The Verdict is In

April 3, 2017

The Verdict is In


A ‘landmark book’ called “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz, an ‘investigative science journalist’, and the story around it shows us that the war for truth in science has won a significant battle to bring sanity, and real science to the food industry.


In an interview with Dr Perlmutter on his YouTube series ‘The Empowering Neurologist’, and another interview with Dr. Mercola, she explains her journey; She was ‘accidently’ forced into a low carb/high fat diet she thought was unhealthy, only to discover that not only did she feel better in general, but her bloodworm improved as well, at the same time being asked by Gourmet magazine to write an article on transfats, she began to investigate, leading her down the rabbit hole, researching  fats in general, then into a search for who first recommended the standard American diet bringing her back to 1961 when the American Heart Association, influenced financially by the grain and vegetable oil industries, first issued ‘guidelines’ based on unsupported, and subsequently disproven, theories, which have been upheld as gospel since then.   This came to a head in 2015 when she published an article in the British Medical Journal questioning the validity of the latest Dietary Guidelines Report , pointing out where they ignored the science and jumped to conclusions.  A firestorm erupted and a ‘petition’ signed by 180 ‘scientists’ worldwide demanded the retraction of her article   The British Medical Journal not only didn’t retract the article but responded by writing a letter defending it.


As she points out, this is the first time in 30 years anyone has questioned the authority of those issuing the dietary guidelines.  From 1961 to the 1980’s the literature was full of those questioning the guidelines but by the mid-80’s it was accepted as dogma and any articles questioning it had died down, or were killed off.  Now the ‘powers that be’ have tried to remove her article from the British Medical Journal just for questioning a dietary guideline that continues to become more tenuous and less tenable as the epidemic of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and more are becoming directly associates with it.


Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Not only has our food supply become unhealthy, our land and water is being poisoned, and as we become sicker our medical profession ‘monitors’ our decline until it becomes severe enough to justify prescription drugs that usually make us worse, and we are injecting toxic poisons into our veins and the veins of our children with the blessings and mandate of government.   I can’t help seeing this as a repercussion of World Wars II.   We might have won on paper but the enemy never gave up.  Instead they infiltrated and took over our government between 1945 and 1960, apparently culminating with the assassination of president Kennedy, and resulting in the repurposing of the toxic wastes that they were using as chemical weapons during the war by pouring it into our drinking water to ‘purify’ it and pouring it onto our soil as pesticides and herbicides thereby poisoning the soil, while we pay them for their poisonThe same scientists working for IG Farber in Germany during World War ll came to ‘work for’ the US government.  They were later convicted of war crimes in the Nazi concentration camps, and were sent to prison for it, but were soon released from prison and went on to head the successors of IG Farber; Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst, and working their way through the AHA into the US government and gaining control of entire government agencies such as the FDA, and CDC, so that these agencies work for ‘them’ and against the interests of the people they are supposed to serve.   


They are making so much money off these poisons they can afford to write off millions (billions?) paying off lobbyists and  government officials to pass laws such as the DARK (Denying AmericansThe Right to Know) Act nullifying states rights to label potentially dangerous food.  In order to turn the tide part of what we need to do is shine a light on what’s going on in government and reverse the flow of cash paid for these poisons.  Government needs to stop paying the ‘drug cartels’ for mandated  over vaccination with toxic vaccines while holding them faultless and letting the government ‘settle’ with those who can ‘clearly prove’ they were injured.  We need to stop them from dumping toxic herbicides, pesticides or ‘fertilizers’ made from industrial waste onto our land, eliminating the flow of profits from this poison.  If anything hold them accountable and liable for destroying and/or damaging our health and the health of our soil.  We need to stop paying ‘big business’ farmers for poisoned grain and toxic meat that are destroying the health of our people and our environment.  If the government is going to supplement farmers let them supplement farmers growing healthy, organic, vegetables.  Of course it is a slippery slope deciding what is ‘healthy’ when things like butter and eggs and marijuana can be demonized while boxes of ‘food like substances’ can be labeled ‘heart healthy’ because they are ‘low fat’ while an avocado cannot make such a health claim because it is ‘high fat’.  If our politicians want to show their integrity give them the facts and let them change the farm subsidies from the big industry, lobby paying, unhealthy toxic grains and factory farm operations, and either eliminate this unfair advantage to these polluters, or transfer these subsidies to farmers producing healthy, sustainable produce.  If our society is to survive we need to go back to sustainable recycling as has been practiced throughout the world for centuries and in this country up to less than 100 years ago.  I am only 71 but I can vaguely remember when fresh raw milk was delivered to the doorstep each morning.  Civilizations as far back as the Roman empire fell when their populations started going mad (Nero fiddled while Rome burned), but it was not until centuries later that it was tied to the lead pipes they were using for drinking water.  We have similar crises today:  If our society is to survive we need to wake up and stop allowing ourselves to be poisoned by the insanity being created under government mandate.


The ‘toxic foodlike substances’ being poured into our food supply are directly connected to the failing health of our population and the emergence of a medical crisis and a ‘medical profession’ that has been ‘programmed’ to treat these conditions with toxic drugs amplifying the severity of the conditions and the costs of treatments while diminishing quality of outcome.  As those who have been following me know this has hit particularly hard in my life with regard to kidney health.  I have been pursued by the ‘dialysis industry’ since 2003 based on one number; a Creatinine of over 3 (mine was 7.9)  Even as I improved my kidney function I was encouraged to prepare for dialysis.  My wife, whose kidney function was never as bad as mine, was convinced to go onto dialysis ‘temporarily’, but it then became permanent and resulted in multiple heart attacks directly associated with chemicals associated with dialysis.  After years on dialysis and after damaging her heart and putting her in a wheelchair she finally decided she ‘had enough’ and didn’t need it and stopped going.  I was worried that not only had her heart been damaged by dialysis but her kidneys might have also been damaged so that she might need it, but after a week without dialysis (the ‘protocol’ demands it be given three times per week) she seemed to be regaining her health and strength, and when the police came with an ambulance demanding she go in for ‘evaluation’ I was relieved to know that the hospital determined that she was not in ‘urgent need of dialysis’.  I don’t know what kind of threats or intimidation were used but they forced her to agree to go back to dialysis two days later, which she was extremely unhappy about, but reluctantly agreed to.  If she didn’t need dialysis after a week without it why would she need it two days later?  Her next session of dialysis was her last.  While she had been gaining strength during the week she was off of dialysis she came out of that next ‘treatment’ severely weakened and ‘drained’.  Anyone that saw her going in and coming out of dialysis that day would clearly acknowledge that it had not ‘improved’ her health but damaged it.  I can’t help but think of how similar what was done to her was to the atrocities committed in the NAZI death camps.  I don’t know if they intentionally gave her a particularly ‘draining’ session to discourage her from going another week without dialysis, or whether they intentionally stressed her with the intention of killing her, but that clearly was the effect.  Two days later she was still weakened, and used the snowy weather as an excuse not to go to dialysis, and when she reluctantly made the effort to prepare for her following session she got up at 3:00 AM to take a shower after which she began having trouble breathing, and passed out.  It was determined that she had a heart attack, which she clearly would not have had if she had not returned to dialysis.  Her heart was damaged, but her kidneys appeared to be working ‘fine’.  I am still coming to terms with her treatment by the dialysis industry, first for talking her into starting dialysis that she clearly never needed, then severely damaging her heart with it and finally refusing to leave ‘well enough’ alone and forcing her back onto a treatment that clearly she didn’t need and that directly led to her death rather than conceding that she (or anyone else on dialysis) could actually get along without it.  While I wouldn’t recommend stopping dialysis without monitoring, apparently Amy knew something I didn’t, and I suspect that many if not most people on dialysis who are willing to change their diet appropriately (address the route cause that precipitated their going onto dialysis in the first place) could stop dialysis and become healthier without it if the ‘dialysis industry’ were forced to allow this possibility.


Many doctors who practice nutritional healing, (such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens, at the Tree of Life Center in Patagonia, AZ) recognize that people with diabetes can be healed rather than treated and acknowledges that people with weak kidneys can also strengthen their kidneys with proper nutrition. I look forward to the day that we stop watching ‘conditions’ progress to ‘diseases’ where they are ‘treated’ (unsuccessfully for the most part) with ineffective and dangerous ‘treatments’ and pharmaceutical  drugs. We need to educate people developing prediabetic symptoms, or elevated creatinine, or dangerous blood markers (such as high homocysteine or ‘antibodies’) as to what they are ‘doing wrong’ that is precipitating their ‘condition’ and what they can change to ‘feel better’.  We have the technology to recognize these conditions before they progress and treat them so that diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure never develop.  I look forward to the time when dialysis machines are as unnecessary as iron lungs.


When I wrote a research paper on marijuana for a college English class in 1969 it became clear to me that the laws concerning marijuana were totally out of perspective and when a similar article was published in Playboy magazine later that same year (I couldn’t help but wonder if it were somehow inspired by my research paper) it seemed clear that we were on the way to correcting those laws.  In the ensuing years I became dishearten and decided my hope for change was nothing more than ‘pipe dreams’.  It came as a surprise to me when marijuana started becoming legalized state by state, pretty much on the timeline I had predicted in my paper.  I have come to realize that history unfolds at its own pace.  I can only hope that sanity prevails and time corrects the errors of recent history and we reverse the damage we are doing to our world and our health while we can and end the ‘holocaust’ that has apparently migrated from NAZI Germany to the United States .  I would love to see the necessary changes take place in my lifetime, we should at the very least be able to stop putting people on dialysis altogether once we start addressing the subject properly and even allowing people to come off dialysis,, but it will be of some comfort to think that the ideas I set forth will set the stage for the right kind of changes even if it takes longer than I would hope.




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