when I finally had the TURP. The doctors were again telling me to get ready for dialysis, but I felt fine, except for the anemia which persisted, and didn’t think it was necessary.  While the doctor gave me Procrit injections to reverse the anemia I used Ayurveda tools to restore my kidneys to health.   At that time a sonogram of my kidneys showed that they were ‘shriveled’. A subsequent sonogram some years later showed the kidneys had puffed back up as my Creatinine dropped to 5.9 by July 2003, 4.8 by June 2004 and finally leveling off around 3.0 by September 2007.  Despite these differences we were treated pretty much the same when we asked ‘how do we heal this’.  We were assured it was not possible to strengthen weakened kidneys and that it was a downward progression and urged to prepare for dialysis.  Then when we succeeded in strengthening our kidney function we were cut loose, even though our kidneys were still ‘weak’ and in need of continuous monitoring/support.   It seems the kidney specialist is only interested in you is when your kidneys are failing and they believe you are on the way to dialysis or transplant, but when your kidney function improves they never ask you what you did to improve your kidney function, which might be useful to help others with weak kidneys to heal theirs, and there is still no acknowledgement by the ‘kidney/dialsis industry’ that it can even be done, despite the proof we provide to them.. 


Terry Cooksey has many of the same insights into the ‘kidney/dialysis industry’ that I do.  The kidney/dialysis industry refuses to acknowledge that weak kidneys can be strengthened/restored to health, choosing instead to ‘monitor’ their decline and shuffle people off to dialysis where they usually grow weak and die.  Anyone that ‘figures it out’ and actually improves their kidney function is shuffled aside before we can ‘infect’ others with weak kidneys with the idea that that can regain kidney function through diet and lifestyle changes, rather than being sought out for inspiration as to how we did it.   One think that Terry Cooksey seemed incredulous about was why he was given the ‘bums rush’ by Clopton Clinic, but this is perfectly clear to me: They didn’t want him to ‘contaminate’ the other patients on their way to dialysis by giving them ‘ideas’ about changing their diet and lifestyle (eg. exercise, reduce stress, sleep) to improve their health and avoid dialysis.  The ‘Kidney/Dialysis Industry’ is designed to maximize profits by shuttling people with ‘weak kidneys’ into the very profitable, and therefore expensive, ‘dialysis system’ as fast as possible with treatments three time per week for the rest of their, usually short, lives, coming in with canes, progressing to walkers and wheel chairs.  It is sad to think that many of these people could have been guided back to health rather than to dialysis and, usually their death, but where’s the big buck profit in that?  I even suspect that while all those already on dialysis can be helped to feel better with diet and lifestyle changes, some may even be able to restore kidney function sufficiently to no longer need dialysis, but this is something the kidney/dialysis industry still refuses to acknowledge is possible.


The medical profession, or at least the kidney industry portion of it, insists on perpetuating the myth that the kidneys, once damaged, will only progress to failure ending in death, dialysis or a transplant.  Ayurvedic Medicine, and I expect Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its recognition of the meridians and acupuncture points, recognize that Kidney function can be strengthened by proper diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.  Both I and Terry Cooksey are living proof of it.  Although we reach this conclusion by travelling different path, we can still learn from each other journeys. 


From his book I realized that reducing protein in the diet might have the effect of lowering BUN (blood urea nitrogen (?) levels).  (We shall see!)   With weak kidneys two of the ‘markers’ that are monitored to evaluate ‘progression’ of ‘kidney disease’ are Creatinine and BUN, both of which become elevated.  The last time I saw a doctor he was pleased to advise me that my Creatinine was continuing to decrease.  When I asked him what I could do to reduce my BUN, which was not coming down, he told me to ‘just keep doing what you’re doing’ to get the Creatinine coming down and, ‘hopefully, the BUN would follow’.


From me Terry Cooksey could learn how to get his blood pressure ‘under control’, if he hasn’t already figured it out since writing his book, by recognizing the importance of balancing his blood sugar and regulating/reducing his consumption of sugar/carbs in all forms, from orange juice to flour, particularly ‘refined’ versions, thereby reducing blood pressure and other markers of inflammation.  A good book to read would be “Protein Power” by Dr’s Michael & Mary Eades, or find out more about Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo’s Sweet Spot Solution.  That ‘not from concentrate’ orange juice that he so highly praises, and which I used to consume so faithfully (even the same brands) until I recognized it for what it is; is a Sugar Bomb!!!  It might be ‘natural’ sugar, but it is still sugar.  It is best consumed by eating the orange itself so the natural fiber would slow absorbtion of the natural sugars, and preferably later in the day.  For breakfast drink filtered water, with lemon or baking soda if you like.  But orange juice tastes better?  That’s the sugar lighting up your brain.  How about a cup of coffee or tea?  Sure, after a glass or two of water.   As I understand it the best way to consume carbs is little in the morning, more at noon, and the largest portion later in the day.  This pattern is good for the adrenals and helps you get a good nights sleep (among other reasons).  I would also recommend a cup of Dave Asprey’s Bullet[proof coffee consisting of (1) ‘quality’ coffee beans (to avoid mold and mycotoxins), (2) grass-fed butter or Ghee, and (3) coconut oil, preferably MCT oil such as Bulletproof Brain Octane, ‘blended’ for 20 seconds.  You will be amazed at how much better you will feel, physically and mentally, as you switch from a ‘sugar burner’ to a ‘fat burner’.  By cutting back drastically on carbs I lost 50 pounds while trying to lose 25 without being hungry and my blood pressure came down from a high of 220/120 to under 120/80 without blood pressure meds.  I expect you will have more energy and you will not feel hungry for many hours, and then what you feel will be hunger and not ‘cravings’.  I discovered the use of ketosis as a tool to reduce weight, inflammation, blood pressure, improve mental clarity, and more .


My wife, Amy, (see last months blogpost)  was urged onto dialysis while recovering from a MRSR infection after losing her foot from it.  Her Creatinine was ‘slightly elevated’ as a result of all that she had been through with the MRSR infection and related fevers and a series of powerful antibiotics she was subjected to.  She didn’t think she needed dialysis (neither did I) but she was pressured/tricked into agreeing to a  ‘short series of dialysis treatments’ for ‘a few months’, in theory ‘to help remove any residual antibiotics from her system’.  Of course after ‘a few months’ she was informed she would need to remain on dialysis permanently.  From the beginning she always felt worse and ‘drained’ after dialysis.  If the dialysis was correcting an accumulation of toxins that was accumulating because her kidneys weren’t functioning properly she should have felt better after a ‘treatment’ rather than worse but she always felt worse after a treatment.  The doctors assured her that she would ‘get used to it’, but she never did,  until she suffered a severe heart attack while on the way home from a dialysis session.  It was determined that she was being ‘poisoned’ by NaturaLyte, a solution being used during ‘the dialysis process’.  While she survived that heart attack she was severely weakened by it and never fully recovered.


When I retired in mid-2014 I suffered a series of ‘health problems’, many induced by medical treatments and ‘procedures’ (Surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma from my nose and a separate plastic surgery procedure the same day, the day before I retired) which seems to have triggered/inducing what felt like fibromyalgia, although I was never clinically diagnosed.   My blood pressure was high, my creatinine hovered between 3 and 4, and within weeks or months of retiring I started developing cramps and pain in my feet and calves.  I attributed this (among other things) to adjusting to the change from jogging a mile every morning to the bus stop to becoming less active.  Exercise helped, but ‘physical therapy’ made it worse.  Switching from NY doctors to PA doctors I was again urged to ‘prepare for dialysis’ suggesting that it would resolve all my problems.  I managed to resolve the pain , slowly over time, with changes in diet and exercise.  I am sure that if I agreed to start dialysis the pain wouldn’t have gone away and I would now feel worse instead of better


With the entire  health care system in ‘ financial crisis’  the clear solution is to change our focus from ‘disease management’, which is clearly more profitable and therefore more costly to society (in so many ways), to ‘disease prevention’ and ‘symptom resolution’ by addressing the root causes of various diseases, which the ‘medical profession’ currently chooses to define as incurable,  ‘managing the symptoms’ while the conditions ‘progress’.  In the case of kidney health the medical profession should recognize that weak kidneys can be strengthened and recover when the underlying cause(s) is/are addressed.   In the case of the heart or brain or any other organ or system we should be seeking root causes to resolve (in many cases it seems this work has already been done) rather than ‘treating’ the ‘problem’ by ‘monitoring its progression’.


While I am not in a position to create an expose on kidneys and dialysis, as Dr. Tom O’Brien did with regard to gluten in his series “The Gluten Summit“, or as Ty Bollinger did with “The Truth About Cancer“, and now with his new venture “The Truth About Vaccines”, such an expose is needed regarding the ability to help people with weak kidneys learn how to heal them rather than being shuffled into the ‘dialysis industry’ as a medical cash cow, draining a person, physically and financially, as well as draining the ‘system’ and driving up ‘health care’ costs.  This would go hand in hand with other ‘chronic’ diseases that the ‘medical industry’ monitors the progression of rather than seek to resolve/cure.   I invite anyone that can help to support this effort to join me, to expose the ‘dark side’ of our ‘medical profession’ and change it from a profit motivated ‘industry’ that has turned it’s back on the ‘healing art’ that it was intended to be.  A system of doctors working with ‘health coaches’ would end up causing less of a progression of ‘the masses’ being shuffled into a system of chronic disease, and therefore cost less.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (Benjamin Franklin). 


Unless the ‘system’ is actually working as designed as a method of ‘population control’ by ‘mass genocide’, draining the ‘reserved funds’ from its ‘customers’ (the people) for ‘fabricated health care’ costs along the way to an early death and an end to their Social Security check payments!  Sounds like science fiction?  Or possibly the war criminals working for Bayer, and other IG Farber companies in Nazi Germany, that moved to the US have ‘taken over’ our country/government and are continuing their program of mass genocide under a different guise by poisoning our food, water and land, 1, 2.  I hope, and pray, this isn’t the case.


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